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What overly politicized left-wing friends teach us about friendship

Many of us, including yours truly, often challenge our liberal friends’ comments and links on Facebook, generally engaging in intelligent exchanges, but sometimes in exchanges of insults.  In a handful of cases, we suddenly find a partisan adversary has silently “de-friended” us, other times we finds ourselves subject to a barrage of insults accusing us of narrow-mindedness, self-hatred or even racism.

The other day, a gay conservative lamented on Facebook that it had . . .

Been a rough year with politics! Lost friends of 20 years and more because of Obama. Went from everybody liked being around me to the outcast with very few gay friends. Attacks have been very personal. Kinda blue here.

And he’s not the only one — as indicated by the comment thread. One man reported that a friend had told him he “deserved [his] heart attack for opposing Obamacare.” Another wrote that at a gay and lesbian film festival (not in LA), he and his partner sponsor:

People will be openly hostile to me and my partner (we’re both conservative). Very few are what I would even call tolerant. I continue to be a sponsor of the film festival because it is my last remaining tie to the gay commnunity. Without it, I have ZERO contact with the gay “community” – and my circle of gay friends is only a few. When I was a lib I had literally dozens of gay friends and was quite known in the gay community at the time.

Interesting that with a few notable exceptions, I have had almost the exact opposite experience at Outfest, the gay and lesbian film festival here in LA.  Most folk there continue to treat me with respect even after learning of my political leanings.

Another participant in the thread had not been so fortunate.  Three “so-called good friends” of another gay man told him “they could not be friends [because of his] dislike of B.O.”  From their attitude, he gleaned “they were not true friends, because all of my true friends, while we do not agree politically, we accept it, and move on” — which is what most of us experience. (more…)

The Democratic Department of False Narratives

Below is a screen capture of an image a Facebook friend shared on his wall:

The individual branded, “fool,” is of course the accomplished and determined reformer currently governing the great state of Wisconsin.  This image, however, mis characterizes Governor Scott Walker’s reforms.  The legislation that Republicans signed would not deprive any working man or woman of his right to join a union.

Indeed if anything, his reforms do quite the opposite; they give individual public employees greater freedom, with provisions preventing state and local governments from collecting union dues, requiring annual certification via secret ballot, and allowing employees to “opt out of paying union dues.”  (Last link via Moe Lane who has more.)

Just as Scott Walker has not conducted a “War on Unions” (as some on the left claim), Republicans haven’t conducted as “War on Women” as many on the left claim.  They haven’t even declared a war on contraception.

Rather than engage Republicans on the actual issues, e.g., the specifics of Walker’s reforms or the federal government mandating the employment policies of a private institution, our friends on the left, with a generous assist from the legacy media (and some undisciplined Republicans), prefer to cast Republicans conducting a war on the various constituencies Democrats need to rally to win votes.

And they fault our side for our uncivil discourse.  No wonder they obsess about a slur Rush Limbaugh recently uttered.  (And for which he has apologized.)

Job creation ticks upward; debt accumulation accelerates skyward

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 4:18 pm - March 9, 2012.
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The best 12 months” for job creation “in the post-war period”, reports economist Danielle Hall, “were September 1983 to August 1984 when 4.9 million jobs were added.”  In September 1983 alone, “the US economy under President Reagan created 1.1 million jobs.”  Keep that figure in mind when you hear the media trumpet the latest employment figures.  In the past five months, the US economy under President Obama created fewer jobs than the economy under Ronald Reagan did in the ninth month of the third year of his presidency.

That said, the employment numbers are reasonably good, if not enough to keep pace with the administration’s projections in promoting the “stimulus” or to keep pace with a population growth.  (That link via Instapundit.)

That stimulus, in fact, has helped push our our debt and deficit to all time highs.  (Last link also via Insta.)  Yesterday, Jim Geraghty reported that, “The total U.S. public debt will probably hit $15.5 trillion today“, finding further that it increased by $4,872,146,580,769.36 since Barack Obama took office.  “For comparison,” he noted, “the national debt increased $4.9 trillion — $4,899,100,310,608.44, to be precise — during the eight-year presidency of George W. Bush”:

In other words, when the debt increases another $27 billion — $26,953,729,839.08 — Obama will have run up as much debt in three years and a couple of months as Bush ran up in eight years. Obama will reach that milestone in a few days. (Back in August, I predicted Obama would hit this milestone on the Ides of March.)

On that score, he was more prescient that yours truly who contended we would reach that milestone well before Memorial Day, now more than two months hence.

Democratic attacks on Rush begin to backfire

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 1:06 pm - March 9, 2012.
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Decided to take yesterday afternoon and the better part of the evening off from politics.  Don’t get those who spend their entire day reading about it and obsessing about it.

When I did check the blogs as I ate my late-night snack, I caught a few things of interest, one which led me to contemplate a post which, well, Glenn Reynolds had already written by the time I beganmy morning blog read.

Last night, I read this on Instapundit:

Limbaugh Not So Hot To Get Faithless Advertisers Back: “The rift between Sleep Train Mattress Centers and Rush Limbaugh apparently became permanent today after Limbaugh reportedly turned aside the Sacramento retailer’s attempt at a truce. Limbaugh rebuffed Sleep Train’s request that the controversial radio host resume his duties as a paid spokesman for the company.”

This led me to ponder the notion of the Democrats’ overreach on Rush’s rhetoric.  Several of my left-of-center Facebook friends have made comments or shared links telling us that Limbaugh wasn’t sincere in his apology.  (The real test of his sincerity is not his words but his deeds.  If he doesn’t again use that — or a similar — slur again to describe a woman who publicly expresses opinions different from his own, then we can be relatively certain of his sincerity.)

This morning, Glenn posted this:

OVERREACH: Limbaugh Attack Boomerangs On White House. And on Bill Maher. “This is one issue on which the mainstream media is offering the White House no cover. As National Journal put it: ‘[E]ven the most ardent Obama supporter would have to admit that if Limbaugh crossed the line on acceptable discourse, then Maher obliterated that line, even acknowledging the difference between a political talkmeister and a comedian.’”

Pretty much says it all.  Democrats won the first round of this fight, by TKO, according to John Hinderaker, but by not leaving the field once they won the game, they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Watcher of Weasels — Winners

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 1:04 pm - March 9, 2012.
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Because I decided to take yesterday off from blogging (and due to some computer issues), I was unable to vote in this contest.

The Council winner was Joshuapundit’s – Afghanistan – ‘You Knew I was A Snake When You Picked Me Up’.  The non-Council winner was Mark Steyn’s ‘Die, Die, Foreigners!’submitted by Joshuapundit

The remaining finishers are below the jump: