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This civility thing could be tough on the Democrats

Writing about the backlash to the Democratic obsession with Rush Limbaugh, John Hinderaker quips that “This civility thing could be tough on the Democrats.”  Indeed, the unhappy Barney Frank should be going into overdrive “differentiating” himself from all the nasty slurs liberal pundits and entertainers have leveled against conservative women just to make clear that such potty-mouthed folks don’t speak for him or his caucus.

Wonder if he’s made up for the silence of his colleagues, two of whom failed to, as Barney might put it, “differentiate themselves” from a former funnyman’s misogynistic commentary.  Nor has Mr. Obama — even as his top campaign strategist books an appearance on said misogynist’s show.

The Democrat, Hinderaker observes,

has had nothing to say about the far worse invective that his own supporters have directed against Republican women. As I noted yesterday, he was asked a question about the double standard in his press conference yesterday, and ducked it. Bill Maher, who has contributed $1 million to re-elect Obama, called Sarah Palin a “c***” and a “dumb t***.” (Hey, when Rush rips a Democratic Party activist, at least you can print what he said on a family web site.) Obama has never criticized Maher or any of his many other supporters and minions who have kept up a steady drumbeat of hate for years.

Maybe civility is only for Republicans and their allies in the media.

Patty Murray’s Obsession with Social Issues

Once again the parody just writes itself.  Kudos to Jim Geraghty for putting it together, quoting Senator Patty Murray, chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee as she tells us in the highest of possible dudgeon that Republicans “made a very calculated decision to change the focus away from our economic recovery and focus instead on divisive social issues“.  Did they now, Patty?

Well, Jim visited the DSCC’s site and found yesterday the same thing I found today (4:20 PST; 7:20 GayPatriot blog time)(screen capture below the “jump”):

The current top news items on the DSCC web page right now, as of 11:10 a.m. Eastern time:

Demand Republican Leaders Denounce Rush Limbaugh

Stop the Republican War on Women!

Demand that Republicans End the Planned Parenthood Witch Hunt

Wonder if House Speaker John Boehner or the Republican presidential candidates, even Mr. Santorum, have focused as much on social issues as has the president and the various Democratic outfits trying to raise money over Rush’s ugly and intemperate language (for which he has since apologized).  No evidence yet that the National Republican Senatorial Committee is trying to raise money of Bill Maher’s ugly rhetoric.  And that former funnyman has donated $1 Million to the president’s Super PAC.

Their website currently features more stuff on the budget than on Obamacare’s mandate.

And here’s what we find on Ms.  Murray’s: (more…)

Rasmussen: If Gingrich exits, Romney leads

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:54 pm - March 10, 2012.
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In calling on “Newt Gingrich to unite conservatives” and exit the contest for the Republican presidential nomination, Stuart Roy, an adviser to “Red White and Blue fund, the super PAC backing” Rick Santorum, echoes the conventional wisdom that all of the former Speaker’s supporter would shift to the former Pennsylvania Senator should the social conservative duke it out mano a mano with the former Massachusetts governor.

Surveys, however, have not backed up this notion as per this recent Rasmussen survey:

While some have suggested that if Gingrich gets out of the race Santorum will move into the lead, the numbers still don’t bear that out. In a one-on-one matchup. Romney leads Santorum 50% to 39%, virtually identical to last week’s findings. Two weeks earlier, Santorum led Romney 55% to 34%, the only time any challenger has led Romney nationally in a head-to-head matchup.

Ed Morrissey alerts us to another recent Rasmussen survey which contests another piece of conventional wisdom that the president is on track to reelection:

Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll has good news for Republicans, and two of the Republican candidates.  The ongoing daily survey of 500 likely voters shows Barack Obama’s job approval at 44/54, the lowest since the end of December in this series, and both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have leads in head-to-head matchups . . .

Santorum up by one over Obama?  That must be causing some hand-wringing in the Obama campaign.

The Democrats’ War on Religion?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:41 pm - March 10, 2012.
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He gets Catholics upset. Now, we learn this (check out the last headline):

Must be part of the Democrats’ plan.