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Watcher’s Council Nominations–Spring Equinox Edition

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 2:39 pm - March 21, 2012.
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Council Submissions

Charlie Sheen returning as Kathy Bates?!?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 2:32 pm - March 21, 2012.
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That’s what this caption suggests:

Log Cabin to back GOP nominee this year?

If there is a Log Cabin/GOProud division among gay Republicans and conservatives, this blog clearly falls on the side of the newer group, in large part because we have doubted the commitment of the older organization to the Republican Party and its Reaganite principles — and because we have seen its leadership (at least prior to 2007) more committed to currying favor with the left-leaning gay groups in DC than in building with Republican-leaning organizations across the country.  And because we know (and like) the leaders of GOProud.  They’re swell guys.

That said, from following Log Cabin’s Executive Director R. Clarke Cooper’s posts on Facebook, it’s clear he is doing what all but his most recent predecessor have done, reaching out to build bridges to the GOP by identifying issues of common concern, namely economic ones.

Today, he linked a fundraiser benefitting the RNC.  He has also recently heralded Jeb Bush’s endorsement of Mitt Romney and that candidate’s victory in Illinois.

From those of us who attempted to work with Log Cabin in the 1990s and observed its operations in the first few years of this century, Cooper’s statements represent a step in the right direction.  It’s nice not to have to cringe when you’re reading a Log Cabin press release.  And nice to see, as it now appears, that Log Cabin has a leader who recognizes that a conservative economic message is the key to uniting Republicans this year.

Fueled by the ideal of freedom, Romney romps in Illinois

On Monday, on Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball, Rhodes Cook found it noteworthy to point out

. . .that Romney’s share of the vote has steadily declined as the primaries have unfolded. He drew 41% in the six primaries held before Super Tuesday (March 6), 38% in the seven primaries that took place on Super Tuesday, and 30% in the two Deep South primaries in Alabama and Mississippi) held since then.

Yesterday, he finished with just shy of 47% of the vote in Illinois, running 12 points ahead of Rick Santorum, routing him, as one headline writer had it.  The Massachusetts governor won decisively in Cook, DuPage and Lake Counties, taking 57, 54 and 56 percent of the vote, respectively.  Unlike last week when Santorum outperformed the exit polls, this week, as Michael Barone noted, the former Massachusetts governor ran ahead of what had been “projected by the exit poll“.

He won well enough to change the dynamics of the race.  Instead of a slow crawl to the nomination, he should now start picking up the pace.

I was doing cardio at the gym when the returns started coming in and when the race was called.  I watched Mitt Romney’s speech, catching the words via closed captioning.  He seemed to largely repeat his economic freedom speech of the previous day.  One phrase stood out.  More on that anon.

Rick started speaking just as I was finishing my workout.  And he was still speaking after I had changed and returned home.  And still speaking.  Jennifer Rubin, who heard his words, thought, that in his overlong address, he was acknowledging that the nomination is not to be his: (more…)