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Guess Tom Friedman missed these polls

It does seem you can count on the New York Times editorial page to repeat the talking points of the Obama administration.  And now apparently, their star columnist has joined the fray.  According to Jeff Poor in the Daily Caller, Tom Friedman is now calling the Republican Party “a radical party”:

I think it is the fact that in my view the Republican Party is no longer a conservative party. It’s become a radical party on a lot of these key issues.

(Via Hot Air headlines.) Well, Tom, it is a fact that that is your view.  Problem is though that most Americans don’t agree with you.  Republicans now have a modest lead over Democrats in the RealClearPolitics average of the generic congressional ballot.

And it’s not just that poll.  As John Hinderaker reports, Rasmussen’slatest ‘voters trust’ survey” shows Americans preferring Republicans to Democrats on 6 of 10 key issues, including the economy (“far and away the most important thing on voters’ minds this election“) where the supposedly radical party leads the president’s party by 11 points (49-38).  On national security the GOP has a 9-point edge (48-39).  On taxes, it’s a 6-point edge.

That’s one point higher than the Democrats’ largest margin — on education where voters trust them by a 44-39 margin.  Wonder if the margin would favor the Republicans if the producers of Waiting for Superman had addressed the ties between the teachers’ unions and the Democratic Party.

Seems Mr. Friedman is the voice of the liberal mindset (much heralded among those who share his opinions) rather than a man attuned to the realities of American politics.

SORT OF RELATED:  And this prominent New Yorker, the voice of a community entirely different from Mr. Friedman’s, has been calling the president’s policies “radical.”  (Via Gateway Pundit.)



  1. Everybody’s a centrist in his own mind.

    Comment by V the K — April 2, 2012 @ 9:47 am - April 2, 2012

  2. When you’re a Communist, everyone else is a moderate except for those nasty “extremist” Conservative Republicans.

    Comment by Sebastian Shaw — April 2, 2012 @ 3:47 pm - April 2, 2012

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