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Ann Romney rallies conservative troops to her husband’s cause

As per my previous post, won’t have much time to weigh in on Hilary Rosen’s attack on Mrs. Romney, but some quick thoughts, largely through links to other bloggers.  Seems she received a warmer welcome than her husband at the NRA Convention:  “Via Supplyboys News, it’s hard to tell from the audio but ABC says Ann Romney got a ‘hero’s welcome’ and a ‘rock-star reception’ from the crowd.”

Hilary Rosen has made it a lot easier for conservatives, particularly social conservatives to rally to Mitt Romney.  When they see a liberal pundit take on his wife, they rush to defend the individual attacked, hence Mrs. Romney’s rock-star reception. And if people learn her story how she raised five boys, battled breast cancer and suffers from MS, this charming woman will a far more sympathetic figure than she already is.

This kerfuffle allowed one revere conservative woman to challenge the hypocrisy of those who attacked her in 2008 for the choices she made, choices a bit different from those Mrs. Romney made in her life.  Tina Korbe writes about Sarah Palin’s reaction to this kerfuffle:

When she ran for vice president, some on the left actually criticized her for not staying home with her five children. Clearly, it’s not a “mommy” thing, Palin pointed out. It’s a conservative thing.

True. When was the last time you heard Nancy Pelosi criticized for anything at all related to her five children? Why is it conservative families are fair game, but liberal families are off-limits? Thank goodness President Barack Obama at least made that point: He has no patience, he said, for attacks on politicians’ spouses. Neither should we.

Palin also specifically says she thinks Rosen’s comments awakened “apolitical” moms.

Seems Hilary Rosen’s commentary is going to make it a lot easier for Sarah Palin to back Mitt Romney.  Or at least very publicly defend his wife.

Didn’t we have a conservative reader who said that he media attacks on Mitt Romney make the former Massachusetts governor more sympathetic to him?  This guy, as I recall, had not previously been favorably disposed to the presumptive Republican nominee.

FROM THE COMMENTS:  sonicfrog finds that “what Rosen did, in order to score some political points, was akin to throwing fellow woman Ann Romney under the bus. And here it’s worse, because Mrs Romney wasn’t even in the road, but was a pedestrian on the sidewalk, and Rosen had to swerve to nail her!”