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Marriott Offers Discounts, Benefits to Gay Guests

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:39 pm - April 20, 2012.
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Yesterday, I blogged that “many (if not most) private companies have sought to redress” past “unfairness by adopting non-discrimination clauses in their employment policies or developing ‘diversity’ policies to recruit gay and lesbian employees.”  Just today, I read about what one company (which, I believe, was founded and still run by a Mormon family) is doing to reach out to gays:

The Marriott hotel chain is known for its comfortable rooms and amenities. But in addition to a plethora of appeasing services, the popular company also offers value packages to individuals who are gay. Curiously, numerous hotels within the Marriott chain offer what they call “OUT” packages.

At the Renaissance Washington Marriott in Washington, D.C., for instance, the deal includes chocolate covered strawberries, sparking wine upon arrival and a copy of NaviGaytour Magazine, among other benefits. . . .

The main thrust of the deals seem to be predicated upon an urge to attract a gay customer base, while distinguishing the company as particularly diverse and accepting. The Marriott web site even has a section called “Gay Weddings & Events,” which is devoted to helping individuals plan their noteworthy occasions.

Kudos to Marriott.  A private company doesn’t need a government initiative to reach out to gay clientele.  Seems some businessmen recognize the benefits developing new policies to respond a changing marketplace.

Is the Obama campaign only competent on offense?
(Has it ever been prepared for a vigorous Republican defense?)

Pundits and politicos on both sides of the aisle have long lauded the Democratic campaigns in the three most recent presidential elections (1992, 1996 and 2008) where that party’s candidate won the general election.  Yet, one wonders how those campaigns would have held up had their Republican opponents mounted a more effective challenge.

In the most recent contest, we had a brief window into how the Obama team performed on defense when John McCain surged out of of St. Paul and the Democrat stumbled badly.  Obama didn’t do well on defense.  Had it not been for McCain’s ham-handed handling of the financial crisis — and had the Republican had a better political operation — who knows how Obama would have fared come November.

This year, we’re beginning to witness just how unprepared the Obama team is for an effective opposition.  As Tevi Troy observes today in commenting on the doggie wars, “there is a larger point here as well, one that speaks to competence“:

Attacking Romney for cruelty to dogs without recognizing Obama’s own self-admitted and enormous vulnerabilty on the issue is a shocking instance of a research and self-assessment failure on the part of the Obama campaign. The Seamus attacks were not a one-time hit, but appear to have been part of a concerted effort by the Obama team to make Seamus an issue. To do so without considering that the pro-Romney forces had an easy comeback fails Campaign Hit 101.

“The dog wars show”, Troy concludes, “that the vaunted Obama campaign competence appears to be a thing of the past as well.”  Is it a thing of the past or is it that it hasn’t faced such challenges before?  Or perhaps, it never occurred to them that if Republicans got hit, they just might, to borrow an expression, “punch back twice as hard“.

And possibly they were also counting on the legacy media to back them up (and oblivious to the effectiveness  of conservatives using new media.) (more…)

Friday Afternoon at BlogCon

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 2:12 pm - April 20, 2012.
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Lunch ran long so we missed the official Andrew Breitbart tribute, but did catch a sneak peak at the to-be-released movie “Occupy Unmasked”.

Here’s the trailer:

After the movie preview, the Breitbart crew (John Nolte, Larry O’Connor, Brandon Darby & Dana Loesch) was given a standing ovation by the crowd.

Now John is joining Pamela Geller and James O’Keefe to talk about fighting back against the mainstream media. Great panel!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Watcher of Weasels — Most Recent Results

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:32 pm - April 20, 2012.
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Taking home the gold this week in the Council category was Bookworm’s most excellent post, he real threat that the Ann Romneys of the world represent to the statist Left.  Michael Totten‘s The Lost City held that honor among the non-Council submissions.

There were a number of particularly strong posts in this week’s nominations, particularly those considering Mrs. Romney and her recent rise to prominence.  I don’t always share the opinions of my fellow council members, but do tend to find most of their posts most interesting.

The remaining contestants ranked as follow: (more…)

First Morning at BlogCon

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:42 am - April 20, 2012.
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We got here a bit late, but saw a great presentation from Erik Telford at The Franklin Center about “information activism” (think: citizen journalists).

Now listening to a great talk from Alex Lundry at TargetPoint Consulting. He’s talking about the graphic nature that politics has taken on. Example….


Good stuff so far! For more updated BlogConCLT reports –> @GayPatriot on Twitter.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Bloggers Descend on Charlotte!

Good morning from the center of the right-leaning blogosphere this weekend! Yep, BlogCon has occupied Charlotte, NC today and tomorrow for two days of information, fun & networking.

So a hearty welcome to the Queen City (no jokes, puh-lease!)

PatriotPartner (John) and I will be attending the sessions today and tomorrow and we were so thrilled to see everyone last night at the BlogBash party at RiRa Irish Pub.

Watch for updates from Twitter. And occasional posts from me here. Maybe photos, too!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)