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Senate Democratic Budget Committee Chairman:
Date When Law Requires Vote on Budget is “Wrong Time to Vote”

There’s a reason they call it the do-nothing Democratic Senate.  On April 29, it will have been three years “since Senate Democrats” have “passed a budget., a “dereliction of duty”, writes Deroy Murdock which “flagrantly violates the 1974 Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act.

Murdock quotes the Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, outgoing North Dakota Senator Kent Conrad, who explains his party’s inaction:   “This is the wrong time to vote on the floor. . . .  I don’t think we will be prepared to vote before the election.”

Wrong time to vote? Not voting until before the election?  Kind of gives away the Democratic game now, doesn’t it?

Guess Conrad and his fellow partisans don’t want to let the American people know where they stand on the issues, particularly his colleagues in “purple” and “red” states.  And the Democratic contends he is “focused on getting a positive result for the American people.”  (Via Nick Gillespie via Glenn Reynolds.)

So, by that Democrat’s logic, you get a positive result by doing nothing.

“Floor votes”, Murdock offers, “would require Senate Democrats to borrow and spend, which annoys taxpayers, or cut outlays, which aggravates liberal lobbyists and porcine government-employee unions.”  Read the whole thing to learn some impressive projects “focused, energetic humans have completed in less time than Senate Democrats have consumed to accomplish nothing on the budget.”

But, well, it’s jus the wrong time for Senate Democrats to vote on the budget.  Wish I could have sent a note to the IRS earlier this month telling them it was the wrong time to do my taxes — that I needed to wait until after I bought a home to do them.

(So, any time we want to shirk our responsibilities and not meet a deadline, we can use the North Dakota Democrat’s excuse and say it’s the “wrong time” to get things done.)

If I Wanted America To Fail….

Sobering, yet important video to wake you up from your Monday morning stupor….

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Karma’s A Bitch (No Wonder Obama’s been eating it)

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 4:18 am - April 23, 2012.
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As chief Obama strategist David Axelrod tries to brush aside speculation that he would make an issue of the GSA, Solyndra, and Secret Service scandals had they taken place when a Republican was in the White House, Ed Morrissey asks, “Isn’t this the same guy who attacked Romney for the way he traveled with his dog in 1983?

Recall that Axelrod tweeted “a photo of Obama with his Portuguese water dog Bo in the back seat of the presidential limousine“, writing, “How loving owners transport their dogs”.  Had the Obama campaign not made an issue of this, had the president’s supporters not made jokes about this 30-year-old story on Facebook or mocked the Republican on bumper stickers, we wouldn’t be having so much fun with the president’s eating habits.

The Obama Eats Dogs theme is silly,” writes Powerline’s John Hinderaker,

. . .  but as many others have said, it is silliness with a purpose. The Obama campaign seriously intended to make an issue of the fact that decades ago, Mitt Romney put the family dog on the roof of his car, in some sort of kennel or container, because there was no room inside. The dog was fine, but the Democrats crowed that focus group testing showed that the incident would make voters dislike Romney. I think that claim was sheer fantasy, but in any event, the Democrats won’t be able to talk about Seamus now that everyone knows that Obama used to eat dogs.

Would this Obama dog story still be ricocheting around” asks Brit Hume, “if the left had let go of Romney 28-year-old dog-on-car episode? Paybacks a bitch?”  (Via Instapundit.)  Well, actually, karma’s a female dog.  And she’s come around to bite him.  And given his appetite, he so wants to bite back.

And Mr. President, just as long as your supporters mock Mitt Romney for once transporting his dog on the roof of his car, so long shall we mock you for writing about your Indonesian eating habits.

RElATED: Jim Treacher proposes a campaign slogan:  Obama 2012: Please Don’t Make Him Go Back to Eating Fido.

FROM THE COMMENTS:  V the K quips that, “Only an idiot would vote against Romney based on that dog crate story. The fact that Democrats are flogging it shows how little they respect the intellect of their voters.”

UPDATE:  “Funny“, quips Jim Treacher, “how an issue the Democrats brought up over and over for years suddenly stops being important when it starts making them look bad.”  (Via Instapundit.)