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Conservative blogress: no Arab spring for gays

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 2:44 am - April 28, 2012.
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Sometimes, it seems conservatives pay more attention to the plight of gay people in Islamic lands than do the various heads of gay organizations.   Now, to be sure, there are some gay bloggers who do address their web-sites.  They often do the work that paid gay activists do not.

Yesterday, one of my favorite conservative blogresses reminded us that there’s no Arab Spring for women and gays.  Jennifer Rubin asks us to understand. . .

. . . that in most Muslim countries homosexuality is a sin and punished by severe and sometimes capital punishment. So it’s okey-dokey for a Muslim man to have sex with a dead woman but heaven help him if he chooses to have sex with a live man. (I await the 60 Minutes expose on the plight of Middle East gays — that there aren’t enough gays in the Knesset or something.)

Read the whole thing.  Yeah, and when we remind us how good it is for gays in Israel, some gay activists on the left accuse us of “pink washing” the Jewish State as if its treatment of gay people shouldn’t matter.

Well, it should matter to gay activists that some conservatives have shown concern for the plight of gays under Islamofascistic regimes.  Let’s hope they acknowledge Jennifer’s post.  As well as the work of David Horowitz’s Freedom Center.

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  1. Finally! Something from WaPo that calls out the hypocrisy regarding Islam in this world! I might just fall over and die of shock.

    Comment by Mel Maguire — April 28, 2012 @ 2:46 am - April 28, 2012

  2. I’m pretty sure that necrophilia thing turned out to be a hoax.

    Comment by sonicfrog — April 28, 2012 @ 11:25 am - April 28, 2012

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