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Richard Grenell steps down from Romney campaign

Just learned that Richard Grenell, the Romney campaign’s foreign policy spokesman has stepped down.  And also learned that he “was in the process of moving from Los Angeles to Boston.”  Didn’t know he was out here.  Although we are both gay conservatives, our paths have not crossed.

According to Jennifer Rubin who broke the story, Grenell issued this statement earlier today:

I have decided to resign from the Romney campaign as the Foreign Policy and National Security Spokesman. While I welcomed the challenge to confront President Obama’s foreign policy failures and weak leadership on the world stage, my ability to speak clearly and forcefully on the issues has been greatly diminished by the hyper-partisan discussion of personal issues that sometimes comes from a presidential campaign. I want to thank Governor Romney for his belief in me and my abilities and his clear message to me that being openly gay was a non-issue for him and his team.

It is unfortunate that certain social conservatives made much of Grenell’s sexuality.   Rubin finds that Romney camp’s expression of disappointment on the resignation serves as “a subtle retort to those calling for Grenell’s head, that he was not hired to advise on gay issues but on foreign policy matters.”  Emphasis added.   (Read the whole thing.)

Just because you hire a gay man for a job doesn’t mean you support the agenda of the left-wing gay groups.

And just because Grenell shares Mitt Romney’s foreign policy goals doesn’t mean the two men see eye to eye on every issue.  It is thus absurd to think, as one social conservative quoted in Rubin’s piece suggests, that Grenell might “decamp from Romney to Obama” should that latter come out in favor of federal recognition of same-sex marriage.  Does he really think gay people are so shallow that we’d back a candidate just because he has a better record on gay issues even when we disagree with him on nearly every other issue?

Rubin reports that the Romney campaign wanted to keep him on.

Media coverage, however, made Grenell’s personal life rather than his experience and foreign policy credentials the focus in stories about his appointment.  It’s not just social conservatives who are to blame.  The media are also to blame for sensationalizing this.

That said, social conservatives’ choice to focus on an aspect of Grenell’s private life irrelevant to his capacity to serve must have made this a trying time for this supremely qualified conservative. (more…)

Spiking the Osama ball, Obama forgets what team he’s on

Democratic-generated complaints notwithstanding, there was nothing wrong with George W. Bush highlighting his leadership in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks as he campaigned for reelection. He was reminding us of how he had handled his job, uniting the nation at a challenging time. And since he was asking us to keep him on for another term, it was entirely appropriate to provide a record of his accomplishment.

Similarly, there is nothing wrong with Obama reminding us under his watch, Navy SEALs got Osama bin Laden.  We got it done under his watch.  He has every right to take credit for it.

He may be, as Glenn quipped earlier today, overplaying it a bit. And to borrow the metaphor the blogmeister used, the man who scores the touchdown has every right to spike the ball to celebrate his score.  Only he should also acknowledge the man who threw the pass as well as the coach — as well as the other members of the team — who helped him into scoring position.  In other words, Obama may have been in position to score the kill, but he did it as part of a team.

And that team didn’t just include Democrats.  Under Mr. Obama’s Republican predecessor, the team (to stay with the metaphor) moved the ball down the field [See UPDATE below].  The team didn’t score points against Republicans, but against enemies of the United States, enemies shared by both parties.

In other words, it’s one thing to campaign on his own accomplishment, quite another to suggest your opponent wouldn’t have done the same thing.  As 2010 CPAC blogger of the year Ed Morrissey puts it:

Obama would be on firm ground to highlight that victory in the war on terror, as he does in his tedious “Forward” campaign video. Implying that Romney would have let Osama bin Laden go under those circumstances is, as [Arianna] Huffington says, despicable.

Yup, even that liberal blogress condemned the attack ad: (more…)

Didn’t media/Dems get all upset when W used 9/11 photo in his re-election campaign to help Republican campaigns?

Charlie Spiering reports that Obama spikes the bin Laden football. . . again:

“A year ago today,” the Obama campaign tweeted this morning, sharing again the famous White House photo of President Obama and his staff in the Situation Room as they watched the Osama bin Laden operation unfold.

You can almost see the president pulling the trigger himself. . .

UPDATE: Here’s why I changed the title:

The White House approves of the Republican congressional campaign committee’s plan to sell a photograph of President Bush — taken hours after the September 11 attacks — to raise money for the GOP, a move Democrats call “nothing short of grotesque.”The White House photograph shows Bush aboard Air Force One, talking to Vice President Dick Cheney on the afternoon of September 11.

UPDATE: But, there’s this from the Washington Post:

President Bush’s day-old reelection advertising campaign generated criticism and controversy yesterday, as relatives of the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist strikes charged that television commercials using images from the attacks were exploiting the tragedy for political gain.

Median household income down more after Obama’s first 3 years
than it was after W’s first 7

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 5:07 am - May 1, 2012.
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Although candidate Barack Obama assailed then-President George W. Bush “for wage losses suffered by the middle class” in the 2008 presidential campaign, more “than three years into” his ” own presidency,” reports Bloomberg’s Mike Dorning, “those declines have only deepened“:

As a candidate in 2008, Obama blamed the reversals largely on the policies of Bush and other Republicans. He cited census figures showing that median income for working-age households — those headed by someone younger than 65 — had dropped more than $2,000 after inflation during the first seven years of Bush’s time in office.

Yet real median household income in March was down $4,300 since Obama took office in January 2009 and down $2,900 since the June 2009 start of the economic recovery, according to an analysis of census data by Sentier Research, an economic- consulting firm in Annapolis, Maryland.This decline in income could have a greater impact on average voters than the unemployment rate.

Via Instapundit. With less take-home pay, they have to set aside a grater proportion of their income for housing, groceries and other necessities, leaving less for recreation — and making it more difficult to save up for big purchases, like down payments on homes.

Perez Hilton criticizes Dan Savage for bullying teenagers?!?!

Just caught this on Breitbart via Instapundit:

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton wrote this evening to condemn the actions of Dan Savage:

UGH ….

Savage later called the walk-out “pansy-a**ed” which, from someone who helms an anti-bullying campaign, is obviously a very negative thing to say ….

Can’t we just be good and kind to each other? Isn’t faith in love and honesty and kindness all any of us really need?

Kudos, Perez. And good question:  why can’t we treat our ideological adversaries with respect?

Wonder if any other prominent gays will condemn Mr. Savage.

FROM THE COMMENTSV the K‘s quip, “Except for Carrie Prejean, I guess” reminds us that Mr. Lavandeira hasn’t always been committed to civil discourse.

There he goes again

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Obama gets Reagan wrong on infrastructure

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No, Time Magazine, Obama does not “Heart” Reagan*

Barack Obama just can’t seem to get Ronald Reagan right.