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Perez Hilton criticizes Dan Savage for bullying teenagers?!?!

Just caught this on Breitbart via Instapundit:

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton wrote this evening to condemn the actions of Dan Savage:

UGH ….

Savage later called the walk-out “pansy-a**ed” which, from someone who helms an anti-bullying campaign, is obviously a very negative thing to say ….

Can’t we just be good and kind to each other? Isn’t faith in love and honesty and kindness all any of us really need?

Kudos, Perez. And good question:  why can’t we treat our ideological adversaries with respect?

Wonder if any other prominent gays will condemn Mr. Savage.

FROM THE COMMENTSV the K‘s quip, “Except for Carrie Prejean, I guess” reminds us that Mr. Lavandeira hasn’t always been committed to civil discourse.



  1. Serenity,

    Your “sense” sense of irony is no more subtle than the neck of a giraffe.

    You compare two disparate apologies and find “irony” as if you are sophomore with a an important new word to parade correctly in a sentence.

    Fie on you and your pseudo-intellectualism. It must be very lonely in your cubicle to pick at nits and think you have discovered an ostrich egg.

    Limbaugh apologized. Savage apologized. The left dismissed Limbaugh’s sincerity. The Right dismissed Savage’s sincerity. The proof will lie in whether Limbaugh ceases and desists and whether Savage ceases and desists. However, it is academically valid to parse each apology, word for word, and see which one in riddled with loopholes.

    Having undertaken the analysis, it is academically sound to prognosticate on which apology was pro forma and exculpatory and which apology was specific and binding.

    Have a nice day playing your troll games of deceit and misdirection. What, exactly appeals to you about being a calculating charlatan and inveigler?

    Comment by heliotrope — May 3, 2012 @ 8:47 pm - May 3, 2012

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