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Why do some refuse to acknowledge Sarah Palin’s accomplishments?

May build on this post later.  Was just at a brunch where a very intelligent man refused to accept that Sarah Palin had a record of accomplishment as Governor of Alaska.  Why is it that some Democrats (and a few Republicans) refuse to acknowledge — or even familiarize themselves with this woman’s record?

Is it because she is a woman?

I mean, when John McCain tapped her as his running mate, she enjoyed a 75% approval rating . . . among Alaska Democrats.  When Katie Couric interviewed the then-Republican Vice-Presidential nominee, the CBS News anchor didn’t once ask her interlocutor about her record.  Or what she had done to win support among Democrats as well as Republicans.

Do these folks just assume that a woman can’t stand up to a corrupt political establishment and effect real reforms?



  1. As Dan put it:

    Why is it that some [ed: you] refuse to… even familiarize themselves [ed: yourself] with this woman’s record? Is it because she is a woman?

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — May 8, 2012 @ 9:47 am - May 8, 2012

  2. Levi,

    I will stipulate that you are Mensa bound and very heavy with I.Q. points and a terrific ballroom dancer and very good at training dogs to play Frisbee.

    Now, how does that make you a good judge of who else is “smart” and qualified to be V-P? You seem to hang exclusively with the atheists, the man-made global warmists, the evolution-has-all-the-answerists, the statists, the libertines, etc.

    Does that mean we must accept that you are on the one true path and we should cave to your ruminations and pronouncements because of your hefty mind?

    Your comments @ #16 have these unconditional conclusions: She was horrible ….. Everything that Palin has done since ….. Clearly Palin had no intention of running for President ….. Seriously GayPatriots, you have to at least try to bake in a little bit of plausibility to these delusional conspiracy theories of yours.

    You do not state a premise; you just make a ruling. As a super smart guy, has it occurred to you that you might make your case logically so that the drooling class has a chance to understand your logic and perhaps see the light?

    You and I are never going to agree on religion, the finality of every niche aspect of evolutionary theory, the man-made causes of global warming, cooling or rain on Labor Day. That is the nature of things. But I am not particularly impressed with being bullied by towering intelligence. It must have occurred to you that Sarah Palin has risen high and stayed aloft with whatever her shortcomings may be. When you decided (along with Letterman, Maher, Stewart, the MSM, etc.) that she is an air-head celebrity tabloid flash in the pan, you made your point clear. You made it even clearer when you decided she was a Kardashian level phenomenon.

    We don’t agree on that either.

    So, what’s your beef? You make your pronouncements and then I rip them apart and you do not refute me and bring evidence to bear and make me back down or reconsider. You run and hide or you try to play some sort of trump card.

    Why does Sarah Palin own your attention? Why can’t you dismiss her for what you insist she is? Why can’t we who respect and even admire Palin be allowed to keep her picture on the clubhouse wall? Don’t you have Van Jones or Warren Buffett or Cass Sunstein or Eric Holder or Joe Biden or Barack Obama to promote as hard as you promote tearing down Palin?

    Comment by heliotrope — May 8, 2012 @ 9:55 am - May 8, 2012

  3. Interestingly, at #45, you cite a blog post of yours which reviews all the past vice presidential candidates… and still says nothing whatever about Palin’s accomplishments, not even noting her contributions to clean government causes, for example, during her service as a Conservation Commissioner.

    Wikipedia seemingly knows more about Palin’s accomplishments, sf, than you do: – I don’t cite that as any great listing of her accomplishments; we all know Wiki’s political bias would be against her. Yet it still manages to cite a couple of her accomplishments. And you don’t. Again, how interesting.

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — May 8, 2012 @ 9:56 am - May 8, 2012

  4. (#53 continues my #51)

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — May 8, 2012 @ 9:59 am - May 8, 2012

  5. Sonic,

    I apologize. I am not a blogger and so I really did misread (twice!) that you were talking blog nerd talk to Dan about how he should write his post and when and where he should include links to support the post.

    I charged off scoring you as not being willing to admit that Palin has made accomplishments. You answered me and I did it again. But, after wondering why you didn’t get the point, I pondered it and realized I didn’t get the point and read way too much into what your “professional” criticism of Dan’s ability to blog properly.

    To me, there seemed to be a sort of a taunting aspect embedded in the “linking to accomplishments” criticism and that was I needed to gear up and blast off.

    Comment by heliotrope — May 8, 2012 @ 10:06 am - May 8, 2012

  6. heliotrope, I don’t think you need to apologize. I’ve not yet ever seen sonicfrog acknowledge Palin’s accomplishments or, for that matter, display a knowledge of what they are. That’s where I’m coming from. It suddenly occurred to me that Dan’s question applies well to him. Additionally – who cares about his bloggy opinion of what Dan should have done differently? Well, I don’t.

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — May 8, 2012 @ 10:18 am - May 8, 2012

  7. Thank you Heliotrope.

    ILC. Being hard-headed as usual. I am tempted to list a few of the Palin accomplishment I know of off the top of my head, for which I thank NDT for giving me a few links to the info a few years back. But I won’t because that’s not the point of my original comment. Here is my original comment:

    Dan, in my bloggy opinion, you need to do the follow-up. If you’re going to mention her accomplishments, they should be listed, or at least a link provided to something that does.

    It is a comment from one blog administrator to another. You don’t read my blog. If you did, you would know that one of my pet peeves is making assertions of fact without either linking to articles or some form of data to support your premise or assertion. I harp on that about various article probably more than anything else. You hate liberals. I hate the lack of sourcing to bolster an argument or point.

    Comment by sonicfrog — May 8, 2012 @ 11:45 am - May 8, 2012

  8. I am tempted to list a few of the Palin accomplishment I know of off the top of my head

    Please do. Let me say “thank you” in advance. It will be nice. I’ve never before seen you credit her with even the possibility that she got some good things done. Again, even your cite of yourse fat #45 shows no hint of such credit. So go right ahead… and then I’ll say thank you.

    It is a comment from one blog administrator to another.

    I’m aware of that… and again: Who the hell cares?

    You hate liberals.

    More of that ‘sonicfrog’ static/distraction, that half the time is untrue.

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — May 8, 2012 @ 11:50 am - May 8, 2012

  9. Heh, typo, “even your cite of -yourself at- #45….”

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — May 8, 2012 @ 11:51 am - May 8, 2012

  10. Why doesn’t anyone acknowledge my accomplishments? A lot of people say lots of mean things to me around here, but nobody acknowledges my accomplishments! If I post my college transcripts and my SAT scores will everyone acknowledge my accomplishments? Or are we going to behave like adults in the real world and make decisions about people based on their output, or from now on should we just defer to whomever has the highest IQ?

    Actually, Levi, you need to make up your mind.

    Before you were screaming that Sarah Palin couldn’t possibly have any accomplishments because she didn’t have the college credentials you wanted.

    Now you’re screaming that college credentials are irrelevant and that accomplishments aren’t depending on them.

    Like I’ve published before, Obama Party super-genius Sheila Jackson Lee thinks there are North and South Vietnams and that men have landed on Mars. But of course, you allow that because she has black skin and a degree from Yale, and demand that we look at those rather than the inanities she spouts.

    You try to change the rules of the game when you lose, little boy, and we won’t let you. That’s why you are continually storming off the court and whining to your mommy about how mean everyone is to you.

    Comment by North Dallas Thirty — May 8, 2012 @ 6:47 pm - May 8, 2012

  11. Levi, there are times when I am metaphorically sexist. I don’t acknowledge your accomplishments because, metaphorically speaking, you are a woman.

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — May 9, 2012 @ 10:05 am - May 9, 2012

  12. (Not meant to insult real women; just that one never sees Levi behaving like a man here.)

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — May 9, 2012 @ 10:06 am - May 9, 2012

  13. One thing, Sarah Palin’s approval rating wasn’t 75%. It was in the mid 90s throughout most of her 3 years as governor. It was so unprecedented that the Alaska media couldn’t believe it.

    Sarah had the highest approval rating of any governor in the nation, and likely the highest approval of any elected official. She achieved this by working heard and getting big things done.

    She took on Big Oil, twice, and won. She took on corrupt REPUBLICANS, including the state party chairman and the Attorney General. Many went to federal prison when it was all said and done.

    America is worse off that she won’t be our next president.

    Comment by Blackwater — May 14, 2012 @ 2:17 pm - May 14, 2012

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