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Will Obama’s stand on gay marriage hurt him this fall?

Please note that I include this post in random thoughts because I am not entirely sure how answer to the question I pose in the title.  Until last night, I thought that Obama’s recent shift on gay marriage wouldn’t make any difference in the fall, save to increase his fundraising. Then, I got a link to this video last night in my e-mail, watched it and wondered:

Victor Davis Hanson’s read on the president’s supposed shift also caused me to question my initial interpretation:

The flip-flop on gay marriage, of course, did not win Obama a single vote, just plenty of one-percenters’ money. More injurious to his cause was his idiotic refrain about his “evolving” views. No one believed that yarn: fifteen years ago he was for gay marriage when it was smart politically for him to be so, and then he revolved to “no” when it was not. All that happened this week was that clueless Joe Biden jumped the gun. Obama with a wink and nod had privately assured rich gays, as he had Putin, that after his reelection he would give them what was wanted, but could not quite yet, given his need to hoodwink the clingers to get reelected. I think most voters understood that con as emblematic of this presidency.

Via Instapundit.  Where it hurts the most is not the merits of the issue, but that people will see the re-positioning as patently political.  Not just that, he looks out of touch, having announced his shift the day after North Carolina voters overwhelmingly rejected state recognition of same-sex marriage.  It’s almost as if he were thumbing his nose at the citizens in a state that he won in 2008–and is trying to hold again this year.

Now, I wish that gay marriage were not, to borrow Mitt Romney’s expression, “a hot political issue dividing our nation.”  And wish support of state recognition of same-sex unions would not hurt a candidate at the polls.  And maybe, under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t. (more…)

Watcher of Weasels Winners for 2nd Week of May

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:45 pm - May 13, 2012.
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I decided to take today off from blogging, have one piece upcoming on the political implications of Obama’s shift on gay marriage, but after that may not post again until tomorrow afternoon.  But, don’t be disappointed, even if my blogging is slow, there’s lots of good stuff from the Watcher of Weasels.

I thought a good number of the submissions last time with particularly strong, so encourage you to peruse this list and follow the links if you’re looking for some good blog reading.  It’s not to say I share the perspectives presented in each of the posts, but that I found many to be thought-provoking and otherwise insightful, so enjoy!

And bear in mind–just because they didn’t win doesn’t mean they’re very good.  🙂

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