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Like John McCain, Hillary, in 2008, wasn’t prepared for the legacy media to spurn her for another

It’s a matter of record,” blogger Chris Reed observed reminded us yesterday, “that Bill Clinton thought the fawning media coverage (go to the 4:10 mark) of Obama gave him the Democratic nomination and the presidency in 2007-08″  (via Instapundit).

Perhaps Mr. Obama wouldn’t have had as easy a time of it had Clinton’s wife been better prepared for a media that didn’t treat her with kid gloves.  Up until her bid for the White House in 2008, Hillary Clinton faced a generally supportive media.  It seems that until she started campaigning in the Buckeye State’s Democratic presidential primary that year, she had taken for granted that the media would treat her as the previously had.

Only that year, they found a candidate they liked even more than her — whose narrative was even more compelling than hers.

Given how close was the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination that year, one wonders if Mrs. Clinton would have secured her party’s nod had she been prepared — at the outset of the campaign — for a media more favorable to her opponent.

It seems she and John McCain had the same problem.  Both assumed that the media’s affection for them would be constant.  Oh, but our legacy media are fickle — and easily swayed by the supplications of the latest charmer.

Doesn’t seem that there’s any risk Mitt Romney will be counting on the media as did the immediate past Republican presidential nominee.

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Why does Arianna Hufffington keep forgetting to mention that Jon Corzine is a Democrat and Obama bundler?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:36 pm - May 29, 2012.
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Check out the leading headline on AOL’s home page:

In the article linked, we learn that “former MF Global CEO Jon Corzine has been hit by the housing crash“:

The ex-Governor of New Jersey recently sold his Hoboken penthouse apartment for $2.8 million, 14 percent less than what he paid for it in 2008, Bloomberg reports (h/t Business Insider).

. . . .

The housing crash isn’t the only crisis Corzine is dealing with, though. Corzine is coming off the bankruptcy of MF Global last fall when the brokerage firm made a failed $6.3 billion bet on European debt, losing more than $1 billion worth of customer funds. Even with that money now largely accounted for, the collapse is a major blemish on Corzine’s resume. The Obama campaign returned $70,000 worth of donations to Corzine in December as result, according to Bloomberg.

How nice to report that the Obama campaign returned that tainted money, while failing to note how energetically both Mr. Obama and his Vice President campaigned for their fellow Democrat when he unsuccessfully ran for reelection as Governor of New Jersey in 2009.

The Huffington Post’s Harry Bradford neglects to report something Jonah Goldberg covered last month, namely the Obama campaign’s then-recent announcement “that Corzine is still on the list of top-tier bundlers for the Obama reelection campaign. Corzine has raised more than half a million dollars for Obama“:

Obama is constantly denouncing “millionaires and billionaires” for playing by their own rules. It’s true that the campaign told one reporter in February that it wouldn’t take more money from Corzine himself, but it’s been happy to let the man solicit donations for Obama even as Corzine is under investigation by Obama’s own Justice Department.

This isn’t the first time Mrs. Huffington’s outfit failed to identify Mr. Corzine’s partisan affiliation.  Wonder why it keeps slipping her mind.

Obama: one-hit wonder?

Willie Brown, the former Democratic Speaker of the California State Assembly wrote yesterday:

The president’s trip to the Bay Area last week made it painfully clear that the Barack Obama re-election campaign has lost its mojo.

There was no life, no personality, no memorable line or moment and no real enthusiasm in the entire fundraising foray. In short, there was no buzz.

It was like a summer rerun of a show that wasn’t very interesting to begin with.

. . . .

Obama was more than a candidate last time out. He was a popular and cultural phenomenon. A rock star. But the trouble with rock stars is that they drop like a rock once fans conclude they are “over.”

Via Weasel Zippers via Instapundit.  To borrow the California Democrat’s image, seems Obama is like the singer who happens to stumble upon the right song at the right moment.  With that that song, he zooms to the top of the charts and the critics awed by the power of that one song define him as the next big thing.  Problem is, he just doesn’t have the artistic imagination which allows him to write music for times that are a’changin’.

No wonder the Obama campaign is struggling to come up with a theme for his reelection campaign.

Donald Trump: this week’s Obama campaign shiny object

It looks like Democrats have found their shiny object for this week.  Over at HotAir headlines, they link the New Obama ad: Why won’t Romney stand up to Trump? Pam Spaulding, my favorite leftie blogress is on top of the story.

The presumptive Republican nominee has stated the obvious that, well, he doesn’t agree with all his supporters.  Now, I’ll grant that it would be better if Mitt Romney wasn’t participating in a fundraiser with the other Donald.  (Sorry, friends, the Donald is always clad a in a sailor shirt and hat and no pants.)

Does the Obama campaign really believe that the American people will judge a candidate not by his own experience and platform and define him by some of his more eccentric supporters?  Wonder how they would react should conservatives demand that Obama, to borrow and paraphrase an expression, differentiate himself from his more extreme supporters.

UPDATE:  Looks like Mitt Romney is not going to play the Obama Democrats game.  Byron York reports:

Mitt Romney’s refusal to repudiate Donald Trump sends a signal, both to Democrats and the voting public: With the nation’s future at stake in this November’s election, Romney will not accommodate calls that he disown supporters who make ill-considered, unpopular, or sometimes outrageous statements on matters not fundamental to the campaign.

Read the whole thing. Kudos, Mitt.  Does seem that only Democrats ask Republicans to repudiate their supporters who make silly statements.  If the Democrats started repudiating Bill Maher, they might have a point.

UP-UPDATE: Romney repudiating repudiations

UP-UP-UPDATE: Jim Geraghty wonders why it’s more “that Romney repudiate Trump than for Obama to repudiate Corzine?

The Obama campaign kept the money Jon Corzine raised while returning his personal donation. Why is Trump a bigger controversy than that?

Corzine’s recklessness cost 3,200 people their jobs – bigger than most of the mid-90s layoffs under Bain that the Obama campaign insists upon spotlighting in its ads.

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