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If Barack Obama didn’t have the legacy media on his side. . .

. . . he’d stand no chance of being reelected.

Barrett can’t name any school districts harmed by Walker’s reforms

Ace reports perhaps the most significant comment Scott Walker’s opponent has made in the course of the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall:

[Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett] cannot name any school districts harmed by the Act 10 reforms, and appears to agree with the proposition that it’s helped many (in as much as he does not dispute this part of the question).

He then says he’ll “run an analysis” to find some schools he think were hurt, and get back to the reporter at some point before the election (which is six days off).

This is the central issue in this election — Tom Barrett’s failure to identify any schools harmed by Act 10 is therefore a concession that none have.

In an election caused by unions upset by said law (Act 10), the Democrat can’t name a single school harmed by this supposedly nefarious law.

‘Nuff said?

Watcher of Weasels — Last Nominations of May 2012

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 3:32 pm - May 30, 2012.
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Grenell says social conservatives didn’t force him out;
he received hateful, mean-spirited comments from the left

Shortly after we learned that Richard Grenell decided to step down at Mitt Romney’s foreign policy/national security spokesman, I tried to reach the former aide to John Bolton to ask him a simple question:  whether or not, he, like most gay conservatives, received more grief from the gay left than from social conservatives.

Well, my blogger friends may or may not have passed my messages on to Mr. Grenell.  But, I may finally be getting an answer — or a close approximation of one.  Our reader Leah alerted me to blogger William A. Jacobson’s post where that law professor excerpted an article from Palm Springs’s Desert Sun reporting the gay Republican “took heat from both the political left and the right“:

In an interview with The Desert Sun, Grenell said: “The far left doesn’t want a gay person to be conservative and the far right doesn’t want a conservative to be gay. Some of the most hateful, mean-spirited intolerant comments about me being the foreign policy and national security spokesman for Governor Romney … were coming from the left.

But it was the far right that gloated louder than the far left after Grenell’s resignation. Leading the charge was the conservative American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer, who called Grenell’s resignation a “huge win for us.”

Grenell denies he was forced out by social conservatives, noting that he’s been an openly-gay Republican spokesman for decades.

Emphasis added.  He insisted that he resigned because he didn’t believe that he should be the story:  “When the messenger becomes part of the message — if you really care about these issues — you should step aside.”

So, folks on the left offered some of the most hateful, mean-spirited intolerant comments about him being the foreign policy and national security spokesman for Governor Romney . . . . Hmmm. . . . Does parallel the experience of us here at GayPatriot — and the reports we have received from our readers.

Wonder when the legacy media will get around to cover that particular aspect of the Grenell matter — or the general story about left-wing intolerance toward “uppity” conservative minorities — and if they’re going to ask the “first gay president”, to borrow and paraphrase an expression, to differentiate himself from such hateful, mean-spirited rhetoric.

Why Obama is ill-disposed to call his policies “Keynesian”

I had been planning a post on Obama’s claims to be a skinflint, but other bloggers have easily disposed of the disingenuous claim that the Democrat has “has presided over slower growth in federal spending than any president since Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Funny how he makes that claim when my Obama-supporting friends defend their guy, claiming we needed a macroeconomic stimulus to jumpstart the economy.  “I thought,” writes Victor Davis Hanson,

. . . one Obama swore to us that borrowing $5 trillion was vital — Keynesian pump priming, stimulus, averting 8 percent–plus unemployment, and all that. But now another Obama claims that his serial $1 trillion deficits are proof not of “growth” of the sort that improved GDP and reduced unemployment, but rather of fiscal discipline that stopped reckless Republican spending. So Obama over the last four years brought both austerity that checked wild Bush spending, and also Keynesian growth that snapped us out of the Bush lethargy? Spending is saving? Record deficits are record fiscal restraint?

“These people are Keynesians“, quips one blogger, “Why can’t they say so?”

Maybe because part of Obama’s appeal in 2008 was that even as he reassured his liberal base by offering new spending plans, he reassured independent voters and libertarian Republicans dissatisfied with the spending record of the then-incumbent administration.  They’re finding it difficult to admit that Obama can’t be all things to all people. (more…)