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Focus on the Colorado victims – & emergency responders – today*

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:18 pm - July 20, 2012.
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Today is not the day for politics.

Today most Americans stands united in outrage at the cold-blooded actions of the Colorado shooter and in sympathy for the victims.  The Romney and Obama campaigns both did the right thing in pulling their ads in Colorado.

Over at Ace of Spades, telling how this story struck “close to home“, Open Blogger reminds us of what is truly important — the human beings impacted by one man’s evil actions:

My wife and I live in Parker, which immediately south of Aurora. The theater complex in which we see 90%+ of our movies is actually in Aurora, though it’s a different complex than where the vicious attack occurred. And, yes, we’ve gone to midnight showings.

I’m currently on the road, though on my way home — I’m writing this from the Admiral’s Club in the D terminal at DFW Airport. Knowing our movie habits, one of our daughters called me from California just to be sure we were safe; my wife’s brother, for the same reason, caller her at 7 am this morning.

Moviegoers, just like this couple, were murdered engaging in a passion many of us share.  Others have been severely injured and may, during their recovery — and even after — develop a different attitude toward going to the movies from that they had, until yesterday, enjoyed.

Today, we should be grateful for the police who responded “within 90 seconds of receiving the first of ‘hundreds’ of emergency calls” — and for speedily arresting the shooter.  We should also be grateful for the emergency responders who rushed to the scene to tend to the wounded and for the medical professionals working even now to save their lives at hospitals in and around Denver.

There will be time, in the coming days, to consider the shooter’s background and the media reaction.  For now, let us pray for the victims and their families.

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Evil in Colorado

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:45 pm - July 20, 2012.
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Throughout human history, men, without any apparent reason, have done horrible things to their fellow men. Perhaps, the Greeks* attempted to consider the persistence of human evil through their most prominent hero, Heracles, who murdered his own wife and children in a fit of rage.

Diodorus attributes his diabolical deeds to a frenzy the Olympian Hera “sent upon” the hero, contending his saw his own family as his enemies. Who knows what demons lurked in the head of the Colorado shooter that caused him to believe he needed murder moviegoers he had never met.

These people had so looked forward to seeing the Dark Knight Rise only to have their anticipation turn to horror.  Our hearts go out to the victims and their families.  We pray for the survival — and speedy recovery — of those now hospitalized.

What this man did is evil pure and simple.  He is in custody now.  No punishment could be too severe.

*NB:  Realized I had left out a key word in the original version of this post, the simple word “Greeks.”  I hope some understood that through the context — and apologize for the omission.