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Nearly one-third of voters want to know more about Romney

To win them, he should talk more regularly about the jobs he helped created while at Bain and articulate the policies he plans to implement as president to foster similar job creation.*

In one of the best pieces on what Romney needs to do as the campaign heats up, Sean Trende caught something in “the latest Pew poll“* similar to an item I caught in the NBC/WSJ survey:

by a 90 percent to 8 percent margin, registered voters say that they already pretty much know what they need to know about President Obama.

Second, by a 69 percent to 28 percent margin, these voters say that they already pretty much know what they need to know about Romney. In other words, three times as many voters are still evaluating the presumptive GOP nominee as are evaluating the president.

Third, among independents — who are almost certainly the lion’s share of those who have not yet formed a strong opinion of Romney — 42 percent say they want to know more about his record as governor, 37 percent want to know more about his record as CEO of Bain Capital, and 35 percent want to know more about his tax returns.

(Via Powerline picks)  Emphasis added.  He found that 28 percent of voters still want to know more about Mr. Romney.  Earlier today, digging into the NBC/WSJ poll, I observed that “Romney’s favorable/unfavorable underwater at 35/40 means than one-quarter of Americans still haven’t made up their minds about the presumptive Republican nominees.”  He still has a chance to sway these folks.

And no wonder the Obama team is trying to define and destroy the presumptive Republican nominee.  They want to provide a negative image of Mr. Romney’s record to that chunk of the electorate still wanting to know more about him.

Trende thinks (and I agree) that Romney needs go positive, detailing his accomplishments in the private sector and putting forward his plans for political reform and economic recovery. (more…)

Watcher of Weasels Nominations — 07.25.12 Edition

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Council Submissions

No, Mr. Obama, we didn’t try that (at least not in the 2000s)
(But, when we did try it, it did work)

A key attack line in President Obama’s campaign stump speech these days“, observes John Merline in Investor’s Business Daily,

is to claim that the country has tried Mitt Romney’s economic policies already, and they were a dismal failure.

Romney, he says, wants to do two things: Cut taxes for the rich and massively deregulate the economy.

“The truth is,” Obama says, “we tried (that) for almost a decade, and it didn’t work.”

Via Instapundit.  Now, Mr. Obama’s predecessor cut taxes across the board, but he didn’t “massively deregulate the economy.”  He didn’t even moderately deregulate it.  As Merline reminds us, “the size and cost of the federal government’s regulatory machinery increased dramatically,” in the first years of this century, “as Bush imposed dozens of major new rules.”  (Read the whole thing to learn some details and costs of the regulatory regime of the immediate past President of the United States.)

The last time an administration came close to “massively” deregulating the economy, we saw the beginnings of an economic boom that would last nearly a quarter-century.  So, if Mr. Romney really does want to deregulate the economy, he’d be following in the footsteps of policies that we tried and which worked.

We’ve also tried Mr. Obama’s policies and, well, they’re not working.  Nearly three-and-one-half years after he signed his “stimulus,” the economy remains in the doldrums, the slowest recovery since the Great Depression, unemployment above 8%, manufacturing stagnant, retail sales and incomes declining and food prices rising.

You know,” a politician once said, “the idea you would keep on doing the same thing over and over again, even though it’s been proven not to work. That’s a sign of madness.”  Given the economic numbers these last few years, you’d think that guy would be hoping for change in the upcoming presidential contest.

FROM THE COMMENTS:  John has a theory why Obama continues to misrepresent his predecessor’s record:

Unfortunately, it’s been proven that Obama can say pretty much anything he wants and his fawning media won’t call him out on it in any significant way. Oh they might bury the story deep within some unknown blog that nobody reads, but that’s it.

Obama up by 6 in poll with D+12 sample?

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Wonder what the RealClear average of polls would show if they weeded out all surveys giving Democrats a greater advantage than they enjoyed in the 2008 election:

The 2008 national exit poll sample, taken when Hopenchange fever was at its zenith, was 39D/32R/29I, or D+7. This one, after three years of Obamanomics dreck, is somehow D+11 if you include leaners and D+12(!) if you don’t. Anyone feel like taking these results seriously?

So, wrote Allahpundit in analyzing the latest NBC/WSJ poll.  (Read the whole thing for some solid analysis, e.g., even in this skewed sample, Obama’s negatives are higher than Romney’s.)  “The quarter-century trend (1984 through 2008) has seen an average Democratic turnout edge of 3 points,” observed Jay Cost in his recent piece wondering if polls were skewed toward the Democrats, “39 percent Democratic to 36 percent Republican.”” He’s expecting “something roughly similar this time around.” (more…)

Obama interest in Romney’s taxes is all about digging up dirt

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Yesterday, I linked Victor Davis Hanson’s piece about “selective transparency” where that historian reminded us that “neither Jimmy Carter nor Ronald Reagan released more than one year’s [tax] returns. The reformist John McCain released just two“:

True, the 2004 Democratic candidate, John Kerry, offered some 20 years of returns; but that gesture meant almost nothing because his billionaire wife, Teresa, supplied the vast majority of the funds that fueled Kerry’s opulent recreational lifestyle — and she kept largely quiet about where her money was banked and invested.

So, when your Democratic and independent friends parrot the Obama campaign talking point, ask them whether they were calling for Mrs. Kerry to come clean about her taxes — and if they speculated what her husband might have been hiding in his wife’s returns.

And also ask them if they were aware of how long the Obama team had been clamoring for Mitt Romney to release his, not so much because they wanted the presumptive Republican nominee to be open about his finances, but because they wanted to find little details they could use against their partisan rival.  “Soon after Obama For America opened its campaign headquarters at One Prudential Plaza in Chicago in the spring of 2011,” reports BuzzFeed’s Michael Hastings: (more…)