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Good Morning From RedState Gathering

I have the pleasure to be attending the 4th Annual RedState Gathering in Jacksonville, FL.

Our first speaker this morning was soon-to-be US Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz. Wow, what an inspiring person. He is so passionate about this country, it made me realize how refreshing a message that is. It seems we have been in a national funk for quite some time. As I said on Twitter recently – “Mr. President, we are tired of being exhausted. Sincerely, America.”

But Ted Cruz is optimistic — more than me, I must admit. He is definitely going to be an important addition to the United States Senate in 2013 and a great partner with his ideological and Cuban-American counterpart, Sen. Marco Rubio.


I’m absorbing more than taking notes, so as always if you want a snapshot of my brain this weekend at RedState, follow me on Twitter!

Later today, we will see a preview of the new Citizens United film, “Occupy Unleashed.”

I also hear rumors that a certain video featuring chickens & lasers will be shown to the group. Heh.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Is Today’s Jobs Report Good or Bad??

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:38 am - August 3, 2012.
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Here are my thoughts, posted at my company website’s blog..

Shorter conclusion: Yuck, for a long time to come.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Is the Chick-fil-A Kiss-in Unnecessarily Provocative

As some gay activists are planning a “kiss-in” at Chick-fil-A franchises across the country today, the LA Times reports that a number of activists are “questioning whether such outward displays of affection will ultimately help or hurt their cause“:

But even among LGBT supporters, some wonder whether such an in-your-face act might be too provocative, or amount to taunting.

“I respect not patronizing their establishment … but by taunting them in their establishment is hate-filled and inciting anger and hate,” said one commenter on a page urging people to participate in the kiss-in.

Suggested another: “Its okay to disagree but its not okay to confront a person on their views in such an aggressive and provocative manner. There are forums for that.”

Via Instapundit.  Well, I did kiss a guy at Chick-fil-A Wednesday night and had he been more boyfriend, the kiss would have been, well, a little more affectionate.  Anyway, I’m with Ed Morrissey (and Mike Huckabee!) on this one:

. . . there is nothing wrong with protesting over Chick-fil-A’s political connections or ownership’s political views, as long as protestors obey the law in doing so.  That is a perfectly acceptable free-speech, free-market approach to disagreement within commerce.  I’d rather see kiss-ins than lawsuits, for instance, and certainly more than seeing politicians extort businessmen to support their political agendas, as is exactly what Thomas Menino and Rahm Emanuel attempted to do in Boston and Chicago, respectively.  Protests that don’t block customers from accessing the business or act violently are a good release valve for a free society.

Now, there is a difference between kissing someone out of affection and kissing someone to make a statement. And the latter seems to serve only to politicize an intimate gesture.  So, the question we should ask is how will the kiss-in be seen? (more…)

It Takes the Free Market

Via Walter Olson (on Facebook) via Lachlan Mackay (also on Facebook)

Addressing the Harry Reid Pederasty Rumors

Via e-mail and from a number of sources on the web, I have heard that Harry Reid is a pederast!  Now, do I know that that’s true?  Well, I’m not certain.  But obviously he won’t address those allegations. How would it look?

It is a concern as Ace notes, “millions of parents in DC and Nevada send their sons to school every day without knowing whether Harry Reid is, or is not, a pederast.

I don’t think the burden should be on those making the accusations.  The burden should be on Mr. Reid. He’s the one they’ve alleged to have engaged in pederasty. Why hasn’t he addressed the allegations?

Until the Senate Democratic Leader addresses the rumors of his pederasty, we really won’t be sure.  Let’s hope our friends in the legacy media investigate this question to end this uncertainty and resolve the issue.

Watcher of Weasels — First Winners of August 2012

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 10:00 am - August 3, 2012.
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Council Winners

Dodging Lasers To Get Chicken

My sincere apologies that it appears the last place this video is posted is at my very own blog!

My intent was to get this posted here sooner, but it just wasn’t possible until this morning. The video was shot on Wednesday, but it wasn’t cleared by the powers-that-be until Thursday morning. Well, I was driving from Charlotte to Jacksonville, FL all day Thursday. (I’m in JAX for the RedState Gathering…. more on that later)

So here it is, members of the GayPatriot community — my trip to Chik-Fil-A on Wednesday…

YouTube Preview Image

-Bruce (GayPatriot)