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Look what comes up when you type Harry Re. . .*

You don’t even need type in the Senate Democratic Leader’s full name.  BTW, heard it from a source here in Denver that Harry Reid is definitely not a pederast (as per some of the reports bloggers have been receiving), but is in actuality a child-eater.  Again, I can’t verify that, but, well, the story is out there.

Search conducted while reading Funny! But Wrong: The “Harry Reid Is A Pederast” Rumor via Instapundit.

(So what was that Harry Reid clown question?)

*into the search box of your Safari browser

Why must opposition to gay marriage always be “hate”?

Since I was driving to Denver yesterday, I was unable to participate in the “Kiss-in” at the Hollywood Chick-fil-A.  Had I been in town, I may well have joined in, having fun by finding a fetching fellow to kiss in front of the franchise, then walking into the restaurant and buying him a nice chicken meal, while ordering a nice cup of their most refreshing lemonade for myself.

Given some of the photos (via Instapundit) I saw from the “Kiss-In”, it seems that most protesters were more interested in expressing themselves than in presenting a positive image of same-sex affection. Yeah, a three-person kiss and signs like “Eat More Carpet” will go a long way to changing social conservative attitudes toward gays.

Now, these folks were surely having fun.  One thing that’s great about America is that they are free to express so flamboyantly their opposition to the views of the chicken chain’s president.

But, just as such flamboyant displays of disagreement likely will make it more challenging to change minds, so too is labeling opposition to gay marriage as “hate” little likely to foster dialogue.  According to the Los Angeles Times, the Rev. Sarah Halverson of Fairview Community Church did just that, saying she

 . . . respects [Chick-fil-A President Dan] Cathy’s right to free speech, she said, but also exercised her own right to speak out against what she considers hate speech.

“We have the right to stand in disagreement with another’s speech,” she said.

At a Chick-fil-A in Torrance where vandals painted the words “Tastes Like Hate” on the side of the restaurant Thursday night, the “National Same-Sex Kiss Day” was off to a slow start.

She’s does have the right to stand in disagreement.  That said, we should also consider whether the way we stand causes those with whom we disagree to reconsider their views.  Calling those views “hate speech” is not likely to effect such reconsideration.  If anything, it may cause them to double down in disagreement.

NB:  Tweaked the conclusion to improve its flow.

FROM THE COMMENTS:  Just Me finds it to be a shame that some utilize the confrontational tactics, “because I think gays would get much further by engaging in legitimate debate than the in your face, deliberately provocative displays that don’t pay any respect to the other opinion or with any attempt to find common ground.”

Reid spokesman won’t deny pederast accusations

Is refusal to answer a question about allegations against you (or the individual you represent) an admission of guilt?  If so, then, there may well be more to the allegations of Harry Reid’s pederasty.  Note, the conditional here.  We still don’t know that it’s true.  We’re far from certain about this.  But now the Senate Democratic Leader’s office won’t address the allegations.  How does that look?

As you know by now,” writes Drew M. at Ace of Spades, “when baseless but serious charges are laid against a powerful political figure, it is the responsibility of the maligned individual to prove their innocence.”  And when that blogger “requested comment from Harry Reid’s office on the swirling charges that someone said they heard from someone that Harry Reid is pederast,” he received this terse response which he characterizes as “chilling”:


Drew asks us to “note the non-denial. Based on the rumors we’ve all heard, we can only conclude that at best questions of Reid’s abuse remains an open question.”

Read the whole thing.

Worst Senate Leader Ever.

I’m 98% sure there is another post in the GayPatriot archives with this exact same headline. Because I must say it to someone EVERY DAY.

The incompetence of Harry Reid is one thing. But now he sounds more like Keith Olbermann than the second highest ranked Democrat in the USA. Reid is either clinically insane or senile — I mean “the word is out,” after all!!


The one thing Reid proves everyday, he is a disgrace to the Senate and the state of Nevada.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

UPDATE (from Dan):  Bruce, how many day is it since Harry Reid’s Senate passed a budget?  Is the streak under the Nevada Democrat the longest in Senate history?  Oh, and has he released his tax returns for the past ten years?

Seems Richard Grenell was on to something

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 4:08 am - August 4, 2012.
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On Thursday, I linked Richard Grenell’s piece on the legacy media’s fixation on Mitt Romney’s supposed gaffes on his trip abroad. That former John Bolton aide reported that various “news” outlets dispatched political reporters (more familiar with the ups and downs of political campaigns) than foreign correspondents (more familiar with policy questions) to cover the presumptive Republican nominee’s trip to Europe.  Perhaps, that’s why those folks focused on the gaffes and not the substance:

Had news outlets sent their State Department or United Nations reporters on Mitt Romney’s trip abroad, the coverage would have been smarter and more informed than the petty political reporting the American public received from the ones who went on the trip.  The next time a news outlet complains about the state of our political rhetoric or the uninformed U.S. voter , we should promptly point them to the video of Ashley Parker’s raucous in a Polish cemetery or Philip Rucker’s diatribes on party invitations.

It wasn’t just that their coverage was focused more on the gaffes than the substance, but that it was skewed as John Hinderaker reports:

The Media Research Center analyzed the news coverage of Romney’s trip and concluded that an astonishing 86% of network news stories focused on Romney’s supposed “gaffes.” If you watched the video of “reporters” from the New York Times, Washington Post and CNN heckling Romney in Poland, you don’t need a scorecard to know which presidential campaign they are trying to boost.

Sometimes, it seems that when it comes to Republicans, our friends at the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN et al. aren’t interested in reporting the news, but crafting a narrative.  And I’m far from the first to say that.

He just went ahead and made Mitt’s day

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 3:39 am - August 4, 2012.
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Clint Eastwood Endorses Romney

Mitt Romney got some celebrity love when Clint Eastwood showed up at his high-dollar fundraiser this evening in Idaho to offer his endorsement of the presumptive GOP nominee.

When the Oscar-winning director was asked why he was supporting Romney, Eastwood responded, “Because I think the country needs a boost somewhere.