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If Romney’s high school grades merit media coverage,
why this indifference to Obama’s college transcripts?

Ed Driscoll is the latest conservative pundit (via Instapundit) to link Wayne Allyn Root’s piece in the Blaze saying that in response to the all the (Democrat-generated) hullabaloo about Mitt Romney’s taxes, the presumptive Republican nominee should

. . .  call a press conference and issue a challenge in front of the nation. He should agree to release more of his tax returns, only if Obama unseals his college records. Simple and straight-forward. Mitt should ask ‘What could possibly be so embarrassing in your college records from 29 years ago, that you are afraid to let America’s voters see it? If it’s THAT bad, maybe it’s something the voters ought to see.’ Suddenly the tables are turned. Now Obama is on the defensive:”

Now, you might think that a candidate’s college record is irrelevant to ability to govern the country, but the folks at the Boston Globe did find it necessary to publish Mr. Romney’s the transcript of Mr. Romney’s freshman year in high school.

And now they seem strangely incurious about Mr. Obama’s college records.  You’d think that when a left-of-center pundit finds “38 instances in which [the president’s] biographer [David Maraniss] convincingly disputes significant elements of Obama’s own story of his life and his family history”, journalists might wonder if there is anything hidden in his college transcripts, particularly given the unwillingness of the Democrat to release them.

With this focus on Romney’s taxes, we see once again a media focus on an issue pushed by the Obama campaign and other Democratic partisans.

The same journalists, however, eager to run with a story generated by the Democrats and/or liberal bloggers seem remarkably indifferent to stories talked about on conservative blogs.  They just want to keep Mitt Romney on defense and keep Obama from being on defense.

Perhaps, Mr. Romney should do as Mr. Root suggests.  He could then use the prominence the media has given to his own tax returns to force the media to consider Mr. Obama’s transcripts — a topic to which they have long been indifferent, if not oblivious.