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Special GayPatriot Podcast Report: On The Road To Tampa

This was mainly an excuse to test out my new audio equipment during tonight’s stopover in Tampa.

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More blogging and RNC coverage beginning tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Obama ’12: a candidate in search of a theme
(and with an almost visceral contempt for his opponent)

For the better part of this year, even though he lead in the polls, Barack Obama has not seemed a very confident candidate as did previous presidents running for reelection, particularly Bill Clinton in 1996 and Ronald Reagan in 1984.  And he seems far less secure than did George W. Bush in 2004 to which campaign his current bid is often compared.

In many ways, as I have suggested in previous posts, the incumbent seems like W’s father, George H.W. Bush, an incumbent seeking a theme, a reason to justify his reelection  in 1992.  Incumbents often highlight their record — even W did that.  Obama has seemed to highlight his opponent’s deficiencies — even making up deficiencies as the campaign rolls along.

Would be fascinating to see what percentage of the $120 million Obama spend this summer went to campaign ads attacking Romney (that amountmore than his prior opponent’s entire fall campaign budget).  Of the Obama ads I have seen here in Los Angeles, none have touted his accomplishments, all have sabotaged the former Massachusetts governor.

In an insightful piece in the British Daily Mail, Toby Harnden compares the crowds Obama drew four years ago to those he draws today.  Not only do fewer people show up, but

More significantly, the mood of the crowds is different. There is a sullenness, even resentment, that was not present in 2008. Ask an Obama supporter about their man and as often as not you will get a few words about him and then a demeaning attack on Romney or Ryan. (more…)

Legacy media to blame for Romney-haters’ ignorance?

You do have to wonder where some liberals get their news.  Caught this comment on the thread to a liberal Facebook friend’s post, dubbing Mitt Romney’s the “Worst. Campaign. Ever.”

He might have a better idea if the legacy media focused on the content of Mr. Romney’s speeches and the specifics of his policies instead of the gaffes of a candidate in Missouri and an awkward joke the candidate made in MIchigan.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Rubin contends, “Obama doesn’t have an agenda for turning around the economy other than to tax the rich, borrow and spend some more and hire some more unionized public employees.

NB:  Tweaked the title.

Watcher of Weasels — Late August ’12 Winners

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:00 pm - August 25, 2012.
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Council Winners