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Franklin Center Symposium’s Transforming the Media Landscape
The Crisis and Opportunity in Journalism

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 3:22 pm - August 27, 2012.
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At this moment, I’m blogging from the Franklin Center‘s Future of Journalism Symposium. They have three sessions beginning today. The topic today is: “Transforming the Media Landscape: The Crisis and Opportunity in Journalism”.

The speakers are: Jason Stverak, President of the Franklin Center; Steven Greenhut, VP of Journalism for the Franklin Center; Will Swaim, Managing Editor at the Franklin Center.

Will runs the great website which has non-profit reporters stationed in many of our state capitals.

This is a very informative panel discussing how Franklin Center came to be after many “for-profit” reporters were fired from their state capital “beats” after the 2008 recession. Franklin Center stepped up and through innovation formed a national network of reporters who are dedicated to telling the truth about the people’s government.

Great panel so far….

UPDATE: The symposium is being livestreamed at this link.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)



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