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Campaign Operatives with Bylines

Commenting on the failure of our friends in the legacy media to cover Obama’s Horrible, Gaffe-Laden Week, Glenn Reynolds questions the credibility of our political media, quipping that, “At this point, they’re just campaign operatives with bylines.


In perhaps the most disastrous week for U.S. foreign policy in many years, the political media have focused not on the incumbent president’s policies, but on a supposed gaffe by his Republican rival for the White House.

And that supposed “gaffe” merely involved criticizing the administration for a statement it would later retract.

Bear in mind that when Romney’s campaign released the statement in question, the Obama administration had yet to criticize the extremists who stormed our embassy in Cairo, Egypt and the terrorists who murdered Americans in Benghazi, Libya.

And yet our legacy media have dwelled on Mr. Romney’s supposed gaffe while ignoring Mr. Obama’s real gaffes. Glenn’s right. These folks are really nothing more than campaign operatives with bylines. And note how their coverage echoes a tweet by Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt. Just as their coverage of Paul Ryan’s speech in Tampa echoes a tweet by Obama campaign spokesman Stephanie Cutter.


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  1. Lewinskys, the lot of them.

    Comment by alanstorm — September 15, 2012 @ 9:53 am - September 15, 2012

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