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Does surfeit of Romney signs in suburbs suggest surging support in swing states?

Today, a reader reported that compared to 2008, he had seen a “total dearth” of Obama signs and stickers in his exurban neighborhood east of San Francisco.  He’s actually seen more Romney signs and stickers than Obama ones.

The only places he’s seen more Obama signs are in more urban areas, nearly always favorable to the Democrats.  His observations correspond with what readers in suburban areas in swing states.  It seems that this surfeit of Romney signs has increased the opportunities for liberal mischief.

Please drop me an line if you live — or have visited — a suburban area (particularly in a swing state) have seen a superabundance of Romney signs — or to share pictures of such.

UPDATE:  “I do not live in the suburbs” writes a correspondent from the Windy City, “but live smack in the middle of Obamaland….on the lake front in Chicago.  I have not seen a single Romney anything…until last Thursday…..there it was…..a Romney sticker on a car headed north on Lake Shore Drive….I sense a trend!  :)”  And tonight, while picking up pizza for my sister in a liberal ‘burb in the East Bay, saw a bumper sticker on one car that said, “Cut Spending” and another than read “Romney/Ryan.”

UP-UPDATE: Our Windy City correspondent added, “I do see Obama stickers and signs….but much less than ’08. The one neighbor that had both a Kerry in ’04 and an Obama in ’08 currently has nothing this year…no sign for any candidate.”

FROM THE COMMENTS:  Bastiat Fan has “already remarked on the astounding number of pro-Obama TV ads I’ve seen here in the Portland metro area; as far as bumperstickers? Yesterday I saw SEVERAL Romney stickers and NO Obama stickers. My favorite–and apparently the favorite of people in my area, since it’s the one I see the most–is a simple sticker, red type on a white background that says ‘Retire Obama.’”

Krauthammer: Obama “isn’t half as intelligent as he thinks he is”

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(Via The Gateway Pundit.)

NYT: CA gas prices “often high because of regulations”

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 2:37 am - October 7, 2012.
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Take a gander at this picture from a New York Times article on high gas prices in California:

And do note what I circled above. In the article, Clifford Kruass reports:

California typically has substantially higher gasoline prices than most of the country because of its tough environmental regulations and high taxes. Gasoline supplies are traditionally tight this time of year as refiners do maintenance work to switch from summer to fall gasoline blends mandated by the California pollution-reduction regulations. But this year, energy experts say, the local gasoline market is particularly chaotic because of the refinery shutdowns.

Via Instapundit. Do wonder if this crisis will cause California voters to truly appreciate the cost of state regulations and the burden of increased taxation.