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The massive miscalculation of Biden’s rude strategy

At least since the dawn of the television era, image matters in politics.  In reading reactions to Joe Biden’s performance in last week’s debate, particularly those of women, I have begun to wonder if his boorishness will stick in peoples’ proverbial craws, making it increasingly unlikely that they’ll vote Democratic this fall.

Earlier today, Ed Driscoll linked Jim Barnett’s sense of how Biden’s behavior may play out over time:

There is now the long, long reverberation in social media, where the basic debate footage serves as raw material for mash-ups and parodies and treatments for the rest of the election cycle and beyond. And Biden’s performance, which won him some tactical advantage in the debate, has set him up as the target for rich satire and a way that Ryan’s conventional performance didn’t and cannot do. His performance is comic gold, and although within hard-core Dem/left circles he will be celebrated as the warrior, everywhere else, and especially for basically apolitical young YouTube viewers, he will be the jackass supreme. I suspect that by Election Day, the various parodic videos will have had a larger viewership than the debate itself. By this criterion, the tactic was a massive miscalculation.

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Obama and Biden Gave the Same Debate Performance

Posted by ColoradoPatriot at 5:16 pm - October 14, 2012.
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I may officially be the last person to weigh in on both last week’s Vice-Presidential and last fortnight’s Presidential Debates. But if you’ll indulge something that struck me as I was reflecting the other day:

Much comment has been proffered on the striking difference in the manner of conduct between the members of the Democratic ticket at their respective debates. But allow me to offer a common thread:


President Obama has been widely and rightly panned for having seemed aloof and “not there” during his outing against Mitt Romney. Even the fellow-travelers of MSNBC criticized him for seeming to phone it in. The preparations he endured in the days leading up to the debate were widely reported as a chore for the incumbent, and it showed on the stage in my hometown that evening. If you were inclined to view the Commander as a walking ego who felt himself above the niceties of actually having to earn votes, his performance gave you no reason to change your mind. President Obama seemed a man who felt having to prove his point was beneath him.

Fast forward to last week where we saw the sitting vice president treat with utter disregard and disrespect the man who will soon hopefully take his job. I needn’t go on about the laughs, smiles, chortles, and dismissive guffaws (I did, after all, mention I’m the last to comment on this). President Obama’s most direct report showed in his own way the exact same contempt for Representative Ryan as he had a week earlier for the head of the ticket.

As dramatically different as their performances seemed on the surface, President Obama and Vice President Biden had, at the center of their psyches it seems, the exact same motivation: They don’t take the Romney/Ryan ticket seriously and don’t seem to consider their ideas even worthy of debate in the first place.

It’s not hard to imagine, when you think about it this way, why the Obama Administration has been completely incapable of accomplishing anything with the Republican Congress. Haven’t the two debates so far proven a perfect embodiment of what’s been wrong with this Administration from the (“we won”) get-go?

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from a Secure Undisclosed Location)

Time to make Obama walk

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 4:05 pm - October 14, 2012.
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A reader just alerted me to this video:

Guess independent voters must really like extremists

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 1:24 pm - October 14, 2012.
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“I think you know full well”, wrote an ex-conservative friend of mine of Facebbok “that the GOP has become significantly more extreme since the 1980s, whereas the Democrats have not changed much at all.”

So, if that’s so, how come independentseven in California — are breaking overwhelmingly for Mitt Romney.