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Only people who call gay Republicans “faggots” sit on political left

Last night before bed, I posted a quick write-up of a meet-up I had had yesterday with Glenn Reynolds, his lovely wife Helen Smith and a gaggle of conservative bloggers and friends.  And there I, an openly gay blogger at a blog with “gay” in its very name, found the same (warm) welcome I have found at every gathering of conservative (& libertarian bloggers).

This morning, when I woke up and checked the blog, found this comment in our “pending” (for approval) folder:

How many days have you guys gone without being outright called faggots by the people you suck up to? You should put up a running clock and take bets on who will be the one to break down and share his true feelings with you. It’ll probably be Jim Hoft.

I immediately approved it–wanting to provide evidence of left-wing prejudices against conservatives.  For the record, Jim Hoft has shared his feelings with me, at least three times in person, more via e-mail.  You see, I’ve been reading Jim’s blog for a number of years now and twice when I passed through St. Louis, e-mailed him and suggested we meet.

He agreed and we got together at a local coffee shop and talked politics.  Now, Jim and I may not agree on every issue, but he has never insulted me, has even praised this blog.  He is, in short, a decent guy and has always (always) been friendly toward me.

Neither Jim nor any conservative blogger, in person, in text, in e-mail or any other form of communication, has ever called me a “faggot.”  In fact, the only people who seem to be directing that slur at gay conservatives sit on the political left.

Top non-FoxNews cable “news” programs are on Comedy Central

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Just caught this on Drudge:

No, Mr. President, GOP doesn’t want to deny contraceptive care

A conservative Facebook friends reports that today the president spoke the following disingenuous words:

If you say women should have access to contraceptive care, but you support legislation that would let employers deny contraceptive care, you might have a case of Romnesia.

Um, Mr, President, which candidate supports legislation that would deny contraceptive care? I do believe there’s a bill out there that would prevent the state from mandating that a private employer pay for his employees’ contraception.

And how exactly could an employer deny contraceptive care?  Does the president really believe they have control over their employees’ private lives?

UPDATE:  Later, responding to my comment, she added:

Our President rhetorically leaps over the chasm between forcing a third party to buy someone else contraception because of a preexisting economic relationship (presumably unrelated to pregnancy causation) versus that person somehow blocking the second person’s access to contraception. It is a dishonest effort to make people think Romney wants their employers to be able to block contraceptives.

Wouldn’t women prefer Mitt Romney’s binder to Barack Obama’s?

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Report: Swelling Welfare Rolls Are a Sure Sign That Recovery Never Happened

Via Reader Leah via Chicks on the Right.

UPDATE: Welfare spending jumps 32% during Obama’s presidency

UP-UPDATE: United Welfare State of America: US Now Spends Over $1 Trillion on Welfare

Watcher of Weasels — 08.19.12 Winners

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Council Winners

Once again, GayPatriots finds welcome among conservative bloggers

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Last night, I attended a small bloggers’ gathering with conservative/libertarian blogmeister Glenn Reynolds and his lovely wife Helen Smith. It was delightful to see how many people were familiar with this blog and amusing to note how many people confused me with Bruce. Many follow his tweets and appreciate his wit.

Just because he automatically tweets out all this blog’s posts doesn’t mean he writes them all.

Not only do other conservative & libertarian bloggers read this gay conservative blog, but they welcome us as they would any other blogger.  And we’ve said this before.

Bewitched, bothered and bewildered by those binders

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Noting that President Obama “is making an issue of” Mitt Romney’s reference to the binders full of women, Philip Klein believe the Democrat’s “campaign is increasingly worried about signs that Romney is closing the gender gap, which would mean lights out for his reelection given Romney’s advantages among male voters“:

It’s hard to see what argument Obama is advancing here, however. The attack isn’t even that Romney didn’t hire enough women as governor. It’s that he had to consult a binder prepared by a women’s group to find more female candidates when he wanted to hire more women. Is the suggestion that if he cared about women more he would have just hired his friends and associates rather than draw from a wider applicant pool?

My nephew had fun with the Democratic emphasis on the binders and created this graphic:

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Binders Full of Women Create Cabinets Full of Women