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Mr. President, You Stand Down

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 5:59 pm - October 28, 2012.
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If you follow me on Twitter, you now that I have become quite angry following shocking reports on Friday that our CIA operatives fighting in Benghazi were three-times denied requests for backup during the siege of the Benghazi consulate.

Since the news broke, the CIA has thrown the White House under the bus and yet no one has denied the important part of the story – Three requests to help were specifically rebuffed by the US chain of command.  No one has denied that there WERE requests, only who denied them.

Here’s what is known as fact. 

  • The President, Vice President and his National Security Team were in the White House Situation Room at 5:00PM on Sept. 11, 2012 watching livestreaming video from the consulate itself and by drones overhead.
  • Requests from Tyrone Woods & Glenn Doherty came for help from the CIA annex to help save those trapped in the consulate.
  • Those requests were denied by someone(s) in the US chain of command.
  • Woods & Doherty ignored orders, saved almost forty people trapped at the consulate as well as the body of Sean Smith who had been killed.
  • Ambassador Stevens was hiding in a safe room and Woods & Doherty couldn’t find him.
  • Woods & Doherty returned to CIA safehouse and began taking mortar fire, and for the last time their request for support was denied and they were both killed.
  • President Obama went to bed before the situation was over.
  • President Obama flew to Las Vegas on 9/13 to attend a fundraiser.

Here is what the White House has refused to answer since this coverup began:

  • Who decided (and why) to proactively come out with the “YouTube Video” demonstration cover story so aggressively when CIA & State knew by Sept. 14 it was false.
  • Why was security denied to Ambassador Stevens despite his multiple requests throughout 2011.
  • Why was Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi on 9/11/12 with no extra security.
  • And finally, and perhaps most importantly now, who denied the three requests for help by the CIA operatives who gave their lives in Benghazi?

This situation is far worse than Watergate ever hoped to be.  And our national news media (excluding FOX News) is complicit in the cover-up by the Obama Administration.  Our press, protected by our own Consititution, have become enemies of the American people (those are the words of Democratic pollster Pat Cadell this weekend).  At the very least, the three major TV news network operations should be demanding answers.

Hopefully, the American people will render the judgment and eject Obama on November 6.  If he is re-elected, his second term will, at the very least, become consumed with the Benghazi firestorm.

Finally, this story isn’t over.  I have sources in the blogosphere who tell me directly that senior military officials are furious that men were left in the battlefield.  They know that POTUS himself issued the “stand down” order and allowed our men to die while he watched live on video stream.  That is beyond the pale.

-Bruce (@GayPatriot)

Pennsylvania & Minnesota in play?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 3:48 pm - October 28, 2012.
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In the comment thread to a recent post, our reader Lisa reports that she

. . . just had an Obama zombie knock at my door here in Bethlehem, Pa. Strange because this is pretty solid Obama territory and they shouldn’t have to do that. She didn’t hang around long because most people ran her off.

Do wonder what Obama’s internals are showing for the Keystone State.  You only campaign workers knocking on doors in states where you’re behind or where your lead isn’t solid.

And a recent poll showing a dead heat in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes and the state that hasn’t voted Republican since the Des Moines Register last endoresed the Republican presidential nominee.

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UPDATE:  Joe Biden heading to Pennsylvania

UP-UPDATE:  We’re not the only blog to wonder if these two states are in play.  Over at HotAir, Allahpundit writes:

There’s no way [Team Obama would] be buying ads in Minnesota with money that could be better spent trying to win Florida or Virginia unless they really felt they needed to, right? And if we’re suddenly seeing enough movement towards Romney in the midwest and Rust Belt to make Minnesota and Pennsylvania kinda sorta competitive, then what’s going on in Wisconsin and Ohio, where Team Mitt is pouring in time and money? You already know what Rasmussen says about the latter; he also had the former tied as of a few days ago, but his is the only poll of Wisconsin in the past 12 days. Note to pollsters: Time to fix that, ASAP.

Given his negative campaign, how could Obama govern (should he win)?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:54 pm - October 28, 2012.
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Last week, Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan gave a serious speech on upward mobility in Cleveland, Ohio. A few days later, presidential nominee Mitt Romney, the man who tapped the fetching Wisconsin Republican to be his running mate, gave a serious economic speech in Ames, Iowa.

Meanwhile, the Obama team released yet another ad attacking that accomplished former governor and business executive.  Today, the Democrat’s top campaign strategist repeated his mantra about not going back to the failed policies of the past, without offer a clear sense of what his guy wants to do in the near future.  Three weeks ago, I asked, “How can a man who has run such a divisive campaign manage to unite the nation?

Among the many (many, many) reasons to defeat Barack Obama, a number stand out, particularly how his campaign reflects his attitude toward his ideological adversaries.  Just as he has attacked his partisan adversaries from the bully pulpit of the White House, he has attacked them on the campaign trail.

And with Republicans are all but certain to hold he House and standing a good chance of winning the Senate, he has continued to distance him from the legislators with whom he needs to work to craft legislation to address our nation’s press economic and national security challenges.

His 2008 rhetoric notwithstanding, Obama has not shown an ability to reach across the aisle and work with his partisan adversaries.  He has campaigned as he has governed. Unlike Bill Clinton in his 1996 reelection campaign, Barack Obama has not shown any intention of working with Republicans after the election.

Perhaps, he just thinks victory is enough.  And then, after the election, when he pushes his agenda, whatever it is, he can justify it by saying, “I won.

The second largest newspaper in Los Angeles. . .

. . . perhaps taking its cue from the largest paper in the Hawkeye State has just endorsed Mitt Romney for President, citing the failure of Barack Obama to live up to his promise or to do his job. . .

It is precisely this kind of partisan divide that Obama promised to end. He was going to make history not only as the United States’ first black president but as its healer, vowing to lead the nation into a new era of cooperation. But that promise to blend blue America and red America into purple America is an example of Obama’s failure of leadership.

Sad to say, the reservations our editorial board expressed about Obama in 2008 have been borne out. His inexperience in an executive position has been exposed. His naivete about his chances of getting much of his program through a deeply partisan Congress has been cured the hard way.

Instead of taking charge in Washington, Obama has shown unwillingness to take even the most basic step in presidential leadership: picking up the Oval Office phone to bring his influence to bear on reluctant representatives and senators.

By contrast, the editors find Mitt Romney to be

. . . an honorable, trustworthy and steady leader who, had he been the Republican Party’s nominee four years ago, would have given Obama a tougher challenge than the reckless duo of John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Romney has proven his leadership qualities as a business success, as the trouble-shooting head of the Salt Lake City Olympics, and as the governor of Democratic Party-dominated Massachusetts. (more…)

Why there aren’t more Romney-Ryan signs in California*

Vandal Keys ‘Obama’ Into 2 Cars In Alta Loma:

Someone keyed the word “Obama” into two cars and slashed seats in another outside a residence that had Mitt Romney campaign signs.

CBS2 and KCAL9 reporter Rob Schmitt spoke to Ken Slown, owner of one of the keyed vehicles.

Slown actually supports President Obama!

He explained to Schmitt that he and his wife — both currently unemployed — are staying with her parents and it’s her parents who support Romney.

it would be worse in West Hollywood.  Wonder how many more Romney-Ryan signs we’d be seeing in “blue” enclaves if Republicans didn’t fear the wrath of the forces of tolerance.  (Alta Loma in San Bernardino County is far less Democratic than the area where I live.)

Kudos to the local media for doing what their national counterparts fail to do–cover the news.

Editor’s Note:  He’s unemployed and he still supports Obama?!?!?

*and other “blue” enclaves.

Signs of Mittmentum in Nevada?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 10:18 am - October 28, 2012.
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So far, my swing state sign reports have been primarily from Colorado and Ohio.  Now, a reader from Reno (on special assignment) wrote in earlier this week:

Driving from the Romney office to downtown, I decided to keep an eye out for signs and bumper stickers.  I counted one large Romney sign mixed in with several other candidate signs on a vacant lot along the road (but no Obama signs there).   Driving home, I took a different route, and one truck passed me that was hauling a large Romney and Ryan sign.  I went through a neighborhood and saw mostly signs for various local races, but only one Romney and Ryan sign in the  mix.  Still, that made three Romney signs, no Obama signs, and no bumper stickers of either sort.  I also heard them say that they were out of bumper stickers at the moment in the Romney office.

In a second report, en route to a Hallowe’en Party, he found more Romney than Obama signs:

After turning off on the street to drive to the neighborhood where the party was, I started counting signs.  I counted 5 or 6 signs, all for Romney and Ryan.  I was uncertain about the number because three of the signs were on adjoining lots, and I couldn’t tell if two were up in one yard or not.  I didn’t count any Obama signs.

UPDATE:   This morning, he e-mailed me to report that “someone has started vandalizing (spray painting on) a few of the signs around here. I’ve seen several spray-painted Dean Hellers signs, and at least one of the Romney signs was also spray-painted.”

UP=UPDATE:  Another report:

I was just driving through town running some errands and went through some different neighborhoods.  This time I counted: one Romney-Ryan bumper sticker, six Romney-Ryan yard signs, one “Defeat Obama” yard sign (though I didn’t notice any specific candidate signs in that yard), and one “Obama-Biden 2012” sign.  (Actually, there were more signs than that, but I only counted it as one sign for the yards with two or three signs in them.)

He’s not the only reader to report Romney signs vandalized.  Commenting on my post about a vandal keying Obama into a car parked in front of a house with a Romney sign, Carl Burton writes from northern California:

Today when I went outside to get my copy of the Sacramento Bee newspaper I discovered my . . . Romney sign was gone. (more…)

Plus Ça Change. . . .

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 9:15 am - October 28, 2012.
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. . . . plus c’est pareil.



Key bit: “The president’s best efforts to resuscitate the stumbling economy have fallen short. Nothing indicates it would change with a second term in the White House.”