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Instapundit covering Dem failures since the legacy media won’t

Earlier this afternoon, when perusing Instapundit, I noticed how many stories Glenn Reynolds and his co-bloggers were covering that were both damaging to President Obama and have been all but ignored by the legacy media.

In the interest of making people aware of these stories, I share the links below.  Can you imagine the coverage these stories would get if they were about Republicans or a Republican president?

THE YALE DAILY NEWS REPORTS on Pat Moran’s criminal investigation for voter fraud. “Moran was forced to resign as field director from his father’s — U.S. Representative Jim Moran (D) — reelection campaign on Oct. 24 after he was caught on tape telling an undercover reporter to look into a plan that would vote in place of up to 100 registered voters who rarely voted. The volunteer had pitched the plan, and though Moran was initially hesitant, he eventually offers tips on forging utility bills and bank statements to pass voter registration laws.”

Posted at 8:05 pm by Glenn Reynolds

DO I FILE THIS UNDER HOPE, OR CHANGE? The reverend who gave Obama’s inaugural benediction thinks all white people are going to Hell. . . .

Posted ted at 6:59 pm by Ed Driscoll

Posted at 6:36 pm by Ed Driscoll

NOTE: WEAR HAZMAT SUIT TO ALL OBAMA-BIDEN EVENTS: Biden Vows “I’m Going To Give You The Whole Load Today.”

RELATED: Biden to Voter: “Are you Indian?” Voter to Biden: “American.”

Wow, what a bitter clinger that man obviously is.

Posted at 5:59 pm by Ed Driscoll 

JOHN McCAIN: “This president is either engaged in a massive cover-up deceiving the American people or he is so grossly incompetent that he is not qualified to be the commander in chief of our armed forces. It’s either one of them.”

As distant cousin Stacy McCain’s co-blogger Smitty writes, along with a Tea Party video demanding the MSM cover the Benghazi story, “Barack Obama had better hope he loses next Tuesday. You can’t sit behind the Resolute Desk with this much albatross hanging from your neck.”

Posted at 5:32 pm by Ed Driscoll 

NEW EMAILS RELEASED BY HOUSE PANEL CONTRADICT OBAMA DENIAL OF POLITICAL INFLUENCE ON DOE LOANS: A batch of 150 previously undisclosed emails made public today by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee sharply contradict claims by Obama and several of his top aides that no political considerations entered into Department of Energy approval of clean energy program loans.

Committee chairman Darrell Issa, R-CA, said this of how the “most transparent administration ever” handled transparency on this issue: “The Administration should have disclosed these emails directly to Congress and the American people. The Department of Energy failed to produce many of these emails, but the Committee received them from other sources.”

And there’s a Harry Reid angle here, too.

 Posted at 5:06 pm by Mark Tapscott

AND IN A WAY IT WAS ALL OF US: It Wasn’t Just Four Americans Abandoned in Benghazi.

Posted at 5:04 pm by Sarah Hoyt

NOT ORIENTED AS TO TIME AND SPACE: 4 Times Joe Biden Couldn’t Remember What State He Was In. Including earlier today. Florida, Ohio, whatever.

Posted at 4:05 pm by Glenn Reynolds

Posted at 2:59 pm by Glenn Reynolds

A PINCH OF HYPOCRISY: NY Times Called Bush’s 2.7% GDP in ’92 a ‘Letdown,’ But Obama’s Lower GDP a ‘Steady Improvement.’

As I recall, the health of the American economy turned on a dime in the MSM, once GHWB lost his re-election bid in ’92.

Posted at 1:38 pm by Glenn Reynolds

STRATEGYPAGE: Austin Bay: More Benghazi Questions.

Posted by Glenn Reynolds at 12:59 pm

IS THE POPE CATHOLIC, DOES THE BEAR LACK FLUSH TOILETS: Voter Fraud: Will The Democrats Vote Early, and Often? [Video]

Posted at 12:05 pm by Sarah Hoyt 

WELL, THE CEO’S ATTACKS ON ROMNEY WON’T HELP THEM WITH THEIR U.S. CUSTOMER BASE: GM Profits Fall 12%. But they’re making money in South America! . . . .

Posted by Glenn Reynolds at 10:46 am

VOTER FRAUD IN NORTH CAROLINA: Former Morrisville councilwoman faces voter fraud charge. Her defense: “I forgot.”

Posted at 10:15 am by Glenn Reynolds

Posted at 8:49 am by Glenn Reynolds

THE OBAMA ECONOMY: STILL NOT RECOVERED: The economy is not even back to where it was when the recession began, Tom Blumer writes.

Of course, for John Kerry and Claire McCaskill, that’s a feature, not a bug.

Posted at 8:12 am by Ed Driscoll 

POLITICIZING DISASTER RELIEF:   Totally predictable, of course, but still utterly ignoble.  The editors of the Wall Street Journal document the Obama campaign’s–and its surrogate, the lamestream media’s–panicky attempt to capitalize on Hurricane Sandy by implying that Romney and Republicans are opposed to disaster relief.   Uh, yeah, whatever.

Posted at 7:12 am by Elizabeth Price Foley

Posted at 12:37 am by Sarah Hoyt



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