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Under Obama, federal gov’t continues to live beyond its means

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:54 pm - November 1, 2012.
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Whenever things have not gone as President Obama expected them too, he resorted to blaming his predecessor of reminding us of the problems he “inherited” from George W. Bush.

Last September, in the Wall Street Journal, economics professor Michael J. Boskin who chaired the Council of Economic Advisers under that predecessor’s father, George H.W. Bush reminded us what Mr. Obama’s successor will, among a number of expensive policies, will also inherit “his deficits and debt (i.e., pressure for higher taxes), inflation and dollar decline.

The national debt now stands at $16.224 trillion, having increased from $10.627 trillion at the start of his term, an increase of nearly $5.6 trillion during his tenure his office.  By contrast, as I blogged last Friday, “[t]he Debt rose $4.899 trillion during the two terms of the Bush presidency.

Jeffrey Anderson puts that number into perspective:

. . . under Obama, the federal government has already racked up almost twice as much deficit spending — in real (inflation-adjusted) dollars — as it did during all of World War II.  (more…)

Could Democrats lose House seats?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:27 pm - November 1, 2012.
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While most political prognosticators have been saying that Republicans stand in good stead to hold the House of Representatives this fall, a good number have suggested that Democrats are likely to shave a few seats off the GOP majority.

At the Weekly Standard Fred Barnes reports that “Democratic hopes of capturing the House next Tuesday are long gone. And Democrats now could wind up actually losing seats“:

David Wasserman, the Cook Political Report’s expert on House races, changed his rating of 15 contested House races, 11 of them to the benefit of Republicans. For example, Republican Bob Dold, supposedly doomed because his affluent district north of Chicago was badly gerrymandered, now is in a tossup race.

The Report now rates 28 races as Tossups.  If those races “were to divide evenly between the parties,” Wasserman says, “Democrats would score a net gain of a single seat in the House”.

But, with Republican enthusiasm as strong as it is, Republicans could win the lion’s share of those seats — and thus increase the size of their majority.

Romney to visit Pennsylvania?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 5:43 pm - November 1, 2012.
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Mitt Romney is set to make a last-minute campaign stop on Sunday in Pennsylvania,” reports Dan Hirschhorn of The Daily:

Details are still being determined and with scheduling for the final days of the campaign still fluid, it’s possible Romney could still bypass the state. But two top Pennsylvania Republican officials and a Romney adviser said a large rally in the vote-rich Philadelphia area is in the works for Sunday. The final decision is likely to be made on Friday.

“I’m 99 percent certain he’s coming,” one senior level Republican official told The Daily. “It’s going to be a huge rally and it’s going to be very successful.”

H/t: Jim Geraghty. Guess the state must really be in play then.

UPDATE:  Ace reports:

In 2008, Republicans led absentee voting by 2%, in a surprisingly narrow loss in an election Obama destroyed McCain in.

Today, Republicans lead by 18%. (more…)

Independent voters dissatisfied with Obama, think country is on wrong track

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 5:23 pm - November 1, 2012.
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Yesterday, I blogged about why the independent vote matters, particularly in swing states. Today, I had the chance to look at Resurgent Republic’s memorandum documenting the trends behind President Obama’s support is collapsing among these group of voters.

The authors date the decline back to the early days of the Obama administration when his big-spending proposals began to raise eyebrows across the nation, particularly given an electorate “closer to the GOP on fiscal issues.” And during the campaign, they report that Romney has enjoyed a consistent lead among independent voters 00 even before the debates, Their movement toward the Republican accelerated in October. At the same time, they moved away from Obama at a considerable pace.

By “a 20-point margin, 56 to 36 percent”, independents “believe it’s time for someone else to be president”. Fewer that 40% of those surveyed approve of Obama’s record on the economy.

Meanwhile, independents have an increasingly favorable view of Mitt Romney, with 54% now having a positive feeling about the Republican nominee. Nearly an identical percentage, 53%, have an unfavorable opinion of the incumbent.

54% disapprove of Obama’s performance, with more (far more) than twice as many strongly disapproving as strongly approving. And those with strong feelings are far more likely to vote. On the top issue on voters’ minds, 60% disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy, with 49% strongly disapproving.


How a conservative talker responds to gay caller

Contrast how a gay-left wing radio host handles a gay conservative caller with how Rush Limbaugh responds to a similar type of caller.

Rush doesn’t lambaste this man even as he says he supports gay marriage.

And the conservative talker concludes the conversation, saying, “I’m glad you called.”

(H/t Breitbart via Bruce.)

Gay Left-Wing Radio Host Advises Gay Romney Supporter to Commit Suicide, Says He Should Not Be Allowed to Vote

Our reader Tim in MT shared this video with us that he had made after catching Michelangelo Signorile on SiriusXM radio yesterday.

The left-wing radio talker, twice in the segment (at about 2:15 & 3:45) advises his gay Romney-supporting caller to drink arsenic or other poison so he can commit suicide. At 2:57, he tells the young man that he should not be allowed to vote.

Such tolerance.

FROM THE COMMENTS: Just Me asks, “Any guesses what the outrage would be if this was Rush telling a gay liberal that he should commit suicide or be prohibited from voting?”

AND ANOTHER:   Leah quips, “You vote for people who give you things? Yes that explains the selfish left.”

AND ANOTHER:  V the K reminds us that

We are always lectured at by activists that gay teen suicide is the most horrible social problem in the world and that gay teenagers are so delicate that the slightest hint of disapproval from a conservative will lead to thousands of them spontaneously offing themselves. (more…)

Benghazi breaking through into “mainstream consciousness”?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 10:16 am - November 1, 2012.
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neo-neocon thinks it just might be:

There are a couple of signs that the Benghazi furor may have reached enough critical mass to actually enter mainstream consciousness. The first is that Jay Leno made a joke about it. The second is that the WaPo published a David Ignatius column dealing with it.

Although she calls Ignatius’s column “weak tea”, the blogress commends him for “at least asking some hard questions, too, and refusing to ignore the story entirely.”

Given how late our legacy media are to the story, Paul Wolfowitz helps them out, by providing a list of “things about administration policy, behavior, and conduct that deserve to be challenged” and which journalists truly concerned about the truth could ask about and investigate.  (Via Jennifer Rubin.)

If former Attorney General Michael Mukasey is right, journalists might not need to do much investigation.  He contends that “the facts are simple, they are known, they are available; the only thing that remains is to disclose them.(more…)

A Reader’s Thought on L’Affaire Menendez

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 9:45 am - November 1, 2012.
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Last night on Facebook, was chatting with our reader AZ Mo in NY as the sex story that Drudge had been hyping came out.  I told him about the story and after skimming the article, said that there didn’t appear to be much there there.  The Senator was divorced at the time.  Our reader disagreed, thinking there was more to the story; he remind me that the Democrat had solicited these prostitutes, but failed to pay for their services.

I suggested then that he write up his remarks as a guest post.  The following words are his, not mine.  So, is he right, is there more to the story that a Senator failing to pay for services he solicited?  –Dan

The party that lays claim to burning the brightest moral torch when it comes to caring for the poor and fighting for women’s rights has fired the latest shot in the war on women.  Matthew Boyle over at the Daily Caller alerts us to Democratic New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez overworking and underpaying third world prostitutes during a previously-undocumented visit to the Dominican Republic.  Boyle reports that Menendez promised his prostitutes $500 in exchange for their services, yet only paid them $100.

At the same time he forgot to pay one of the prostitutes the additional $400, he also forgot to tell anyone he was going away for that 2012 Easter weekend, “Menendez’s 2012 public schedule shows no events listed for Easter or the following three days.  On Easter Sunday this year, aircraft records obtained by TheDC show that Melgen’s plane left Florida the morning of Easter Sunday, stopped at the Teterboro private airport near Menendez’s home in New Jersey, and flew on to the Dominican Republic.” reports Boyle.  Why did that happen?

Why didn’t Menendez, as an advocate for the poor, at the very least pay the prostitutes the full amount he owed them?  Why didn’t he offer a helping hand to get them out of a situation where they had to sell their bodies to rich white Democrats?   (more…)

Ann Romney: One More Reason to Vote for Mitt

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 2:37 am - November 1, 2012.
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Writing yesterday about his travels in Ohio, Stacy McCain reports attending an event featuring Ann Romney and asks:

Have you seen any stories in the mainstream media about how enormously popular Ann Romney is? Do the TV networks report about how she’s always mobbed by autograph-seekers after her speeches? And if not, why not?

All good questions not just because of Mrs. Romney’s poise, but also because the woman born as Ann Davies obviously had a profound impact on the life of her husband.

He has overcome numerous hurdles during long slog of this campaign, faced tough question from a hostile media and has been the target of perhaps the most expensive TV attack ad campaign in the history of American politics and still managed to come across as a calm and collected leader in three debates and on the campaign trail.

And perhaps, Mitt Romney’s strong — and long-lasting — marriage to his high school sweetheart helps account for his ability to persevere.  As I wrote just a few weeks ago, he likely “wouldn’t have turned out as well as he did without” Ann’s influence.

Before he seriously started wooing Ann, Mitt Romney was an unruly adolescent.  Almost from the outset of their courtship, he became a more focused adult, committed to building a business and concerned about those in his community.

Ann has helped Mitt become a better person.  And let’s hope she is able to help him become a great president.

NB:  Image via ABCNews.

Left-wing “comedienne” calls conservatives “faggot-ish”; HRC silent

As you recall, two days after Sarah Palin’s daughter used the epithet, “faggot” on Facebook, the Human Rights Campaign called on that teen’s mother to speak up.  “As a mother,” said HRC Vice President of Communications Fred Sainz, Mrs. Palin

should know to speak up when a child makes hateful remarks, particularly in this cyber age. Anti-LGBT bullying needs to stop and Sarah Palin should be a part of making that happen.

Four days ago, at a fundraiser in Sunday night fundraiser in Hollywood for former Democratic Florida Rep. Alan Grayson, a woman far older than Sarah Palin’s daughter made similarly, by HRC’s standards, “hateful remarks”.  “Comedienne” Sarah Silverman

. . . told the crowd of just under 100 that they must remember that both conservatives and liberals want the best for the country, even if liberals are more “open-minded” and conservatives are “less open-minded” and ” a little more “faggot-ish.”

(H/t:  Reader TGC.)   I searched HRC’s site; they have yet to call on the left-wing comedienne to  “speak up.”  Wonder why that is. (more…)

If newspaper endorsements are a barometer, Oregon is in play

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:34 am - November 1, 2012.
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Our reader spotted reptile alerts us to a striking endorsement from the Statesman Journal of Salem, Oregon, striking in that the editors offer more sympathy for Mr. Obama than have others who have become disillusioned with the incumbent:

Today our economy is still struggling and our national hopes have faded.

We know this is not all President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden’s fault. Although Obama underestimated the nation’s economic challenges, he inherited that mess. . . .

It’s impossible to know whether anyone could have done better, but Republican Mitt Romney now deserves the opportunity to try.

The Obama administration often was thwarted by Republican intransigence in Congress, as well as by Obama’s fellow Democrats. But politics is the art of relationships and compromise. Obama, in contrast with presidents Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan, struggled to achieve his goals through negotiation. In contrast, Romney offers a track record of success.

Like the editors of the Des Moines Register, the editors of the Statesman Journal back Barack Obama in 2008.

Over at Instapundit, Sarah Hoyt wonders why the AFL-CIO is sending out a mailer to Oregon voters, saying that “their voting history is a matter of public record“.