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Posted by Bruce Carroll at 2:39 pm - November 6, 2012.
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Good afternoon from the GayPatriot Eastern Election Command Center in South Carolina. 

We will be having two main posts tonight where you can join us for Election Night Coverage. 

Beginning at 5PM Eastern Time, our page will feature our GayPatriot Projection Map and will be changed as our Decision Desk calls the states.   The Decision Desk is essentially Bruce & Dan with the aid of as much information as we can absorb until we are confident to call a state.  We WILL be calling the states earlier than most all major networks, as we have already called North Carolina and Florida for Mitt Romney – based on actual early voting results.

Below the map will be live embedded Internet TV coverage via The Franklin Center, of which we are part of their network tonight.

Our second post at the top of the page will be our Election Night Commentary.  Both Dan and I will be posting in that space and we will time-stamp our comments so that the most recent is at the top.   This will be where you can join in through the Comments section on that post.

Finally, beginning at 5PM Eastern Time — I will be Live Tweeting the Election Night on my secondary Twitter account – @GayPat2.  Please follow that account as well as my normal account @GayPatriot.  I’ll probably switch over to the main Twitter account around 11PM Eastern.  There’s a reason for this, but it is too ridiculous to explain.

-Bruce (@GayPatriot & @GayPat2)



  1. I see that you predict a blowout for Romney, Bruce. I’m guessing it’ll be a squeaker of a win for Romney. Not too much longer to see how close or off we both are…

    Comment by JohnAGJ — November 6, 2012 @ 3:52 pm - November 6, 2012

  2. Thanks in advance for your coverage. The wife and I refuse to watch the lefty TV alphabet soup coverage.

    Comment by Tony — November 6, 2012 @ 4:29 pm - November 6, 2012

  3. //

    Comment by Vince Smetana — November 10, 2012 @ 11:47 pm - November 10, 2012

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