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The Long Game

It is Sunday evening and I’ve had a very nice weekend away from the magnifying glass of politics. It has been a normal weekend: chores, laundry, dog walking & mindless television.

Sometime during the day, I started tweeting a series of ideas about where the Republican House of Representatives should go from here. My conclusion: Give Obama everything he wants.

Let’s pretend this is a parliamentary system. Let’s pretend the Democrats won and Obama was re-elected as Prime Minister. In that system, everything Obama wants would pass.

Let them have it. I’m not suggesting that Republicans of principle silence themselves and not warn about the consequences of Obama’s economic plans. Those Republicans would include Sens. Marco Rubio, Jim DeMint, Ted Cruz, Pat Toomey and Govs. Scott Walker, Susanna Martinez and Nikki Haley. Let them put their stakes of opposition forcefully and vocally in the ground.

But let the House GOP and the Senate GOP get out of the way and allow the Democrats what they want on the economy. No obstruction, perhaps a vote of “present”…. but no other sign of getting in the way.

We, as Conservatives, know that these economic policies are disaster. But Obama is right — Americans voted for higher taxes and more regulation — so let them have it.

We will win the long game. We should have allowed the economy to tank harder than it did in 2008 to begin with. And all that’s been happening since is kicking the can down the road.

So I’m in favor of a hard stop. Let the Democrats’ vision of economic “success” play itself out.

The result will be hardship the likes of which no American has faced since the 1930s. But so be it. Americans voted for it — let them have it.

Conservative policies will win in the long game.

-Bruce (@GayPatriot)



  1. My father said “Son, sometimes if you want something real bad, you get it real bad.”

    I agree with you. We should let America have a belly full of the Democrats’ fantasy economics. Red states can hold on as best they can and frankly, they have some opportunities. With California increasing taxes and regulations now that the Democrats have a super majority, many companies will be looking to relocate out of that state. Companies that might have been looking to move there might change their mind.

    One thing California and other “blue” states can’t measure is how many businesses DIDN’T relocate there because of their policies or how many businesses didn’t get started.

    Government in “red” states needs to look around and decide how they can make themselves more attractive to business. They should consider themselves to be in competition with their neighbors. Even cities and counties within a state should consider themselves to be competing for business activity that brings in revenue and jobs. City managers should be going door to door talking to businesses and asking what the city could do to increase their profitability or business traffic. These governments need to treat business as a partner and not an adversary. California and New York have adversarial relationships with business. California figures they can get away with it because, hey, it’s California. I guess they figure nobody will leave because of the weather or something. But even within California are “red” cities and counties that can reduce regulations, red tape, and act as partners with their local businesses. The mentality of the vast majority of them at this point, though, is that the primary purpose of the city government is to provide benefits of various sorts to people.

    What the Republicans need to get across is that they don’t want to “take away” people’s benefits. They want to see that fewer need them. But I fear millions of Americans went to the ballot box on Tuesday and sent the message: “I would rather be unemployed and on benefits than have to work.”

    Comment by crosspatch — November 11, 2012 @ 9:08 pm - November 11, 2012

  2. I agree. It will be interesting to watch Democrats try to buy votes when there is no longer any money left to buy votes with.

    The USSR collapsed because its economy couldn’t support its military spending. The USA will collapse because our economy cannot support our welfare and social spending.

    An expanding Government and a contracting economy are not sustainable.

    It’s time for Republicans to stand down, and let the Democrats reap what they sow.

    Obama wants to raise taxes “On the wealthy” by $80 Billion a year. So, instead of borrowing forty cents of every dollar it spends, the Government is only borrowing 38 cents.

    Then, what?

    Comment by V the K — November 11, 2012 @ 9:10 pm - November 11, 2012

  3. I endorse this position. Reap. Sow. Proceed.

    Comment by Robert — November 11, 2012 @ 9:40 pm - November 11, 2012

  4. I totally agree with you……it may be the fastest way to get thru this.

    Comment by Rick554 — November 11, 2012 @ 9:42 pm - November 11, 2012

  5. Unfortunately, I think this will affect more than the economy of the US. It will affect Canada, Europe, Asia, and most other places, and much more adversely than in 2008. And who knows what other consequences that might have (the Islamists might see an opportunity there, for example). But, this economic contraction is something that is going to happen eventually, so we might as well get it over with and hope that people learn their lessons (I’m not counting on that, though).

    Comment by Rattlesnake — November 11, 2012 @ 9:42 pm - November 11, 2012

  6. I also think this might be the right approach at this time in our history. Folks who voted to keep the House Republicans in power may feel like they have been “sold down the river” and blame the GOP. But, Republicans will be blamed by everyone else anyway for causing “gridlock. Better to let the country see how much damage Obama and his administration are really capable of all by themselves. The majority of citizens have said they want to be on this train. I say we give them “a ticket to ride.”

    Comment by NOT a liberal Mom — November 11, 2012 @ 9:58 pm - November 11, 2012

  7. No. The damage will be too great and possibly irreversible. There’s more at stake here than mere economics; our individual liberties are in the wind. It took us 2,000 years from Athens’ rudimentary democracy to get to individual freedom and responsibility. I don’t agree to another interregnum.

    Obama is right — Americans voted for higher taxes and more regulation….

    No, they didn’t. They reelected a man. They also returned to the Congress a House that has been adamantly opposed to higher taxes. They also extended Republican control over the state houses and legislatures. They crushed Big Labor in Blue Michigan. The exit polls said, by 2:1, no higher taxes to balance the budget.

    Eric Hines

    Comment by E Hines — November 11, 2012 @ 10:02 pm - November 11, 2012

  8. Whether the GOP wants to allow it or not, I don’t think there’s any way to stop Democrats from raising taxes on the wealthy. Obama is hellbent on raising the wealthy’s taxes as part of his class warfare schtick, and because the Bush era tax cuts are set to sunset, their expiration is the default scenario. The conundrum for House Republicans is how to work through the following…

    (1) Democrats getting their way on raising taxes on the rich really will hurt the economy and, therefore, normal Americans.
    (2) Most normal Americans (at least those who aren’t decidedly Republican) are reluctant to believe that raising taxes on the rich will hurt them. Even after they do get hurt, they may not be willing to believe it had anything to do with soaking the rich.
    (3) The Republican base is skeptical of Republican leadership and would be loathe to forgive Republican leadership for any appearance of caving.
    (4) It may be possible to find bipartisan support for a compromise other than what Obama proposes, e.g., Simpson-Bowles. But the downside of actively working out a compromise rather than what Bruce is suggested is that Republicans are more likely to share blame if things don’t go well.
    (5) Republicans will be blamed no matter what happens. George Bush will still be blamed. Mitt Romney will be blamed too, just cuz. It’s somewhat possible that congressional Democrats will be blamed too, given that they aren’t Obama.

    Comment by chad — November 11, 2012 @ 10:07 pm - November 11, 2012

  9. Eric states it well.

    Comment by chad — November 11, 2012 @ 10:09 pm - November 11, 2012

  10. Boehner should let him get what he wants. Tell the Dems in congress to prepare a tax and spending bill with which to negotiate with, then retitle it using Republican votes, “The Democrat Party Written And Passed Largest Tax Hike and Spending Bill Ever”, then place it before the House for a vote, unchanged. And have enough Republicans vote “Abstain” in order to have a quorum present, and let it pass solely with Dem votes.

    I’ll bet it goes down to defeat if he does that. They want compromise so they can get what they want, and blame failure on the Republican added compromise parts. Which is what they’ll do if Boehner compromises and negotiates.

    I cut and pasted this from a comment I left on another blog. Works here, too.

    Comment by Harold — November 11, 2012 @ 10:10 pm - November 11, 2012

  11. One party rule. What could possibly go wrong? As much as I’d like to see those that voted for it suffer and moan and rend their shirts, I want only them to suffer. What Obama wants is morally wrong on so many levels. It’s theft and tyranny and criminal.
    Let’s just give up? Did the democrats give up? NO, they got their ugly mugs in front of any and all cameras and bitched day in and day out.
    GOP – *crickets*

    Comment by Annie — November 11, 2012 @ 10:10 pm - November 11, 2012

  12. Chad, because we have no member of the GOP with balls. Get one with Chris Christies’ mouth and Palin’s conservatism.

    Comment by Annie — November 11, 2012 @ 10:13 pm - November 11, 2012

  13. Let’s just give up? Did the democrats give up? NO, they got their ugly mugs in front of any and all cameras and bitched day in and day out.

    Which they can do because the MFM are just an extension of their party.

    The GOP will never get its message through the MFM.

    Sometimes you have to accept defeat and wait for your day.

    Comment by V the K — November 11, 2012 @ 10:35 pm - November 11, 2012

  14. Americans voted for higher taxes and more regulation…

    No, they didn’t. They reelected a man.

    A man running on a platform of higher taxes and more regulation.

    Americans will never learn that electing socialists has consequences unless there are consequences to electing socialists.

    Comment by V the K — November 11, 2012 @ 10:36 pm - November 11, 2012

  15. Let the Dhimnicrats have what they want ’til they and their supporters choke on it. Elections have consequences. A Christie just might do it, Boehner never.

    I’ll be out back burying my guns and extra ammunition.
    The generator and addl. MREs are already on-order…

    Comment by Ted B. (Charging Rhino) — November 11, 2012 @ 10:42 pm - November 11, 2012

  16. It’s a good idea.

    The Democrats have set everything alight with their Hate, a broke populace will not help them in the least.

    To quote a great blogger: Heh.

    Comment by JSF — November 11, 2012 @ 10:42 pm - November 11, 2012

  17. Cute idea; but, some of us (now out of work for more than 2 years) will not survive the “long game.” Got it? We will not survive!

    Thanks for throwing me, and every other unemployed person, under the fucking bus!

    Comment by Charles — November 11, 2012 @ 11:19 pm - November 11, 2012

  18. No matter what the GOP does, the inevitable disastrous results will be their fault.

    If they prevent Obama’s Marxist polices, they will be guilty of obstruction.

    If they go along with them, the resulting failures will be their fault because the weren’t enthusiastic supporters.

    A significant part of the population is now “stuck on stupid” and they are not going like the results. But they can be deceived into believing the disasters aren’t Obama’s fault.

    Stupid is as stupid does…

    Comment by WarEagle82 — November 11, 2012 @ 11:20 pm - November 11, 2012

  19. Compromise, find a middle solution and GOVERN. This is what has been done in congress since the day this country was born and this what Republicans should do now.

    Comment by mike — November 11, 2012 @ 11:26 pm - November 11, 2012

  20. And suddenly, lower case mike is afraid his Glorious Leader’s policies won’t work and wants scapegoats for when they fail.

    Saw it comin’

    Comment by V the K — November 11, 2012 @ 11:32 pm - November 11, 2012

  21. In fact, what Bruce is proposing is “compromise,” by the liberal definition of compromise. (i.e. conservatives cave in and give liberals everything they want).

    Comment by V the K — November 11, 2012 @ 11:33 pm - November 11, 2012

  22. Also, note again, which side lower-case-mike is exhorting to compromise. You don’t see him telling Harry “One-Man Filibuster” Reid to make any concessions to Republicans.

    Comment by V the K — November 11, 2012 @ 11:37 pm - November 11, 2012

  23. Count me in. Let us stipulate that our principles have not changed and we will not compromise them. We are simply voting present and sitting on the sidelines while forfeiting the game. In 2014 we can measure the mood of the country again to determine whether the voters are determined to have the country collapse and have the economy destroyed or if they still have the soul and spine to prefer freedom over government dependency.

    The party of blame will have no one else blame. It their derangement is so entrenched that they will choose the path of Greece over restoring America, so be it. We can let the Democrats scrap and fight among themselves.

    Meanwhile, many states can organize for survival while Mass., Conn,. Rhode Island, New York, Michigan, California, Illinois and a few others tax themselves into nothingness.

    Comment by heliotrope — November 11, 2012 @ 11:42 pm - November 11, 2012

  24. “And all the whores and politicians will look up and shout ‘save us!’… And I’ll look down and whisper ‘no.’

    Comment by V the K — November 11, 2012 @ 11:43 pm - November 11, 2012

  25. Charles, I’m in a similar boat. The economy has decimated my field. I can’t find employment elsewhere b/c I’m “overqualified” (I never believed that actually happens til I experienced it). I’ve tried self employment and it hasn’t cut it. The last bit of my emergency fund and retirement savings will get me through the end of the year. I will likely not survive four more years of this. I won’t be alone but if its going to take me out, I’m all for taking as many of the assholes who voted for four more years down with me. Further more, I will go out of my way to avoid doing business with anyone I know voted for Obama and I won’t donate a dime to Sandy relief for any of those blue states.

    Comment by Ed — November 11, 2012 @ 11:44 pm - November 11, 2012

  26. Also, Democrats are not going to “compromise” on entitlements, environmental regulations, Obamacare, or social spending… the things that are really crippling our economy and driving our debt and deficit. At best, compromise nibbles around the edges of the fiscal disaster we’re driving toward; like maybe you slow discretionary spending (somewhere “down the road” always). Avoiding collapse is simply not possible, I’m afraid, with drastic changes Democrats are unwilling to make.

    Comment by V the K — November 11, 2012 @ 11:49 pm - November 11, 2012

  27. The greatest thing about the Progressive agenda is that it’s unsustainable. Sometimes a boxer has to let his opponent wear himself out and then it just takes one good hook to knock the opponent to the ground. The cancer of Progressivism will eat its host. The other disadvantage the progressives have is they need leaders. They don’t have principles. Their faith is in a man. The OWS movement had no unifying principle other than control over others to advance several, often conflicting, agendas. Their strength is their greatest weakness (all or nothing, my way or the high way, etc.). Obama had to strong arm people within his own party to get Obamacare passed and few within his party seem to know, even today, that there is a penalty for not having insurance. Wait til the ones who cannot afford it go to apply for the assistance and find out that they still don’t qualify. Wait til the tax base disappears as companies lay off more workers. Wait til inflation gets really out of control. The tighter they grip, the more they’ll slip.

    Comment by AZ Mo in NYC — November 12, 2012 @ 12:43 am - November 12, 2012

  28. Charles: I’m in the same boat. I’ve been out of work for a year now. And Ed, my experience is much like yours–I don’t even get interviews because I’m “overqualified.” But I do find it interesting that lower-case mike all of a sudden wants compromise….to which I say NO. You BROKE it, you OWN it.

    Comment by Bastiat Fan — November 12, 2012 @ 12:47 am - November 12, 2012

  29. Unemployed people who are really desperate for a job might think about looking for a job here in Alberta. I’m not sure what the job market is like right now but this is usually one of the more reliable places to find a job, and the jobs in the oil sands pay well (although they are way up in Fort McMurray, which in addition to being remote, is very very cold). A lot of people from all over go up there and work for a while and make a lot of money (and I believe there are jobs that don’t require qualifications). I’m sure the economy is about to get very bad, which will undoubtedly affect here as well, but you could work up there for a while and build up some good savings. If that isn’t appealing, the economy of all of Alberta is generally better than average, and it isn’t as cold in Calgary (although it is still very cold compared to most other places). A significant part of Calgary’s economy is based on the oil industry as well.

    Comment by Rattlesnake — November 12, 2012 @ 1:21 am - November 12, 2012

  30. Taxes on the wealthy always end up being taxes on the middle class. That is what the GOP should fight. But the really rich? Give Obama what he claims to want. No loopholes. Tax their assets too. Drive Springsteen and Buffett into exile.

    That is what they did in the UK in the 70s which is why so many rock bands suddenly found it convenient to record in faraway places. So eff you Green Day. I vote for revenge.

    The Dems did very little between 2007 and 2009, except demagoguing every issue. If the House GOP were smart, they would do the same thing.

    Comment by El Gordo — November 12, 2012 @ 2:05 am - November 12, 2012

  31. […] The Long Game […]

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  32. V-
    I want lots of spending cuts + tax increases.
    Spending cuts is the concession I want dems to make.
    I want both sides unhappy.
    That will mean the deal is probably good.

    Comment by mike — November 12, 2012 @ 4:47 am - November 12, 2012

  33. History teaches us one thing about compromise deals where Republicans agree to tax increases in exchange for spending cuts.

    The tax increases happen, the spending cuts don’t.

    Comment by V the K — November 12, 2012 @ 5:16 am - November 12, 2012

  34. Late to the game, but I’ve been trying to survive the long game for over four years. If you endured what I have over that time, you wouldn’t be so smug in your assertion that Americans deserve what they voted in. I didn’t vote for this cocksucker in 2008 OR this time around. I think you need to rethink your position on this.

    Comment by Erinyes — November 12, 2012 @ 5:17 am - November 12, 2012

  35. Yes! Yes! The GOP must stop mitigating the inevitable liberal disasters.

    Use every opportunity as a teachable moment “I am voting Present because this tax increase will result in a revenue decrease…you’ll see.”

    Boehner’s only demand from BHO should be a “revenue neutral” tax plan. Then bring it to the floor, no negotiations, no fingerprints. Let it pass 195-0.

    Comment by BigJ — November 12, 2012 @ 7:57 am - November 12, 2012

  36. I’m torn between continuing to try to pay off my bills, and saying frak it and going into massive debt preparing for the worse…

    Comment by The_Livewire — November 12, 2012 @ 8:00 am - November 12, 2012

  37. Same here, Livewire. Wondering if I should cash out an IRA and buy silver and ammo.

    Comment by V the K — November 12, 2012 @ 9:14 am - November 12, 2012

  38. Ed, thanks for understanding.

    But, please remember that the Hurricane Sandy areas (especially Staten Island and parts of the Jersey shore) are mostly like a Republican oasis in these desert blue states. So, not all of the Sandy victims are Obama supporters.

    I’m on Raritan Bay in NJ, and we did get hit hard; so, I’m sure you didn’t mean to include me in that.

    I do agree with not doing business with any Obama supporters – they can do without my money as I am going to be forced to do without their support.

    And Thanksgiving? Ha! I have no desire to “break bread” with in-laws who have been all gung-ho about Obama the first time and still voted for him the second time. If I had money I’d skip town and go to Vegas or somewhere for the holidays.

    Comment by Charles — November 12, 2012 @ 9:33 am - November 12, 2012

  39. #37, combine both, buy silver ammo. Irritate libs and werewolves.

    Comment by The_Livewire — November 12, 2012 @ 9:51 am - November 12, 2012

  40. Unemployment is terrible. It crushes one’s living standard. Perhaps a person ends up in a rather makeshift basement apartment or rents a room in someone’s home. Maybe the car is sold and walking is in. Maybe two or three part time jobs are cobbled together. Maybe that is permanent. Maybe the economy never rebounds.

    The government dependency system will buy a person a place to live, provide food, retraining, transportation, healthcare, energy costs assistance and much more. That is the system in place that is breaking our backs. When the liberals succeed in driving more and more people into the dependency system, it will not get any cheaper because of some “economy of scale” voodoo.

    At some point, FEMA trailers in muddy fields will look pretty darn good to a lot of people.

    There is no way out of our economic mess without drastically revamping the entitlement system. The full force of Obamacare will not even set in until 2020 and we have no idea what will happen to our medical care infrastructure in the eight years leading up to the full force of the Obamacare hurricane.

    Let us examine the effects on our economy if we were to entirely withdraw our military from around the world and the oceans (including NATO, South Korea, Japan, Africa, the Balkans) and pare it down to next to nothing. We would exacerbate the unemployment problem enormously and millions of jobs aligned with procurement and general local economies around military installations would disappear.

    We had a 1.4 trillion dollar deficit every year for the past three years. The military budget ran something under 700 billion dollars. Therefore, by eliminating the military we could cut the budget deficit down to “just” 800 billion dollars.

    Perhaps we could get out of the UN and shut down the State Department and all foreign aid and knock a few more 100 billion dollar units off of the deficit spending.

    But, when push comes to shove, the liberals do not like talking facts and figures. They far prefer blaming George Bush.

    Comment by heliotrope — November 12, 2012 @ 12:27 pm - November 12, 2012

  41. Cute idea; but, some of us (now out of work for more than 2 years) will not survive the “long game.” Got it? We will not survive!

    Thanks for throwing me, and every other unemployed person, under the fucking bus!

    Comment by Charles — November 11, 2012 @ 11:19 pm – November 11, 2012

    I totally disagree, Charles.

    You will survive. You are willing to do what it takes.

    I know. I’ve been in your situation. Early 2000, all the way through 2001, I was not “employed” in any context of the word in a field for which I was actually qualified, etc.

    What I WAS doing was working. I worked three jobs — temp agency during the day, restaurant nights and days when I didn’t have a temp job, and DJ’ing on nights when I wasn’t at the restaurant. I got a cheaper car, moved into the smallest apartment I could find, and got very good at eating what was available.

    You’ve been doing that. And you will continue to do that.

    But do you think Obamaphone Lady will? Can you see that fat lying mooch doing anything when her EBT card stops working, or when her Section 8 check doesn’t arrive, or when her power is finally cut off?

    Or Levi. Can you see limousine-liberal whitey Levi doing anything other than shrieking online and then going to Heliotrope’s house to demand that Heliotrope feed him and his “wife” or Heliotrope is a bad Christian?

    This is the fundamental thing we must recognize. We are producers, they are looters and moochers. They can’t produce. They WON’T produce. If we stop feeding them, they starve.

    And this is how we stop feeding them.

    Yes, it is chemotherapy. Yes, it is going to involve causing pain to healthy cells to kill the cancerous ones. But unless we accept and deal with that pain, we can’t kill off the cancer.

    Comment by North Dallas Thirty — November 12, 2012 @ 12:46 pm - November 12, 2012

  42. NO North Dallas Thirty – you are wrong. You do NOT know, nor have you been in my situation. period!

    I have been to many temp agencies, nothing, nada, zippo. Got it? nothing!

    Being a middle aged white male is not helping. Will they hire me at the local supermarket to stock selves? nope, younger kids will do.

    Will they hire me for temp work? Nope, because I am over qualified.

    So, don’t patronize me by saying that you know my situation or that you have been in it. You don’t and you haven’t!

    And how dare Bruce suggest that we “sacrifice” for the long term “game.”

    As I’ve said, it is NOT a game. 2000-2001 Bush was in the White House and our government did not press down on the backs of business to stifle job creation – Obama is doing exactly that, so there are few jobs now (and hundreds applying for that one job opening) and with another 4 years of Obama there will be nothing but government and union jobs – nothing else. And as a white male I will not benefit from affirmative action.

    So, no I won’t “starve” But should I live in government housing, live off soup kitchen handouts just so you get to make a “political point”?


    Comment by Charles — November 12, 2012 @ 3:13 pm - November 12, 2012

  43. Someone has suggested that the GOP grant the Dems’ wish to increase taxes on the > $250K earners (supposedly, would bring in about $40 billion/year) provided that POTUS then offers a plan to address the remaining $1T+ annual deficit.

    The $40B is a spit in the wind… tell the libs to get serious.

    Comment by SoCalRobert — November 12, 2012 @ 6:21 pm - November 12, 2012

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