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Obama’s triumph of personality

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:45 pm - November 14, 2012.
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A blog posts and a Wall Street Journal op-ed remind us that last week’s election was as much a battle of personalities as it was one of ideas. Bookworm links (and builds upon) Abe Greenwald’s insight into “how conservatives misread the election outcome”:

Obama got reelected because he enjoys a degree of personal popularity disconnected from his record. No modern president has ever been returned to office with employment figures and right-track-wrong-track numbers as poor as those Obama has achieved. . . .

The president’s reelection is not evidence of a new liberal America, but rather of the illogical and confused experience that is infatuation. For multiple reasons, Americans continue to have a crush on Barack Obama even after his universally panned first term. No longer quite head over heels, they’re at the “I know he’s no good for me, but I can change him” phase.

Read both whole things.  Like Greenwald, Andrew Kohut also thinks we are misreading the election returns:

. . . most observers are overstating the gravity of the GOP’s problem. In particular, they are paying too little attention to how weak a candidate Mitt Romney was, and how much that hurt Republican prospects.

Here is what the exit poll found. Mr. Romney’s personal image took a hard hit during the primary campaign and remained weak on election day. Just 47% of exit-poll respondents viewed him favorably, compared with 53% for Mr. Obama. (more…)

Democrat Responsible for MF Global Collapse

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 5:36 pm - November 14, 2012.
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In its piece on the recent congressional investigation of former Democratic New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine, the folks at the Huffington Post once again fail to report the corrupt investor’s partisan affiliation:

MF Global’s collapse and the loss of an estimated $1.6 billion in customer money was triggered by former CEO Jon Corzine’s poor management decisions and lax protections for customer funds, a congressional investigation has determined.

Now, who was it the Obama administration called for economic advice?

Patronize restaurants liberals want to boycott

Something about last week’s debacle has strengthened my fighting spirit.  I quickly fired back after seeing this image on Facebook:

I just googled to find that there’s a Papa John’s not far from me. After our GayPatriot steak dinner next Monday (now scheduled for Sizzler, given that the CEO donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign).

Like the Democrats who voted for Obama’s intrusive, unpopular and poorly designed health care overhaul and tax increase, many liberals seem clueless about the cost of doing business.  They simply assume an enterprise can absorb the costs of their well-meaning legislation.

Well, the cost of health insurance has gone up since Democrats passed the bill; it’s far less affordable than it was before the so-called “Affordable Care Act” was passed.

In the past, Democrats thought that they could boycott a politically incorrect industry.  But, conservatives are now in a different mood than we once were.  Look what happened the last time they tried to boycott a food chain that didn’t toe their ideological line.

Just click here to find a Papa John’s near you.

UPDATE: Government Health Plan Will Cost Businesses an Extra $1.79 per Hour per Full-Time Employee

Nancy Pelosi’s Plan to Increase GOP House Majority in ’14

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:18 pm - November 14, 2012.
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The San Francisco Democrat announced today she’s staying on as House Democratic Leader.  Ed Morrissey thinks this “sounds like a pretty bad idea for a couple of reasons“:

First, the most likely successors to Pelosi will come from current leadership within the caucus, which isn’t exactly a youth movement.  Steny Hoyer has the inside track for Pelosi’s job, and he’s 73 years old, one year older than Pelosi herself.  Jim Clyburn might make a bid for the leader position and become the first African-American to chair a House party caucus, but he’s 72 years old.  John Larson, the caucus chairman, is a relative youngster at 64 years old.  None of these leaders will gain much more than pension benefits by waiting another two years.

Second, another two years gives Republicans another two years to make Pelosi the face of the party.  Every Democrat in a purple-to-red district who votes for another Pelosi term will end up having to defend that vote in the next midterm election.  Without Obama at the top of the ticket, the turnout in 2014 is going to look somewhat different than 2012, and some of those new freshmen coming into the House on a platform of change might not be able to explain why their first vote was to support a sclerotic and failed status quo within their own party.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.  Contrast the ages of the House Democratic leadership with that of the House Republicans.  Speaker John Boehner at 62, is the oldest, two years younger than the youngest Democrat in their leadership.  House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is 49.  House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy is just 47.

UPDATE:  Writing before Mrs. Pelosi decided to stay on for another term, Townhall’s Guy Benson offered that he’d “be amazed if she stays on as minority leader.  She’s unpopular and polarizing, and she’s presided over two consecutive unsuccessful cycles for House Democrats.”  Well, the unpopular and polarizing leader is staying on.

Watcher of Weasels Nominations– Ides of November 2012

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:00 pm - November 14, 2012.
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Council Submissions