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Gay marriage advocates followed strategy I recommended in states which voted on gay marriage this month

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:25 pm - November 20, 2012.
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I expect to have more to say about this later in the day, but have been quite busy.  Am just returning from a trip to Cincinnati to celebrate my twin nieces’ B’Not Mitzvah and am now preparing to head up to the Bay Area to celebrate Thanksgiving with my youngest nephews (and their parents).

I caught this in a BuzzFeed piece linked in HotAir‘s headlines.  Seems gay marriage advocates have followed my advice in making their pitch for state recognition of gay marriage in the states which voted on it earlier this month:

Among the key changes were a shift away from talk of “rights” to a focus on committed relationships; a decision to address “values” directly as being learned at home; and an attempt to give voters “permission” to change their minds, according to elements of the research shared with BuzzFeed.

I’ve long been saying advocates should focus on the meaning of the institution rather than the supposed “right” to state recognition.

Interesting that the research the various “marriage equality” groups conducted confirmed my points.

More anon.  I hope.