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OpinioNation — Tonight at 11PM Eastern

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:18 pm - November 28, 2012.
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Tune in tonight on the 405 Radio Network for the wild and crazy weekly dose of OpinioNation.


Our special guest tonight is Kurt Schlichter!! Trust me, it’s going to be a blast.

-Bruce (@GayPatriot)

GayPatriot LA Steak Dinner, MONDAY, December 10

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 2:28 pm - November 28, 2012.
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In honor of the Los Angeles City Council’s recent approval of a resolution “endorsing the ‘meatless Monday’ campaign and asking residents to make a personal pledge to ditch meat for one day a week”, our next steak dinner will take place on Monday, December 10.

Drop me a note to RSVP — and include the word “Steak” in the subject.

Jeb Bush gets what Mitt Romney missed
(about conservatism and “economic mobility”)

Readers of this blog know that I have long been a fan of Jeb Bush, having favored the accomplished former Florida Governor as my candidate for 2012 at least since November 2010.

And while it is still too early to start planning for 2016, when you google that good man’s name, look at what comes up:

Our reader Kyle alerted me to an article that shows that Jeb understands an aspect of modern American conservatism that Mitt Romney failed to articulate.  “Jeb Bush,” writes Mark Silva . . .

. . . the former Florida governor who based a political career on school reform, today called for a “restoration” of lost American values and economic mobility based on educational accountability.

With the gap between the impoverished and privileged in the U.S. widening, the solution lies in a regime of school and teacher evaluation, national standards and more “school choice” in alternatives such as charter schools, he said.

“We have these huge gaps in income,” Bush said at the start of a two-day Washington conference sponsored by his Foundation for Excellence in Education, “with people born into poverty who will stay in poverty.” He said: “This ideal of who we are as a nation — it’s going away, it’s leaving us,” adding: “There is one path that can change this course.”

Emphasis added.  Economic mobility, his belief that people born in poverty, reared in dependency, don’t have to stay in that condition and can rise about their circumstances.

It frustrated many Reagan-Kemp conservatives when, right after the Florida primary, Mitt Romney said because of the “safety net,” he wasn’t concerned about the very poor.

Reagan conservatives, however, have long been concerned about the poor because that safety net sometimes traps them in a cycle of dependency.   And we want to create the opportunities that will help them find the means to move up into a better economic situation. (more…)

Why intelligent liberals often fail to make strong arguments

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 4:26 am - November 28, 2012.
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In the thread yesterday to a college classmate’s Facebook post on supposed GOP voter suppression in Florida*, I made the case for voter identification laws.  When I provided evidence of voter fraud, including linking articles, he dismissed such notions as “claptrap,” with another classmate chiming in to tell me to ” Learn to actually think”.  Fascinating how educated liberals oftentimes refuse to acknowledge the facts conservatives present or to address the arguments we make.

And when we don’t agree with their arguments, they accuse us being narrow-minded — or not thinking.  Gee, wonder if he faults former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens for not thinking, given that that liberal jurist defended the constitutionality of voter ID laws in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board.

Almost at the same time that I was reading my classmates’ attempt to dismiss my arguments with quips, I caught an explanation for the behavior of this very bright men who attended a very good college on Instapundit:

I’ve always believed that academia’s liberal bias uniquely advantages conservatives and libertarians because it guarantees that such students do not grow up in an intellectual echo-chamber. Instead, they are challenged every day to communicate clearly, order their thoughts with care and sharpen their arguments.

What is sad is that so many of our liberal peers think they are making the better argument when they’re not making arguments at all.

They’re just so used to their liberal opinion being validated.


Watcher of Weasels Nominations — Dan’s Epic Edition

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 3:27 am - November 28, 2012.
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As I searched through my recent posts this week, as I had last week, in order to pick the best as this week’s nominee for the Watcher’s Council, I realized how little original posting I had done these past two weeks.

It reminded me that I have indeed spent less time blogging than I normally do. I address some of that in the post I did decide to submit, about the creative process, having chosen that one over my George Eliot birthday post.

That chapter of my “epic” is, for me, quite a big deal. The idea has been kicking around in my head at least since 2002; I recently uncovered a dated note from 2004 with ideas for the story. And the particular date on that note, 05/10/04, preceded my first blog post by approximately five months.

This story has been part of me longer than has this blog. Only this month, however, have I succeeded in producing a written version of* the tale that I can share with others.

Council Submissions