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Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:11 pm - December 6, 2012.
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I just wrapped up my first relaunched GayPatriot Report radio show on The 405 Radio Network.  It will be available as a podcast shortly and I’ll tweet out the link and post it here tomorrow AM.

My guests tonight were Sam Rosado and Brittney Morrett who have recently developed an action plan on how conservatives can reach out to the Hispanic community.

Samuel A. Rosado is a young attorney residing in New Jersey. He served as Executive Director of the Republican Hispanic Assembly of New Jersey in 2010, and has been a freelance contributor and writer on Hispanic issues and engagement for Politic365, The Daily Grito, and Misfit Politics. Follow him on twitter at @sarosado.

Brittney Morrett currently works promoting economic freedom to US Hispanic youth with a non-partisan, non-profit. In the past she has worked for the the Leadership Institute and the Center for a Free Cuba. She has spoken at events and universities across the country on youth and Hispanic outreach. Follower her on twitter at @bmorrett.

Sam and Brittany are great young Americans and passionate Hispanic conservatives who have an important call to action.  Please listen to the show when it is posted, but more importantly, please read their action plan: What Conservatives Are Doing Wrong With Hispanics, and How to Fix It

-Bruce (@GayPatriot)

New Jersey’s Chris Christie Backs Away from the Cliff

[S]hortly after a face-to-face meeting with President Obama at the White House to discuss Hurricane Sandy aid”, New Jersey Governor Chris Christievetoed legislation that would have established a state-run health care insurance exchange in New Jersey pursuant to the Obama Administration’s Affordable Care Act.”  (Bold in original.)

“Oh,” quips Hot Air’s Mary Katharine Ham, “the fall from Beltway media grace shall be sharp and swift for the country’s most popular Republican.”

Read the whole thing.

In calling for Romney to help out on “fiscal cliff” negotiations, is Dana Milbank acknowledging that Obama is not up to the task?

In a column which really must rank as one of the silliest on “fiscal cliff” negotiations, the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank calls on Mitt Romney to delay his retirement so he can help Republicans reach a compromise.

Milbank, like many liberal columnists based in the nation’s capital, seems to think that the problem is really controlling the “Republican backbenchers.”  He fails to acknowledge that the president has failed to compromise himself, not having specified significant cuts to the federal budget he’d accept as part of a deal (you know that “balanced” approach which he talked about on the campaign trail).

If Republicans need to compromise on taxes, shouldn’t Democrats compromise on spending?

Milbank does at least recognize that fiscal cliff negotiations have reached an impasse.  In calling on Romney to come in and help resolve things, he seem to have acknowledged that Obama has failed to forge a workable compromise.

Obama doesn’t want to avoid the “fiscal cliff”;
he wants to politicize it

Democrats and the media may be trying to make Grover Norquist a fall guy in the “fiscal cliff” negotiations, but at least that fan of small government gets what’s going on, telling Aaron Task of Yahoo! Finance:

I didn’t think this was case three weeks ago but do now think [President] Obama has decided to drive country over the fiscal cliff and blame the Republicans. . . . I spoke with people today — not are only there no [private] meetings going on, there are none planned . . . .

No meetings planned?  But, aren’t meetings one way opposing parties resolve their differences?  Well, the president for “the first time in days” did talk with Boehner by phone.  And Republican leaders do want to sit down with the president to talk specifics, but no meeting appears forthcoming.

If President Obama and Democrats really wanted to get something done, he would be working on an offer to counter that Speaker Boehner put forward instead of criticizing and taunting Republicans in public fora.

But, I would wager the Democrats will present no counteroffer this week.

And with Obama’s apparent unwillingness to meet with Republicans to work out a compromise, it’s not just Grover Norquist who thinks Obama is trying to blame the GOP.   Even an AP reporter gets the president’s game:  “Presidential aides have even encouraged speculation that Obama is willing to let the economy go over the ‘fiscal cliff’ if necessary and gamble that the public blames Republicans for any fallout.”*

LIke Charles Krauthammer said, the president’s stance on these negotiations is all about playing politics and not about governing the country.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

* (more…)