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Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:11 pm - December 6, 2012.
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I just wrapped up my first relaunched GayPatriot Report radio show on The 405 Radio Network.  It will be available as a podcast shortly and I’ll tweet out the link and post it here tomorrow AM.

My guests tonight were Sam Rosado and Brittney Morrett who have recently developed an action plan on how conservatives can reach out to the Hispanic community.

Samuel A. Rosado is a young attorney residing in New Jersey. He served as Executive Director of the Republican Hispanic Assembly of New Jersey in 2010, and has been a freelance contributor and writer on Hispanic issues and engagement for Politic365, The Daily Grito, and Misfit Politics. Follow him on twitter at @sarosado.

Brittney Morrett currently works promoting economic freedom to US Hispanic youth with a non-partisan, non-profit. In the past she has worked for the the Leadership Institute and the Center for a Free Cuba. She has spoken at events and universities across the country on youth and Hispanic outreach. Follower her on twitter at @bmorrett.

Sam and Brittany are great young Americans and passionate Hispanic conservatives who have an important call to action.  Please listen to the show when it is posted, but more importantly, please read their action plan: What Conservatives Are Doing Wrong With Hispanics, and How to Fix It

-Bruce (@GayPatriot)


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  1. An excellent plan as a starter. I would imagine that they are islander or carribean hispanics (PR; dominican, cuban) as opposed to continental hispanics. When I was on the LA Republican County Central Committee and the talked about attracting hispanics, it was family values makes the Republican Party a natural fit. One size does not fit all. I was glad to hear Senator Marco Rubio say the other night that latinos are not a monolithic community. You have to know who you are talking to. Mexicans, who migrated here have been traditionally Democrats because they had been nurtured on the socialism by the PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institucional). For them, the tortilla subsidy, universal health care are the things that trump family values. I was so hopeful that when Vicente Fox of the right wing PAN (Partido Accion Nacional) won in 2001. What was the first thing he said to George W. Bush, on his visit to the White House? I´m going to send you more of our poor. This is not what I expected from the right. I would have thought that he would have asked President Bush to send him economist to expand businesses and make his country prosperous so that so many would want to cross the border. Central Americans had to endure civil wars, (El Salvador with the help of Jimmy Carter) in which communists either tried or overturned governments that were anticommunist. Anticommunist immigrants who became U.S. citizens tend to the Republican Party while communists go with the Democrats. Mara Salvatrucha was founded by communist youth and sons of the communists sympathizers who migrated because they didn´t believe the guerillas could win the war. South Americans come for various reason, mostly opportunity to prosper. Chile is the most prosperous country in South America having its economy based on principles learned from Milton Friedman, at the University of Chicago.

    Comment by Roberto — December 7, 2012 @ 11:36 am - December 7, 2012

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