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Obama’s remarks in Michigan & his partisan nature

The decision that President Obama, the head of the federal government, made yesterday to wade into the politics in one state seemed a defining one.

Instead of being the postpartisan political healer he claimed to be in the 2008 election, he seems to feel that he just has to interject himself into contentious political issues, not as the mediator, but as the combatant.

He seems more interested in playing partisan politics than in working with the opposing party to effect a consensus.

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ALSO SORT OF RELATED: Protesters to march on Michigan capitol over “right-to-work” vote  (Note how Yahoo!’s editors put right-to-work in quotation marks.  Did they ever so reference the “Affordable Care Act”?

UPDATE: How civil:  Democrats threaten violence on Michigan House floor.  The article includes this interesting factoid, “Michigan has both the highest unionization and unemployment rates in the Midwest.”

ADDENDUM:  I had meant this to be a longer post, addressing the frustration we Republicans feel in the wake of Obama’s victory that we’ll be subject to four more years of his divisive rhetoric, but by the time I got to this post, I had little energy to write.  I have been working a great deal on my fantasy epic and have now completed (and am busy editing) the second chapter of the epic and finding myself scribbling notes for the third chapter. (more…)

Why do more Americans put Mitt Romney on the “nice” list*?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 3:47 am - December 11, 2012.
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Are they having second thoughts about the election? According “to a lighthearted new survey released Monday by Public Policy Polling (PPP)“:

More Americans put Romney than Obama on Kris Kringle’s “nice” list: 63 percent said the former Massachusetts governor would get presents, versus just 51 percent for the president, PPP found.

Mr. Obama won just under 51% of the vote last month.

Assuming all those who voted for Mr. Romney put him on the “nice” list, then over one-quarter of those who voted for Mr. Obama also would put the Republican on the list.

* (more…)

And they accuse Republicans of being unwilling to compromise

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 2:37 am - December 11, 2012.
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Obama Fiscal Cliff Speech: I ‘Won’t Compromise’ On Taxes