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Larry Elder’s message to the GOP:
Explain how Democratic policies hurt the poor

Kudos to the folks at Yahoo! for linking this article, Larry Elder to the GOP: ‘Stop talking to blacks like they are children’, on their home page, though, I daresay, their intention was not to promote the GOP but to critique Republican for patronizing African-Americans.

The Sage of South Central reminds Republicans that although “Democrats have convinced blacks otherwise [,] Racism is no longer a major issue in this country.”  Elder, my favorite talk show host when I listened regularly to the radio, has just published a new book, Dear Father, Dear Son: Two Lives… Eight Hours, contends “that the greatest threat to the black community is . . . the scourge of absentee fathers.

Republicans, he argues,

. . . need to explain how the welfare state has undermined the formation of traditional two-parent families. . . that the Democratic Party’s allegiance to teachers unions means urban parents are forced to send their children to schools the parents don’t like; that policies like minimum wage hikes destroy jobs for the unskilled; and admitting students under ‘race-based preferences’ means a higher drop-out rate for the ‘affirmative action student’; that raising taxes on the rich threatens the prosperity of all.

Would it that Mitt Romney, like his running mate Paul Ryan, were better able to articulate those arguments.  Had he fully understood them, he would never have said that he wasn’t concerned about the very poor for he would have known how the safety net often destroys families and undermines the social fabric.

And had Romney known, what Larry Elder knows, how the welfare state hurts those who depend upon it for their well-being, he would have been able to articulate how conservative reforms help not just the rich, but also the very poor — and everyone in between.

Kudos to Larry Elder for speaking out so forcefully.  We could use more voices like his in the GOP.  Just added his book to my amazon wish list.