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How a headache puts things into perspective

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 3:18 am - January 14, 2013.
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In the wee hours of Sunday morning, I woke with a throbbing headache.  I could not fall back asleep until I had taken a long, warm shower  — and a dose of Advil.

A few hours later, with the sun peeking through cracks in my blinds, my head still ached, but I managed to get out of bed, throw on a few clothes and make some coffee.  And take another Advil.

I lamented the pain, fearing it would prevent me from enjoying a quiet Sunday which I had hoped to devote to reading and writing.  Perhaps due to the Advil, perhaps the coffee, perhaps just the cycle of this particular ailment, the pain began to ease; I was able to enjoy my reading and accomplish the writing goals I had established (and then some).

When I did turn to my reading, I had a rather pleasant sensation which grew even as the headache, though much diminished, still lingered.  Perhaps because I had feared that I would not be able to read today as I had hoped, I appreciated all the more the opportunity I had to read a good book at my desk by an a big window open to a sunny day.

Something to keep in mind when we face unexpected obstacles to our enjoyment — and our obligations.


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  1. Nice perspective!

    Comment by Kalisa — January 14, 2013 @ 3:42 pm - January 14, 2013

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