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Tonight I’m live from our nation’s capital… and I have two great guests.  The GayPatriot Report will air at 9PM Eastern on The 405 Radio Network.

For the first half-hour — author, humorist and political commentator Evan Sayet will discuss his new book, KinderGarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks (Vol. 1).

Feel free to call in and we will take your questions at 877-297-8022.

In our second segment, I interview Olly Neville, libertarian political activist and former chair of the Youth Independence wing of the UKIP political party in the United Kingdom.  We talk UK politics, gay marriage and his recent run-in with UKIP party leadership which led to his removal as chair.  It is a great interview, so please listen in.

Join me at 9PM!

-Bruce (@GayPatriot)

Why always empower the State?

Liberals feel free to psychoanalyze conservatives. Turnabout is fair play. Especially when liberals advocate something which is plainly irrational, like disarming law-abiding citizens because of the crimes of criminals.

Thanks to HotAir’s Green Room, I just came across this clip from psychiatrist Keith Ablow. Regarding Obama’s irrational push to take certain arms from the law-abiding, Ablow’s theory is:

…that “the autonomy of others did [Obama] no favors as a kid, when he was abandoned again and again by people who were — quote, unquote — ‘responsible’ and supposed to do the right thing like parents. So his belief is: ‘You know what? What good is individual autonomy in decision making? What good did it do me? The collective is what needs to be empowered, and all the better if I am the center of that collective and the most powerful person in it.’”

“His solution runs psychologically in the direction of disempowering the individual every single time,” Ablow said…

Do you find Ablow’s theory plausible, or an overreach? (Or perhaps incomplete?)

UPDATE: Piers Morgan is apparently insecure enough that he can’t let two pro-gun ladies complete their sentences after he has invited them on his show.

Watcher of Weasels — 01.24.13 Edition

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