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Occupy Washington!

A few days ago, Kurt posted on this speech by Daniel Hannan. I agree that it’s brilliant, in how much it packs into a short space.

Kurt’s angle was, Who are our Hannans? But I would like to get into the substance of what Hannan said.

You may disagree, but I find that any of Hannan’s major points (summarized below) could be expanded into a worthy discussion.

  • The 2008-9 bailouts, and the money-printing which continues today (another form of bailout), are an ethical crime. In effect, they transfer wealth from the poor and middle class to the largest banks.
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Why so much anger on the left?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:31 pm - January 28, 2013.
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Perhaps, it’s that I have not spent as much time as I normally do reading blogs and considering political posts on Facebook, but when I have done, I have seen a lot of anger — on both side of the political aisle.

What strikes me, however, is not the anger on the right — for that has cooled considerably since the debacle, but that on the left, all too many still fuming against Republicans, few showing any confidence in Obama’s agenda.  They talk more about GOP obstruction than they do about Democratic policies.  (As if they take for granted that Republicans will obstruct anything merely because Democrats propose it.)

Maybe it’s just my imagination, but save for talk about increased firearms regulation, I’m not seeing Democrats and other Obama allies talking much about their agenda.

And I see a lot of Facebook posts not just attacking Republican ideas, but also conservative individuals.

Just an observation.

North Carolina Suffering High Unemployment & High UI Tax Burden

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 4:41 pm - January 28, 2013.
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My latest post is up at Watchdog Wire – North Carolina.


Business owners in the state of North Carolina have been increasingly feeling the crush of the cost of unemployment taxes following the economic collapse in 2008.

Small businesses have been especially hard hit in keeping up with this tax burden as the rolls of the unemployed have swelled to record numbers.

Hopefully for the Schulz’s and other employers in the Tarheel State, the General Assembly is poised to take quick action.

Read the whole thing!

-Bruce (@GayPatriot)