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North Carolina Suffering High Unemployment & High UI Tax Burden

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 4:41 pm - January 28, 2013.
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My latest post is up at Watchdog Wire – North Carolina.


Business owners in the state of North Carolina have been increasingly feeling the crush of the cost of unemployment taxes following the economic collapse in 2008.

Small businesses have been especially hard hit in keeping up with this tax burden as the rolls of the unemployed have swelled to record numbers.

Hopefully for the Schulz’s and other employers in the Tarheel State, the General Assembly is poised to take quick action.

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-Bruce (@GayPatriot)


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  1. I’m really getting tired of reading stories that are creating the idea that “Main St” was doing just hunky dory until 2008 came along. The truth of the matter is “Main St” has been taking it on the chin since the early nineties. The last straw for many, Obama care, is coming into play now and it’s going to be the death nail for many on “Main St”.

    Comment by Richard Bell — January 28, 2013 @ 10:27 pm - January 28, 2013

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