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The GayPatriot Report is LIVE – Tonight at 9PM Eastern

Two very special guests join me on The GayPatriot Report this evening. First at 9PM Eastern, the author of “Bullies” – Ben Shapiro.  Ben and I will discuss the book as well as Ben’s run-in with Piers Morgan and how to combat the cadre of leftist bullies dominating the airwaves these days.

At 9:30PM, I will be joined by Zeke Stokes, Communications Director for OutServe/Servicemembers Legal Defense Network.

OS-SLDN supports, defends and empowers LGBT service members, veterans and their families. Our mission is to strengthen military culture by securing equal opportunity, equal protection and equal benefits, without threat of harassment or discrimination, for LGBT service members and veterans.

Zeke and I will discuss the nomination of Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary and how gays in the military are reacting, given Hagel’s past.

It should be a great show!  Please tune in at The 405 Radio Network and feel free to call in: 877-297-8022.

Or listen live right here!


-Bruce (@GayPatriot)

Watcher of Weasels–last nominations of Jan. 2013

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 7:50 pm - January 31, 2013.
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Council Submissions

NC: Are Virtual Charter Schools The Next Advance In Education Reform?

My new piece is up at Watchdog Wire, North Carolina.  After all, it is School Choice Week!

-Bruce (@GayPatriot)

Profiling mass shooters

Posted by Jeff (ILoveCapitalism) at 12:25 pm - January 31, 2013.
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Via Andy at Ace and Wired, comes this report from DHS (New Jersey branch) on the commonalities of mass shooters. A few key ones:

  • Male between the ages of 17 and 48. (Fits with Dan’s earlier post.)
  • Usually no prior military service. (Goes against a stereotype favored by some on the Left, of the rampaging psycho ex-soldier.)
  • Usually acts alone. (Columbine was an exception.)
  • Usually uses a semi-automatic handgun. (So, the banning of so-called “assault rifles” would accomplish… ?)
  • Usually “no pattern or method to the selection of victims.”
  • But, nearly half of the shootings (13 of 29) were at a workplace and done by an employee or ex-employee. Warning signs would be a sudden increase in the employee’s: absenteeism, drug/alcohol use, poor hygiene, depression, withdrawal, resistance to change, mood swings, angry outbursts, suicidal comments, comments about “putting things in order”, comments about problems at home, comments empathizing with previous mass shooters and other criminals.

The shooters include whites and non-whites (I did not see any obvious racial pattern).

The report states that “Most of the active shooters took their own lives or were shot by responding police officers.” But it also indicates that it takes 10-15 minutes, typically, for police to get there; during which time people are sitting ducks.

The report is not useful for drawing conclusions about the role of armed civilians. First, it looks at only “the 29 deadliest” of mass shootings in recent years. Almost by definition, those would be the ones where an armed civilian did not quickly stop the shooter. (The ones where an armed civilian did, would tend to have lower casualty counts.) Second, the report simply does not discuss the role of armed civilians, one way or the other. Whereas we know that, in at least a few shootings, armed civilians slowed the shooter, or occasioned his thinking “game over” and taking his own life.