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Why Don’t Bush-Haters LOVE! Rand Paul?

Perhaps like me, you’re enjoying this great new TV show I just found on C-SPAN2 called Mr. Paul Goes to Washington where my favorite Senator is currently filibustering President Obama’s nominee to head the CIA, John Brennan. As I write this, he’s currently about to ring in his sixth hour. The goal of Senator Paul’s soliloquy is, as he has stated several times since I’ve been watching, simply to elicit one thing: A straight-forward answer to the question, (to paraphrase) ‘Does the president believe he has the legal authority to execute through drone strike non-combatant citizens on American soil?’

Brings up a very interesting point: For eight solid years, we heard screeching and gnashing of teeth from the Left about how George W. Bush wants to kill us all and eat our babies and of course shred the Constitution through wars based on lies and the horrible PATRIOT Act. But in the end, who is it who’s actually standing up for these ideals? Well, so far I’ve seen Senator Paul in exchanges with Senators Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Pat Toomey. Odd, don’t you think, that it’d be these ‘Tea Party right-winger knuckle-draggers’ who are actually doing the work that the Bush-haters allegedly wanted done while the leaders of their nominative party are lining up with their president in his expansion of Bush’s ‘unitary executive’ policies?

Clearly it’d be expecting waaay too much for the addlepated adherents to the Bush-is-Satan school of political thought to recognize the irony of the situation, let alone find that realization a great opportunity for self-reflection. Sad, that.

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from HHQ)

NB: I had originally written the paraphrase of Sen Paul’s question as “power” to execute. Clearly that’s within the president’s power, but I’ve clarified (I hope) by changing my original post to read “legal authority”, which I think is likely more to his point.

Police Nationwide Say “You’re On Your Own”

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 5:44 pm - March 6, 2013.
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Help Bloggers Get to CPAC!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 5:42 pm - March 6, 2013.
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FYI.  Bloggers of all shapes & stripes welcome.  In case you were wondering…


WASHINGTON, DC — National Bloggers Club to Fund Scholarships for Citizen-Journalists

The National Bloggers Club, Inc. (NBC), announced a plan today to help bloggers get to this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) with a scholarship program funded by crowd sourced donations. The NBC plans to send at least four citizen-journalists to CPAC 2013 next month.

The NBC is working closely with the organizer of CPAC, The American Conservative Union, to ensure that recipients of the scholarships receive appropriate press credentials. Those who receive scholarships will be helping the NBC throughout the event by providing tools, pictures, and other resources to the hundreds of Club members who are set to attend.

Bruce Carroll, a board member at the NBC and a blogger at, had this to say about the scholarship initiative:

“The National Bloggers Club is honored to launch this initiative to help some of our own attend CPAC -and BlogBash this year. Our goal through this effort is to raise $4,500 to make sure that our scholarship recipients have the resources they need to accurately and efficiently report from CPAC. As bloggers, we have a duty to help each other out and this is part of that continuing mission.”

For most bloggers, their reporting is an add-on to their regular jobs and schedules, making it difficult for many bloggers who support a family or have full-time jobs to attend CPAC. The National Bloggers Club established this scholarship fund knowing both the conference and the political blogging world will benefit from the presence of additional citizen-journalists.

Speaking of these citizen-journalists who plan to attend CPAC, the co-host of BlogBash and Houston based blogger Melissa Clouthier says:

“These folks are the tip of the activist spear and the best weapon against a biased and lapdog media.”

If you’re looking for more information or to make a donation to the CPAC 2013 Citizen-Journalist scholarship fund, please visit Also, if you’re a blogger looking to offset the cost of your trip or to be matched with roommates, you can contact the National Bloggers Club.


CPAC is the largest annual gathering of conservative candidates, activists, and supporters in the United States. CPAC 2013 is set to be held at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland – just a short trip outside of Washington, DC – from March 14th-16th.

A start on fixing the economy

Posted by Jeff (ILoveCapitalism) at 3:03 pm - March 6, 2013.
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Good article from Michael Boskin. Since it mostly speaks for itself (and since I’ve pounded the table on some of these ideas before), I’ll just quote a few highlights.

President Obama’s most recent prescription for economic growth—more government stimulus spending, new social programs, higher taxes on upper-income earners, subsidies for some industries and increased regulation for all of them—is likely to have the same anemic results as in his first administration…

Standard Keynesian models that claim a quick boost from higher government spending show the effect quickly turns negative. So the spending needs to be repeated over and over, like a drug, to keep this hypothetical positive effect going. Japan tried that to little effect, starting in the 1990s. It now has [ultra-high] debt-to-GDP…

Since World War II, OECD countries that stabilized their budgets without recession averaged $5-$6 of actual spending cuts per dollar of tax hikes…In a paper last year…Stanford’s John Cogan and John Taylor…show that a reduction in federal spending over several years amounting to 3% of GDPbringing noninterest spending down to pre-financial-crisis levels——will increase short-term GDP.

Why? Because expectations of lower future taxes and debt, and therefore higher incomes, increase private spending…

An economically “balanced” deficit-reduction program today would mean $5 of actual, not hypothetical, spending cuts per dollar of tax hikes

…the demand by Mr. Obama and Senate Democrats that any dollar of spending cuts in budget agreements this spring (to fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year and when the debt limit again approaches) be matched by an additional dollar of tax hikes is economically unbalanced in the extreme…

Emphases added. Read the whole thing. Boskin backs his claims with examples, which I’ve omitted, to give you a reason to go there.

I’ve titled this “A start on fixing the economy” because we need additional steps to reduce government’s crushing, depressing burden on the economy. Spending cuts alone will not be enough. Repealing Obamacare would also help a lot, as would some other sort of measures to make clear to people that the Obama administration’s nonstop, unpredictable interference in business is over.

Smart Phones and Rude People

I saw this article on Yahoo Monday about a TED talk Sergey Brin gave last week, where he discussed the ways that he finds his smart phone “emasculating.”  I don’t have a strong opinion on that topic, but it’s also partly because I don’t have a smart phone.  I’m not really a luddite as much as I am true to the Swiss, German and Scottish parts of my ancestry in my frugality and my reluctance to adopt the latest fads, especially when those fads come with a monthly fee I’d rather not have to pay.

I only have a rather primitive cell phone, and I rarely use it very often.   I remember back around 2000 watching the Oprah show one day when Oprah confessed she didn’t have a cell phone, and she couldn’t understand why people needed to be available that way at all times and in all places.  While I’m sure Oprah has relented and gotten not just a cell phone but a smart phone by now, I still remember her remark in resisting that particular technology.

But while I might not have a smart phone, most of the other folks I know or encounter have one.  And that brings me around to my topic of the moment.  I’m less worried about whether or not smart phones are “emasculating” than I am about their tendency to make people more self-absorbed, oblivious, and frankly rude.

I’m appalled at work when I see people checking their smartphones during meetings, but I see it all the time.  And then there is the matter of the folks who text (or play “Angry Birds”) while walking or crossing the street or, worse, while driving.

My particular gripe at the moment is something that I see more and more frequently when I fly these days, and that is people who flout the rule against using their cell phones during flight.  Maybe it is an unnecessary rule, but it is still a rule, and ostensibly a rule put in place for everyone’s safety.  Nevertheless, I’ve witnessed people within my line of sight who don’t turn off their phones when instructed, or who furtively turn them on in mid-flight to start texting or checking e-mails (and I’m not talking about a flight with wi-fi), or who hide them away only to have them ring during flight.   On one of my most recent flights, a phone rang and a guy took the call and started talking as we were going into the final descent before landing.   I’m not a frequent flyer, so if I’ve witnessed all of these things, I can’t be the only one.

Maybe I’m just being a grouch, but it seems to me that the advances in communications technology have desensitized many people (and not just the Alec Baldwins of the world) to the demands of common courtesy and common sense.