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The Decision: No Senate Run

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:57 pm - March 27, 2013.
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If you don’t want to listen to the entire show (see post below), I’ll cut to the chase — I have decided not to run for United States Senate in 2014.

I mostly spoke about my life and background as well as the process of due diligence that I undertook to see what it would take to run a campaign.  The support I received from the conservative grassroots was nothing short of amazing.  I will never forget the organic excitement that my musing created.  God works in mysterious ways, folks.  I’ve seen it.

The bottom line is that my partner John and I made a mutual decision that we didn’t want our entire lives invaded in a way that we couldn’t control.  On the show tonight, I discuss the fact that a gay leftist activist harassed me at my place of private employment in 2005 shortly after this blog was born.  My job was in jeopardy for a while then and other people at my company of employment were threatened.

The magnitude of those type of attacks would only have increased exponentially had I chosen to move into a role seeking public office.  The Gay Left concerns me the most; I’ve witnessed good people’s lives and families destroyed over public policy differences. They are beyond the pale.

However, my team had planned to run a guerilla-style campaign that would have upset others as well — those who have made a career and money in politics in South Carolina.  I wanted to run as a “citizen-legislator” but the system is not made for that anymore.

Finally, the week after CPAC, I noticed this unmarked van casing our house for over two hours.  We tried to confront them, but they drove away. I have no idea who it was or what their intent was, but it got me thinking more seriously.


When all is said and done, all I have in my life is my privacy, integrity, family and property.  I am just not strong enough of a person to put all that on the line for a high-risk gamble against a sitting United States Senator.

I hold out hope that someone else in my state is braver than I am.

-Bruce (@GayPatriot)


Hello good folks.  My apologies for not blogging here since CPAC.  As mentioned on this blog, I have been seriously considering running for United States Senate in 2014 from the state of South Carolina.

Tonight, I will discuss my decision on a special edition of The GayPatriot Report at 9PM Eastern on The 405 Radio Network.


I may write a blog post for tomorrow, but I wanted to make the announcement in my actual voice tonight.

Feel free to call in after about 9:20PM!  877-297-8022.  Happy to take calls and discuss my decision.

Also… I plan to talk about this breaking news item.  And laugh out loud.

-Bruce Carroll (@GayPatriot)

Our pathetic debate on gay marriage

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:18 pm - March 27, 2013.
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A post (and the ensuing comment thread) my friend David Boaz linked today on Facebook reminded me why I have been so reluctant in recent days to re-enter the gay marriage fray.

For many years, particularly when I was in college and law school and working in Washington, D.C.’s public policy sector, I read widely about a great variety of issues, including social issues like marriage and child-rearing.  Conservative organizations presented much solid research on the social benefits of traditional marriage and the damaging effects of divorce.

I had always wondered why so few advocates of gay marriage looked at that research on traditional marriage in order to suggest that it could be applied to same-sex unions as well.  I am only aware of one group which has done so and blogged about it here.

In the current debate, instead of acknowledging the social conservatives’ broader point, all too many advocates merely repeat their slogans about “fairness” and “equality” while badmouthing anyone who would dare disagree with them, calling them “haters” –even going so far as to label hateful those who, like James Taranto, believe the Supreme Court should uphold “Proposition 8 and leave . . . the matter for the states to decide.

And whereas the gay left have engaged in name-calling (if you don’t believe me, just check your Facebook feed), the social conservative opponents of gay marriage have been little better.  Which brings me to David’s link, leading to his own post where he takes aim at “Jim DeMint, former senator and future president of the Heritage Foundation” for attempting in a USA Today op-ed to link “family breakdown” and “welfare spending” to state recognition of gay marriage.

Yes, there is considerable evidence that welfare spending undermines the family unit  — and is bad for children.  And there is also considerable evidence that divorce is bad for children.  But, Mr. DeMint, like many social conservatives making similar arguments, fails to show how state recognition of gay marriage is bad for children.  Or for society.  The former Senator, as David puts it, just makes his case “with a sleight of hand.” (more…)