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IRS Delays Reporting Tea Party Snooping Until After Presidential Election

Some news reports just speak for themselves.

In the Weekly Standard today, Daniel Halper writes:

NBC’s Lisa Myers reported this morning that the IRS deliberately chose not to reveal that it had wrongly targeted conservative groups until after the 2012 presidential election . . .

The IRS commissioner “has known for at least a year that this was going on,” said Myers, “and that this had happened. And did he share any of that information with the White House? But even more importantly, Congress is going to ask him, why did you mislead us for an entire year? Members of Congress were saying conservatives are being targeted. What’s going on here? The IRS denied it. Then when — after these officials are briefed by the IG that this is going on, they don’t disclose it. In fact, the commissioner sent a letter to Congress in September on this subject and did not reveal this. Imagine if we — if you can — what would have happened if this fact came out in September 2012, in the middle of a presidential election? The terrain would have looked very different.”

Via Ace. Barack Obama’s much vaunted commitment to transparency notwithstanding, that Democrat is more interested in winning elections than in opening the books on his administration.

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Why did the IRS keep the scandal quiet until after the election?



  1. Politics above their actual duty to the American people. Great. And the person who was in charge of these people from 2009-2012 is now in charge of the IRS’s Obamacare division. She also received over $100K in bonuses during that period while making a salary of over $170K. Nothing could possibly go wrong with Obamacare with her in charge!

    Comment by Texann — May 17, 2013 @ 1:48 pm - May 17, 2013

  2. Gee, after the way the IRS abused its power, maybe we should think twice about empowering the Government to run Universal Background Checks on gun owners.

    Comment by V the K — May 17, 2013 @ 4:06 pm - May 17, 2013

  3. Did you hear what little Chrissy Matthews said about some conservatives? We want an asterisk after Obama’s name because he is black. And other silly stuff. I’d like to put an asterisk by Chrissie’s name.

    It would go like this:

    Chris Matthews*

    *Senile left wing guy who needs to retire

    Comment by davinci — May 17, 2013 @ 7:23 pm - May 17, 2013

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