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Let’s Help The Dogs of Oklahoma City!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 5:35 pm - May 21, 2013.
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As we have all seen following a destructive natural disaster, victims’ pets are also impacted.  Whether the pets have lost owners, or vice versa… my heart always goes out to pet owners after a disaster like Katrina, Sandy or the tornados in Oklahoma City the past two days.

Sometimes God answers a pet owner’s prayers…

But for those in the affected region  who aren’t as blessed, please help reunite pets with their owners and help take care of the four-legged friends that are displaced.

The American Kennel Club has an ongoing disaster relief program.  This is one of a number of ways you can help out.  Please donate!

Clint Eastwood Vindicated!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 3:44 pm - May 21, 2013.
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Tom Coburn: My Hero

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 1:00 pm - May 21, 2013.
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In today’s Washington Examiner, Philip Klein reports that even as “residents of his home state recover from the devastating tornado”,

Sen. Tom Coburn deserves credit for sticking with his position that all emergency aid spending should be offset.

“He’s always had the same position since the Oklahoma City bombing,” Coburn spokesman John Hart wrote in an email. “We should offset disaster aid by sacrificing less vital areas of the budget.”

Coburn, Klein reminds us, has, in the past, insisted that northeastern disaster relief should be offset by spending cuts elsewhere.

But by remaining consistent even when his own state has been at the receiving end of a brutal storm, Coburn gives more credibility to the limited government position.

Kudos, Senator. Would be nice if more elected officials followed your lead, reminding us that federal funds are limited and the government should prioritize its spending.

Just as do most Americans.

More Obama scandal news

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the tornado victims in Oklahoma. Click here for some ways we can all help them.

Turning to Obama scandal news, there is lots of it:

In the comments, please remember: If another’s argument is ludicrous, there is no need to engage in personal attacks; just tear it apart point by point.

UPDATE: Via HotAir, here is 2008 video of candidate Obama saying, in essence, that a sitting administration must not prosecute or spy on reporters and critics:
YouTube Preview Image
That it’s ironic, is clear. Obama was, after all, speaking to the AP and (among his other lies) painted the Bush administration as intolerant of dissenters.

But what I really love about the clip is how Obama looks down his nose, as he speaks. It’s that note of contempt which his white liberal admirers fell for, going “Ooh, he’s so smaaarrt! He has deep integrity and wisdom!” I saw through Obama’s act from the beginning.

No Bush warrant for e-mail correspondence of NYTimes reporters

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 3:47 am - May 21, 2013.
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At Powerline, John Hinderaker explores whether the Obama White House was justified in obtaining “access to Fox News reporter James Rosen’s email account“. That lawyer notes that Republican politicians and conservative pundits sought to prosecute the New York Times (for, as John puts it, “publishing leaked information about Bush’s anti-terror strategies”) under the same statute the Obama team used to snoop on Rosen. At the conclusion of his post, Hinderaker concedes that he is “not enough of a criminal lawyer to have an opinion on whether the warrant should have been issued on this weak showing. ”

Just read the whole thing for his thorough analysis.

Interesting that although the Rosen piece which spurred their investigation was published nearly four full years ago (on June 11, 2009), the Department of Justice has yet to bring charges against Rosen. (Would be interesting to find out how long it took for the Justice Department to inform the FoxNews reporter about their investigation.)

Another thing to consider (as per my previous post) is that despite the claims many of the immediate past president’s critics made about that good man, his administration did not snoop around in the private affairs of its ideological adversaries 0r adversary journalists.  Despite serious concerns that New York Times reporting compromised administration efforts to keep us safe, the Bush team did not attempt to obtain the e-mails of that paper’s reporters.

Did W (or his minions) ask what books his political adversaries were reading?

Just caught this at Ace: “To Ask the Question Is To Answer It“:

Charles C. W. Cooke wonders why those who freaked out about the PATRIOT Act and how it might lead to people’s library records being seized aren’t so concerned about the IRS asking conservative groups to hand over their Facebook posts and a list of books they were reading. Or for records of conversations they had or their positions on issues. Shouldn’t the ACLU be as up in arms about the IRS’s intrusion into people’s privacy as they were about Homeland Security looking at suspected terrorist’s use of library computers?

Did the immediate past president — or his henchmen — ever demand that his political adversaries, in order to receive a benefit from the government, reveal the content of their prayers or the names of their members?