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Blue-on-blue conflict, courtesy of Obamacare

From Breitbart, the Longshoremen quit the AFL-CIO:

In an August 29 letter to AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, ILWU President Robert McEllrath cited quite a list of grievances as reasons for the dissolution of their affiliation, but prominent among them was the AFL-CIO’s support of Obamare.

“We feel the Federation has done a great disservice to the labor movement and all working people by going along to get along,” McEllrath wrote in the letter to Trumka.

But don’t get your hopes up, because the ILWU follows NO consistent principle here:

The ILWU President made it clear they are for a single-payer, nationalized healthcare policy and are upset with the AFL-CIO for going along with Obama on the confiscatory tax on their “Cadillac” healthcare plan.



  1. Do they think they’re going to be taxed less with single payer?

    Comment by Annie — September 4, 2013 @ 1:16 am - September 4, 2013

  2. I know unions and the longshoreman union want single payer. They fail to see that single payer would likely kill the union.

    One of the few things unions do is bargain for Cadillac health plans. With labor laws what they are there is very little need for union negotiations there-a move to single payer would make most union members wonder what they are paying for (and then if they do the research they will realize they are paying dues so the union leaders can draw massive salaries).

    I think it is kind of fun though to watch the unions flounder and if Obama grants the unions some kind of waiver I hope the poor people who aren’t in unions sue for unfair taxation (since Obamacare is a tax and exempting unions would tax unions differently than non union members).

    Comment by Just Me — September 4, 2013 @ 9:00 am - September 4, 2013

  3. In N.O. they have Charity Hospital … it’s where all those without insurance or money go and it is state run … poorly, very poorly, as anyone who ever dealt with them knows.
    They do pretty good if you are a serious case (catastrophic accidents) and you can occasionally get fast service for minor cases (but you need to show up in handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit) but I sat behind a lady who was eating nitro pills like tic tacs and finally got seen some 10 hourse after check in. I was with a girlfriend who was a ward of the state and suffering tonsillitis … she took 16 hours to get looked at.
    Those all for single payer see how the good hospitals work and somehow think this gov’t run abomination of healthcare will somehow turn into the good places and not the other way around … and yet they are the loudest to comlain about how badly gov’t run things tend to be …’sept healthcare, it will certainly be better… really, they think like this.

    Comment by JP Kalishek — September 4, 2013 @ 10:31 am - September 4, 2013

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