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Humankind: Children of God or Hybrid Pig-Chimps?

Posted by V the K at 12:29 pm - November 30, 2013.
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It’s been a great couple of weeks for Iran. First, Obama lifts sanctions and gives their uranium enrichment program the go-ahead. And now, it looks like someone has gone and validated their official, state-sanctioned belief that Jews are descended from monkeys and pigs: A geneticist at the University of Georgia believes its possible that humans resulted from pigs mating with chimpanzees.

The human species began as the hybrid offspring of a male pig and a female chimpanzee, a leading geneticist has suggested. 

The startling claim has been made by Eugene McCarthy, of the University of Georgia, who is also one of the worlds leading authorities on hybridisation in animals.

So, kinda like, Alec Baldwin hooking up with Rosie O’Donnell.

In the course of his research, Dr. McCarthy seems to have developed a bit of … pig lust.

‘My opinion of this animal has much improved during the course of my research. Where once I thought of filth and greed, I now think of intelligence, affection, loyalty, and adaptability, with an added touch of joyous sensuality — qualities without which humans would not be human.’ [Emphasis and “Ewwww!” Added]

I strongly suspect this story may turn out to be a prank. (Sorta like Global Warming minus the trillions of dollars that could have been spent making life better for billions of people.)  So, we probably don’t have to worry about a forthcoming debate over marriage rights for pigs and chimps.


Imagine An Honest Debate Over Obama’s Policies with No Accusations of Racism

Via Twitchy


Dr. Ben Carson is hated on the left. Trayvon Martin is adored. Says a lot, doesn’t it?

Thankful for friends with whom I disagree

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 10:36 am - November 28, 2013.
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In the past twenty-four hours, Facebook has become increasingly fun, with friends reducing their political commentary and focusing instead on holiday preparation.  It’s as if people made a pact to avoid contentious issues and focus on family, holiday baking, travel stories and the fact that this year the first day of Chanuka falls on Thanksgiving Day.

Like many Americans, I’ll be hitting the road to spend the day with family, in my case, with a sister who holds political views different from my own.  And that does not prevent me from loving her and looking forward to sharing this day with her, her husband and her sons.  I’m grateful that our relationship remains strong despite our political differences — and am thankful that I have many other such family members and friends.

It’s been nice to turn to Facebook in idle moments these past twenty-four hours — and to see erstwhile ideological adversaries posting on things we both enjoy.  This may not last, so let’s be thankful for it while we can!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, Elizabeth, some gay people will “denounce these fraudulent scenarios”

On November 14, a friend linked this article about a lesbian waitress in New Jersey who had claimed that a patron refused to tip her, scrawling on the credit card receipt that he “not agree with your lifestyle and the way you live your life.”  I replied that I was dubious about the story, given a recently discredited report from a waitress leveling a similar accusation, in that case, alleging that a patron refused to live a tip because of the color of her kin.  (To be sure, I did write, ” If this is true, it is a sad sign of an insecure person.”)

Turns out that my skepticism was warranted.  The story has been debunked, with the patrons providing an actual copy of their credit card receipt, including a generous tip — as well as a copy of their credit card statement showing a charge in an amount #18 higher than the original $93.55 bill.

Commenting on this copy-cat fraud, Elizabeth Scalia laments that she and her husband may have to forego the practice of leaving tips in cash (even when they pay with credit cards), adding that she hopes

. . . that when people appear to be falsely accused of doing awful things (like leaving a gay-hating lecture in place of a gratuity) our friends in the gay community will also speak up, and denounce these fraudulent scenarios that play upon the sympathies of people of good will — whatever their creed, their race, their sexual orientation — and which only end up stoking the fires of resentment and distrust between people, where none should exist.

(Via Instapundit.)  The words scrawled on both receipts are ugly words.  And those who use them to describe people different from themselves are truly insecure and mean-spirited individuals.  And when individuals with different insecurities stage these media-generating stunts, they risk numbing others to real animus.

Scalia is right.  Her friends in the gay community should denounce this.  And this gay man does — as I would daresay do many of our readers, on both sides of the political aisle.

Let us hope we are not alone.  For those who stage such stunts do more to compromise the ever-improving image of gay people in American society.  And they should apologize not just to the individuals they malign, but also to their fellow gay men and lesbians as they draw public attention away from our real concerns and toward their own insecurities.

NYC Confiscates Guns, Colorado Gun Grabber Resigns

Leftists often claim that the idea that the Government is “coming for your guns,” is just a paranoid right-wing fantasy. And the idea that gun registration is just the precursor to to gun confiscation is also derided as a silly, invalid “slippery slope” argument.

In New York, where gun registration laws have been in place for years, the Government is indeed coming for your guns. Letters have been sent out to registered gun owners, ordering them to turn in guns that do not comply with new gun laws. Note, owners of illegal and unregistered weapons are exempt.

Also, Colorado Gun Control fanatic Evie Hudak, who famously told a rape victim that she shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun for personal protection because she would be too weak and stupid to use it effectively, is dodging her recall attempt by resigning from her state senate seat. This is simply a sleazy maneuver by the Democrat Party of Colorado to hold onto their majority in the legislature, as they get to pick her successor.

Separated at Birth…


 Gun-hating Colorado Democrat Evie Hudak and Arnold Schwarzennegger’s woman-disguise from Total Recall.


MSDNC Admits It’s Not Really a News Channel

Posted by V the K at 7:26 pm - November 27, 2013.
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MSNBC hails its new website as ‘What Progressives Have Been Waiting For.’ If only CNN, ABC, and CBS could be as honest about their role as the PR wing of the Democrat Party.

This was one of the reasons I dropped Comcast Cable earlier this year; I didn’t see any point in subsidizing the deranged race-baiting of Chris Matthews, the non-stop ranting of Ed Schultz, the deranged hatred Martin “Sarah Palin Eats Poo” Bashir and the rest of the Arkham Asylum of news networks. Also, I never understood the appeal of Rachel Maddow; she always struck me as smug and condescending. I guess progressives just like smug and condescending as much as they like crazy.

But I guess the question is… how can MSDNC be even *more* of a Democrat propaganda outlet than it already is? The Pew Research Center studied MSNBC’s content and determined that 85% of it was pro-Democrat propaganda, and only 15% actual news. So, I guess that gives them another 15% to work with.

Remember, conservatives, many Americans do* want to like President Obama

I believe it’s been a week, maybe more, since I even checked this blog.  I did not get to the post I wanted to write on JFK, contrasting that smart Democrat’s record with the media coverage of his murder and his legacy.  I had a few notes for posts on Obamacare and honesty and one on Obamacare and prediction. Reading something this morning in the Daily Caller reminded me of a piece I had read yesterday in Commentary, articulating an idea which gets at the meaning of Obama’s reelection last year.

Peter Wehner wrote:

In their fascinating behind-the-scenes book on the 2012 election, Double Down, Mark Halperin and John Heilemann write that the campaign’s research showed “that there was a deep well of sympathy for Obama among voters.” In focus groups after the first debate, they write, “people offered excuse after excuse for his horrific presentation. In Florida, one woman said, almost protectively, ‘I just bet you he wasn’t feeling well.’”

That deep well of sympathy–that willingness to give the president the benefit of the doubt and the attachment and connection voters felt for Mr. Obama–has been crucial to his success for his entire political life. He has always been viewed as a likeable and decent man, even when his campaign employed fairly ruthless tactics. But the days of broad public faith and trust in this president appear to be over. And no wonder.

I think this is why the image of Obama responding to Hurricane Sandy was so beneficial to the incumbent.  People do want to like him.  And in the coverage of the storm and his response, that Democrat looked very much like the man they wanted to like.

It remains to be see whether the disaster of the Obamacare roll-out and the realization (despite his many promises) that many Americans who liked their health care plans couldn’t keep them will erase the goodwill many Americas feel for the incumbent.  That said we on the right should not lose sight of the fact that as Halperin and Heilemann put it, many Americans do have a “deep well of sympathy for Obama”.


*And the question now becomes whether we should change the tense on this verb from present to past.

NB:   (more…)

Name that theme

Sometimes you’ll be scanning headlines at your favorite locations, and a common element will jump out at you. Consider:

The common element is, of course, the Left’s penchant for dictatorship and thuggery.

More on hoaxers, the Knockout Game, and self-inflicted HIV

John Hayward at Human Events reviews all three. Here’s the state of play:

  • Persecution of lesbian NJ server still a hoax
  • Knockout Game still all too real
  • and the World Health Organization (WHO) still muddying the waters about people who self-inflict HIV, as there have indeed been some cases (just nothing like half of all new HIV cases in Greece, as the WHO had originally told people).

As to the Knockout Game, Hayward links Thomas Sowell, who says:

The New York authorities describe a recent series of such attacks and, because Jews have been singled out in these attacks, are considering prosecuting these assaults as “hate crimes.” …this “knockout game” has been played for years by young black gangs in other cities and other states, against people besides Jews — the victims being either whites in general or people of Asian ancestry. Attacks of this sort have been rampant in St. Louis. But they have also occurred in Massachusetts, Wisconsin and elsewhere. In Illinois the game has often been called “Polar Bear Hunting” by the young thugs, presumably because the targets are white…

“White Girl Bleed A Lot”…a book by Colin Flaherty…documents both the racial attacks across the nation and the media attempts to cover them up, as well as the local political and police officials who try to say that race had nothing to do with these attacks. Chapter 2 of the 2013 edition is titled, “The Knockout Game, St. Louis Style.” So this is nothing new, however new it may be to some in New York, thanks to the media’s political correctness.

Sounds like a ‘social phenomenon’, to me. At any rate, many of the attacks are on video (and/or documented in police reports) and, as such, are facts that can’t be wished away.

Memento Mori

Posted by V the K at 9:52 am - November 27, 2013.
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Something that flew over the Facebook Transom: 80’s Pop Stars, Some Aging Gracefully, some… not so much. Some of the dames are holding up nicely; Debbie Harry, Jane Wiedlin (high school crush), even Terri Nunn — who must have mutant X-Men powers to not look like Helen Thomas’s corpse after all the whorin’ and whatnot — look great.  Time has been less kind to Cyndi Lauper and Kate Bush.

Some of the men have held up well, expecially Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s singer (another surprise) who looks like he could be a London banker or Tory MP… or a Time Lord. And some of the other guys … again…. not so much.


  Let’s take up a collection and buy Robert Smith a mirror

Overall, I’d say the ones who accept aging with grace instead of desperately trying to hold onto fleeting youth, and who apply some discipline to their personal habits (staying fit, eating healthy) seem to be doing better. But the major takeway from this photo essay, I think, is… don’t be Pete Burns. (more…)

Another “Hate Crime” Victim Who Could Be a Lying Liar Who Lies

Hat Tip: Rob TGC


The story of the lesbian waitress who claimed a family denied her a tip and left her a note disapproving of her lifestyle red-lined my BS detector from Day 1. Well, surprising no one, it turns out she most likely made the whole thing up. (Warning: Annoying Autoplay Video.) (No annoying video at this link.)  The diners deny her allegations and have presented evidence that corroborates their story, unlike the “aggrieved” waitress.

The husband and wife, who asked to remain anonymous, showed NBC 4 New York a receipt that appeared to be printed at the same minute, on the same date, for the same $93.55 total, except with an $18 tip.

A manager and the restaurant owner insisted they had the original ticket for the $93.55 charge, but would not produce the receipt for NBC 4 New York and could not explain why the family’s credit card was charged for more.

(Emphasis not in original)

They have evidence to refute her story, she doesn’t have evidence to support it. A reasonable mind must conclude she was probably making it up. [Bear in mind, “Lesbian Waitress Gets Rude Note” was a national news story. Multiple “Knock Out Game” Assaults by gangs on innocent victims documented by police reports; apparently just an urban legend according to the MFM.]

Even if her story turns out to have no merit, she’ll get a pass. Lying is SOP for the left to advance its agenda, and playing the victim can be a lucrative con. (Apparently, thousands of people have sent her money to show support. She would not be the first to run this con.) Her story, though apparently made up, advanced a narrative of gay victimization exploited by politicians and left-wing gay rights groups to gain money and power. But if there were real incidents of rampant anti-gay hate to report, the left would not have to make up this stuff.

Just Eat the Damn Turkeys

Posted by V the K at 12:45 pm - November 26, 2013.
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About that childish Turkey Pardoning Ritual I was so “cranky,” about; apparently, there’s actually a White House website devoted to the controversial issue of Great National Importance: Turkey Pardoning. Your President is asking you to choose your favorite turkey; much like a Democrat Primary. [Also, like a Democrat-run election, the actual voting is meaningless and the outcome is fixed.]

Twitchy suggests the site could serve as a model for the Obamacare Death Panels. The Health Care Czar could put up pictures of senior citizens, and everyone could vote on who gets life-saving surgery, and who is a worthless societal parasite who gets lethal doses of painkillers. Organ donations could be decided as well. It wouldn’t apply to abortions or sex-reassignments, though. Those are entitlements. Democratic majority rule would decide who is entitled to finite health care resources.

Or, we could revert to my quaint idea of everybody being responsible for their own health care.



OFA is Mother, OFA is Father

As I thought about Obama and all of his organizations disseminating their Thanksgiving Talking Points to their clique of devout followers, I was put to wonder: Has there ever been a president so narcissistic, so megalomaniacal, that he insisted that Thanksgiving should be about him?

One of the things cults do is indoctrinate their followers that they are special, that they have some inner wisdom that non-cultists lack. And they promise them that within the cult is security and purpose. It’s all very familiar.

YouTube Preview Image

Wouldn’t it be great if the USA had a competent President instead of a Cult Leader?

By the way, Kevin Williamson of NRO pwned a list of progressive talking points on a left-wing blog. All the lefties could do in response was sputter “teabagger.” Personally, I find most any progressive assertion can be countered by a simple question: “How are you going to pay for it? Show me the math.”

Sharpton does something right

Posted by Jeff (ILoveCapitalism) at 1:22 am - November 26, 2013.
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Heard of the Knockout Game? A couple of news reports at the link say it’s real: young guys in New York attacking Jewish strangers, trying to knock them out with one blow.

Al Sharpton gets so many issues wrong that I’m in the mood to acknowledge him for speaking out rightly on this one:

“This kind of behavior is deplorable and must be condemned by all us,” he said at his weekly National Action Network meeting in Harlem. “We would not be silent if it was the other way around. We cannot be silent or in any way reluctant to confront it when it is coming from our own community.”

On Monday, Sharpton and other leaders plan to discuss a “next move.”

“Kids are randomly knocking out people [from] another race — some specifically going at Jewish people,” he said. “This kind of insane thuggery — there is nothing cute about that. There is no game play about knocking somebody out, and it is not a game. It is an assault and is bias, and it is wrong.”

Obama Keeps On Dividing America

Hat Tip: Ace.

Obama encourages his followers to inject contentious political debate into the Thanksgiving dinner, and helpfully provides talking points to spew.

Because, y’know… nothing makes for a more festive Thanksgiving than a fantical liberal shrieking talking points around the dinner table.

And the Obama cultists at Slate urges liberals to be even more obnoxious.

First off, you should wait until everyone’s seated at the table before you try to get things started. That way you have a captive audience that has to watch the fireworks, and everyone is settled in for a nice long time. Getting the topic of conversation to politics shouldn’t be too hard. Stick to short, sarcastic, tendentious remarks to get things going. “I’m thankful for all that free stuff Obama gave me.” Once you’ve engaged the enemy, it won’t take much effort to pivot to whatever particular subject you feel most comfortable with. A good Thanksgiving skirmish will scamper from topic to topic wildly and without warning, but it’s best to begin by digging into one particularly contentious subject to get tempers flared.

In short, be a jerk to your family because your leader commands it. (Maybe Slate was being ironic; it’s so hard to tell between over-the-top caricatures of leftism and actual leftism any more.)

This would seem to be an ideal way to make sure families stop having Thanksgiving together. But, since leftists tend to regard the family as a hateful, oppressive, and atavistic institution, it’s not too surprising that they want to tear them apart.

Obama hammered in polls

This is everywhere; may as well be here. Per a CNN poll,

Only four out of 10 Americans believe President Barack Obama can manage the federal government effectively…

…53% of Americans now believe that Obama is not honest and trustworthy…

Fifty-six percent say he is not a person they admire, and an equal number say he does not agree with them on important issues. Fifty-six percent also say he does not inspire confidence, and 53% don’t view him as a strong and decisive leader. All of those figures are all-time records for Obama in CNN polling.

Ouch. But will voters remember, by the 2014 midterm elections?

Now it’s Greek bug-chasers

UPDATE: (thanks Peter in the comments): The WHO has reversed itself on this:

“The [offending] sentence should read, ‘Half of the new HIV cases are self-injecting and out of them few are deliberately inflicting the virus’.”

“This was just a gross editing error for which the WHO apologises,” said its spokesman, Gregory Hartl.

Good for the Greeks! Now, if the other reports about bug chasers in the UK and the US have been retracted or disproved, that would also be interesting and please let us know in the comments.

As if to follow-on to my earlier post, “UK bug chasers: America’s future?”, comes this sad report from the World Health Organization, page 112:

Case study: countries’ experiences of financial crisis – Greece

Suicides rose by 17% between 2007 and 2009 and to 25% in 2010, according to unofficial 2010 data (398). The Minister of Health reported a further 40% rise in the first half of 2011…Homicide and theft rates have doubled. HIV rates and heroin use have risen significantly, with *about half of new HIV infections being self-inflicted to enable people to receive benefits of €700 per month* and faster admission on to drug-substitution programmes. Prostitution has also risen…

Emphasis added. In pursuing the cradle-to-grave Welfare State, Europe has created a society of smothering government regulation, taxes, “benefits” and controls where:

  • People can no longer get ahead, or even survive, in the private economy.
  • People can survive if they qualify for government-paid benefits.

Is it any wonder that economic crisis results? And that, in the midst of the crisis, some people will do anything to qualify for government-paid benefits?

To escape the trap, Europe must do the opposite. It must dismantle the Welfare State, creating a society of freedom where most people can’t get money from government, and can survive, or even get ahead, in the private economy.

Via New Scientist and ZH.

Venezuela: America’s future?

UPDATE: And a few days earlier, there was state-sanctioned looting:

Nov 9 – Thousands of Venezuelans lined up outside the country’s equivalent of Best Buy…President Nicolás Maduro ordered a military “occupation” of the company’s five stores…”I want a Sony plasma television for the house,” said Amanda Lisboa, 34, a business administrator, who had waited seven hours already outside one Caracas store. “It’s going to be so cheap!”

I’m shaking my head at the short-sightedness. If stores are going to be occupied and looted, then no, Amanda: TVs won’t be cheap.

I’m late getting to this, but from Reuters (via ZH):

Nov 15 – Venezuela’s socialist government has arrested more than 100 “bourgeois” businessmen in a crackdown on alleged price-gouging at hundreds of shops and companies since the weekend, President Nicolas Maduro said on Thursday.

“They are barbaric, these capitalist parasites!” Maduro thundered in the latest of his lengthy daily speeches. “We have more than 100 of the bourgeoisie behind bars at the moment.”

Inflation is the problem:

Officials say unscrupulous companies have been hiking prices of electronics and other goods more than 1,000 percent…

To spell it out for any lefties reading this: Companies only do what’s needed to stay afloat – and what the market will bear. It’s the Venezuelan currency that has been printed into oblivion. So yes, inflation.

Naturally, the government claims that its interventions help the poor: (more…)

Obama’s Partners


So, over the weekend, the Obama Regime came to an agreement with the gay-killing, terrorist-supporting Iranian regime. The agreement is that sanctions will be lifted, and Iran will be allowed to continue to enrich uranium. And in return, the Obama Regime gets a distraction from the Obamacare debacle and the predictable adulation of their sycophants in the press.

The agreement is strikingly similar to the deal Jimmy Carter negotiated with the Norks in 1994. And we all know what a brilliant success that was.

Obama is happily willing not only to negotiate with the gay-killing, terrrorist supporting regime in Iran, but eagerly grants them major concessions. But he will not negotiate with Congressional Republicans.

Another Obamalie, his mother’s medical insurance?

From Mona Charen’s new column:

Remember President Barack Obama’s mother? …The moving and infuriating story was a staple on the 2008 campaign trail. His mother had insurance, he explained, but when she came down with cancer, her insurance company claimed her disease was a “pre-existing condition” and refused to pay…In a debate with Sen. John McCain, Obama said: “For my mother to die of cancer at the age of 53 and have to spend the last months of her life in the hospital room arguing with insurance companies because they’re saying that this may be a pre-existing condition and they don’t have to pay her treatment, there’s something fundamentally wrong about that.”

There would be, if it had been true. But when New York Times reporter Janny Scott researched the issue for her biography of the president’s mother, she discovered letters proving beyond doubt that Cigna never denied Stanley Ann Dunham coverage for her disease. The dispute was over a disability plan…

The White House did not deny Scott’s account, but shrugged it off…

The Dunham tale was meant to personify the hundreds of thousands — or millions — of Americans who were “dumped” by insurance companies when they became sick. This is an invented tale, and might have been rebutted by the insurance industry if they hadn’t gotten into bed with Obama in 2010 in return for millions of coerced new customers…

There’s more; RTWT.

Charen touches on a great point: The insurance companies are at fault, but not for the Left’s mythical reasons. The real fault is that Obamacare is based on coercion: forcing people to do business with the insurance companies, when people might choose not to. That is immoral. Obama was wrong to propose it, the Democrats were wrong to impose it, and the insurance companies were wrong to go along with it.