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Sad? Or hilariously funny?

Posted by Jeff (ILoveCapitalism) at 2:21 am - November 15, 2013.
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“I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

– Barack Obama, June 3, 2008

Via The Other McCain.



  1. Sad, because way, WAY too many Obamabots out there really and truly believed it. So we’re surrounded by dolts and Kool-Aid Drinkers who really believe everything President Not Me says, even (and maybe especially) the things that contradict the OTHER things he said.

    I HOPE we can look back on this and laugh, laugh at the unqualified comminuty agitator that ultimately had a reach that exceeded his grasp and killed the progressive movement for a generation or more.

    I really do.

    Comment by acethepug — November 15, 2013 @ 6:00 am - November 15, 2013

  2. Sad… because three years from now, Hillary will win based on the same idiotic pablum.

    Comment by V the K — November 15, 2013 @ 7:20 am - November 15, 2013

  3. The hubris of that man is amazingly frightening.

    Comment by Kevin — November 15, 2013 @ 7:30 am - November 15, 2013

  4. When I posted it, I was thinking “funny” because I laughed when I read it, it is so outlandish! But yeah, ‘sad’ might be better because people will believe it again…also because Obama himself believed it. (at the time, and maybe still)

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — November 15, 2013 @ 10:21 am - November 15, 2013

  5. There is a difference between incompetence and delusion. For someone so incompetent, all I can say to Obama is “Well played, sir.” He was elected twice because there are enough Americans who are really stupid and/or believe that the symbol of an African-American in the White House trumps all other considerations. And Obama knows this. Whether he’s competent is beside the point and I believe many historians will write about his presumed eight years in office not as an honest assessment of an office-holder nor a bewildering resume of an intelligent, ambitious vanguard, but of a symbolic figure whose importance is seen in the range of human and especially American history. His election and re-election were never about him, but what his candidacies said about us and our troubled racial past. His statements and his positions, such as they are, have never really mattered and to examine them critically is to not only entirely miss the importance of his symbolism but to divulge in pettiness at best and racism at worst. Obama could never survive in a color-blind society; thus, we don’t have one.

    Comment by Ignatius — November 15, 2013 @ 12:33 pm - November 15, 2013

  6. Gee, who could have predicted Obama’s second term would be such a disaster?

    Comment by V the K — November 15, 2013 @ 12:43 pm - November 15, 2013

  7. The left-wing trolls sure are quiet.

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — November 15, 2013 @ 12:45 pm - November 15, 2013

  8. just think the united states is the first country to voluntarily become communist. every other communist country had to be conquered militarily.

    Comment by tommy651 — November 15, 2013 @ 2:22 pm - November 15, 2013

  9. The trolls aren’t quiet they’re off looking for a lifeboat to get into.

    Comment by Catseye — November 15, 2013 @ 4:16 pm - November 15, 2013

  10. I was at the beach a week ago in California, and President Obama was there. Suddenly, the seas receded as he waved his hand at them, showing his God like qualities.

    Comment by davinci — November 15, 2013 @ 9:30 pm - November 15, 2013

  11. The left-wing trolls sure are quiet.

    Let’s see if I can capture there essences:

    (old) littlelettermike – “This is all the fault of Republicans obstructing Obama’s policies, and if they want to hold onto the House, they better get in line and support the president. (BTW, I hope you believe I am totally sincere when I say I hope more Republicans get elected to obstruct Obama’s policies, which I voted for.)”

    l’il Kiwi – “How does it feel knowing your conservative families hate you and wish you were dead? (BTW, I am totes not Projecting anything.)”

    Passing Gas – “This is all the fault of the insurance companies, who, under the direction of the Koch brothers, are undermining the program. ThinkProgress said so and Rachel Maddow agrees.”

    Kevin – “For LGBT people — who are the only people that matter — paying a little more for insurance that actually covers their needs is much better than being marched into death camps like the religious right wants to do.”

    Comment by V the K — November 16, 2013 @ 12:22 pm - November 16, 2013

  12. Actually, not that far off. Allow me to paraphrase, perhaps optimistically:

    I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment…when the rise of the nation’s debt began to slow and our economy began to heal.

    Eric Hines

    Comment by E Hines — November 16, 2013 @ 4:31 pm - November 16, 2013

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