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Saturday Morning Content Dump

Mainly because I couldn’t bear the thought of Chris Hayes talking about teh buttsecks being the top item on the blog all weekend, here’s a few news stories to discuss.

Oh, BTW, have you heard the hypocrites at A&E are running Duck Dynasty marathons all Christmas week? You know, Phil Robertson gave the interview two months ago, and there was an A&E “minder” present during the interview. So, now this all comes out? Lends credence to the theory that the suits at A&E hated Duck Dynasty and were looking for a way to kill the franchise.



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  1. In honor of James Edwards’ use of an insult other than traitor, collaborator, or gay Nazi (all of which he also used), I will henceforth be referring to myself as “Sean the Sharmuta,” because I can honestly say that I’ve never been called a whore before, and certainly not in a foreign language, and am delighted by his originality, however minor it may be. So, thank you, you juvenile (and apparently arabophilic) queen. I am owning the hell out of that insult, and shall take great relish in typing it.

    Now your brain has my permission to explode. Have a nice day. 🙂

    Comment by Sean (the Sharmuta) — December 21, 2013 @ 11:21 am - December 21, 2013

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