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Saturday Morning Content Dump

Mainly because I couldn’t bear the thought of Chris Hayes talking about teh buttsecks being the top item on the blog all weekend, here’s a few news stories to discuss.

  • Barack Obama pardons a crack dealer, who just by coincidence is the cousin of the Democrat Governor of Massachussetts.
  • Jeb Bush triumphantly insists Amnesty will pass in 2014 because at a time of massive unemployment and declining middle class wages, the huge corporations that donate to Republicans America needs more cheap foreign workers. “Our economy requires an immigration system that allows for a future flow of workers and new citizens that reflects our nation’s economic and labor needs.”
  • Angry leftists in the San Francisco Bay area vandalize corporate commuter buses. The corporations (like Apple and Google) offer these buses as benefits to employees and to appease the environmental extremists. But to left-wing nutjobs, they inspire bitterness, resentment, and rage. “We’re here to send a message to the rich tech companies that their business has ramifications and consequences,” said left-wing nutjob Tony Robles, who, of course, works for a nonprofit group. They are especially bitter that those “ramifications and consequences” include high-paying jobs for people who have valuable skilles and expertise. They think they are entitled to the high pay, but aren’t interested in developing the skills and expertise.

Oh, BTW, have you heard the hypocrites at A&E are running Duck Dynasty marathons all Christmas week? You know, Phil Robertson gave the interview two months ago, and there was an A&E “minder” present during the interview. So, now this all comes out? Lends credence to the theory that the suits at A&E hated Duck Dynasty and were looking for a way to kill the franchise.



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  1. In honor of James Edwards’ use of an insult other than traitor, collaborator, or gay Nazi (all of which he also used), I will henceforth be referring to myself as “Sean the Sharmuta,” because I can honestly say that I’ve never been called a whore before, and certainly not in a foreign language, and am delighted by his originality, however minor it may be. So, thank you, you juvenile (and apparently arabophilic) queen. I am owning the hell out of that insult, and shall take great relish in typing it.

    Now your brain has my permission to explode. Have a nice day. 🙂

    Comment by Sean (the Sharmuta) — December 21, 2013 @ 11:21 am - December 21, 2013

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